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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Pop -up Planner ‘Recommend-me who-you-want’ Pricing system * EXPIRES ON JANUARY 31st, 2013Trend-based role which takes advantage of the Consumer Trends: Pop-up Stores, Changing currencies,Random acts of kindness and Join-the-Now, for appearing in your agency just for a few weeks and thendisappears. Pop-up Planner is offered to work in your agency for a short period, in exchange for yourrecommendation in your social media network. It can be called Planner Trainee if you like. This newconcept also includes extra enthusiasm, which works during the promotional period, and a more trendyand innovative pricing system. If it sounds good to you, please, keep in touch at mireia_serrano@yahoo.esor @mirtase

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