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 Modificationsinequipments,processflow,workingpractices,consumablesetc.for controlling & reducing conversion cost
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. MOHAMMED NAYEEM SALEH Mobile: +966 50 4915748/ +966 597893399 / +966 138570136 (Contact in India+918025715875. e -mail: ~Skype :naim1182 Supply Chain Engineer Specialization: Material Planning & ControlInventory Control & Management Stores & Ware-House Management  Operation & Supply Chain ManagementLogistic Management Production Management Production Planning & Control. Presently, working with CGPS – Dammam-Saudi Arabia as Sr.Material Planner(MRP) (Manufacturer of Transformers (Small/Big DT Up to 100MVA & Special Transformers required in O&G Ventures & Power Sub-Station).Adept in ensuring sufficient material, human, financial, technological and informational resources are available to carry these out. Skilful in enhancing entire operations (especially Process Engineering), optimising resource & capacity utilisation; while curtailing costs & expenses. Hands-on experience in administering wide gamut of tasks involved in Operation & Supply Chain Management, Material Planning, Production Planning, Inventory Control & Management, ERP, CRP, MRP/MRP2, Warehousing & Logistics Management. PROFILE & VALUE Leadership Skills: A leader with communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to collaboratewith staff atall levels(Both Vertical & Horizontal) and work under pressure. Professionally,grownin aninternational,multi-cultural andhighly competitive businessenvironment. AREAS OF EXPERTISE A. Operation &Supply Chain  MaterialPlanning(MRP): Practicingthevarioustechniquesof aggregateplanning,contractual planning,consumption based planning, project planning etc.,enhancing theprocess-flowwith ensuringtherightmaterial on time,thereby balancingthe demand and supply formula.  InventoryControl: Ensuringquality,delivery and budgetobjectives aremetas per organizational guidelines.Managingoperationsand ensuringoptimuminventory levelsto achieve maximum cost savings without hampering the operations. Designing strategies for indigenizingproductsthussavingcostand revenuefor thecompany.Updatingthehighermanagementwith currentstatus,furnishing the periodicreports,forecastingfor theoptimisinginventory level.Practicingthetechniqueslike JIT / KANBAN, reorder level/reorder point, maintaining the minimum /safety inventory level, in day-to-day operation.  Sourcing/ MaterialsManagement:Identifyingand developingpotential vendorslocally & globally for the right sourcing, achieving costeffectivepurchases of raw materials eliminating production bottlenecks. Planning, organizing and controlling all requisite activities to perform such as techno – commercial evaluation, negotiation, recommendation, ordering, inspection, expediting & tracking, reporting, delivery, payment processing, etc.  Vendor Development: Assessingtheperformanceof thevendors based on variouscriterionssuch aspercentagefor rejections,quality improvementrate,timely delivery,creditterms,etc.Overseeingfollow-up with vendorsfor engineeringdeliverables,timely deliveries and quality checks, thereby ensuring timely payments. B. Production Operations  Production Planning&Control: Coordinatingwith theother departments suchasquality control,engineering,stores,materials,etc. for smooth functioningand accomplishingproduction asper customers’requirement& organisational guidelines.  Production: Supervisingproductionrelated tasksincludingplanning,control & troubleshooting,etc.for achievingtheplanned periodic schedules and process control. Monitoring the production status, procedures and systems followed in production to ensure compliancenormswithdesired quality and timely delivery of orders.Developingnewprocessconcepts for production optimization, yield improvement and developing guidelines for the sequencing of manufacturing activities.  ProcessEnhancements: Implementingvarioustechniquesfor cycle time / cost reduction, entailing identification of opportunities, analysis of data, conducting tests, cost benefit analysis & implementation. Identifying scope for:  Planning / implementing technological changes to enhance efficiency. Possess qualitative & cross functional experience of over 22 years in handling business Operations Effective and accountable in high-profile executive roles: Overcome complex process challenges and make high-stakes decisions using experience-backed judgment, strong work ethic and irreproachable integrity. Corporate strategy & development specialist: Characterized as a visionary, strategist & tactician. Consistent record of delivering results in growth, revenue, operational performance. Consistently deliver mission-critical results: Driven by a visceral “hard-wired” need to strategize and to innovate. Respect and leverage human capital: Motivating, mentoring and leading talented professionals. Living the culture and leading by example. Directing cross-functional teams as well as using interactive & motivational leadership. Strategic Management Operation & Supply Chain Materials Management ERP/CRP/MRP1/MRP2 Vendor Management/Value Engineering Inventory Control /Management Demand Inventory Management Warehouse / Store Operations Production Management Shop-floor Planning & Control Resource Optimisation Coordination & Liaison Budgeting / Cost Reduction Business Development Green Management Social Services
  • 2.  Modificationsinequipments,processflow,workingpractices,consumablesetc.for controlling & reducing conversion cost per unit produced. C. ERP Solutions  During the span of vast career worked with many ERP-Soft-Ware’s;  Inherently built ERP soft-ware customised in Fox-pro, worked in STC.(From Dec’96 to Dec’06).  PeopleSoft’s JDEdward ERP-Solutions with STC(Since Jan’06), Part of the implementation team as super user for Supply chain module.  Macola ERP- Solutions with WESCOSA (Jul’06 to Dec’08).  Oracle’sJDEdward ERP-Solutions with WESCOSA (SinceJan’09).Partof the implementation team as super user for Supply chain module.  Independently, exposure to SAP-06 ORGANISATIONAL SCAN Since Jun’15:M/s.CGPS - Saudi Arabia. Sr.Material Planning & inventory Control Engineer for Power Transformers & Services. Distinctive Highlights:  MaterialPlanning(MRP) & InventoryControl for Power transformers (Up to 100MVA),Services& Projects,Warranties& SparesEtc.  Efficiently & effectively ensured timely availability of raw materialto theproduction;confirmed theavailability of material for the advanceproduction,thereby enhancingtheproduction level.  Updatingto themanagementwith themonthly inventorylevels. Nov’07- Apr’15: M/s. WESCOSA, Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Material Planning (MRP) & Inventory Control Supervisor (Transformers & Sub-Station Manufacturing Division) Distinctive Highlights:  Played a key roleinhandlingwidegamutof tasksinvolved in MaterialPlanning(MRP) &InventoryControl for transformers (100kVA to 50 MVA), Substation business unit, Services & Projects, Warranties & Spares Etc.  Efficiently & effectively ensured timely availability of rawmaterial to the production; confirmed the availability of materi al for the advance production, thereby enhancing the production level.  Planning for the Demand forecasting.  Optimizing the inventory level in-line with the defined KPIs.  Updating to the management with the monthly inventory levels.  Also, worked as core-member of the team which successfully implemented a new ERP Soft-Ware (JD-Edward) in Jan2009. Dec’96-Nov’07: M/s. The Saudi Transformers Co. Ltd., Dammam, Saudi Arabia. (STC) Last designated as Planning & Inventory Supervisor (STC & WESCOSA) Growth Path: Dec’96-Sep’03 Production Engineer Sep’03-Jul’06 Warehouse Supervisor Jul’06-Oct’07 InventorySupervisor (STC & WESCOSA) Distinctive Highlights:  Instrumental in overseeing companies’ inventory, material planning and warehouse/stores functions.  Successfully re-designed innovative warehouse and stores strategies viz.:  FIFO functions.  Timely issuance and updating of accurate data to the material planners.  Aging &Slow-moving material.  Shelf-life items; updated the same to QA for revalidations.  Oversaw overall operations related to shop-floor planning, production activities on the multi locations, manpower planning, evaluation of the prototypes, coordination with other departments - Design, QA, Maintenance & Procurement.  Also, worked as core-member of the team which successfully implemented a new ERP Soft-Ware (JD-Edward) in Jan2006. Commenced career with M/s.Meher Capacitors (P) Ltd., Bangalore, India from Jul’93-Aug’96 as Electrical Engineer Functioned as Process Control Engineer, Testing & QAEngineer, Maintenance Engineer, SED Engineer, Project Engineer & Procurement Engineer. EDUCATION & CREDENTIALS Master in Business Administration - Operations Management in 2012 Sikkim Manipal University Bachelors in ElectricalEngineering in 1993 Bangalore University, Bangalore Professional Course: Object Oriented Courses/In-house & Out-house Trainings:  Supply Chain  Material & Inventory Management  Warehouse Management  ISO 9000 & ISO 14001- 2004 IT Forte: -Conversantwith MS Office,AutoCAD,SAP-06,Other SimulatorsSoftwareand InternetApplications - Partand Core-Teammember,responsibleto implementnewERP Systems (JD-EDWARD)both in STC &WESCOSA. PERSONAL SNIPPETS Date of Birth : 1st May, 1969 Present Address : Dammam, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. Permanent Address : H. No. 42, 3rd Cross, 3rd Main Road, Viveknagar, Bangalore-560047, Karnataka. Nationality : Indian Marital Status : Married with Four Dependence. Passport Status : K7928812 (Expiry: 27th July, 2022) VISA Details : Employment /Non-Transferrable Languages : English, Urdu, Hindi, etc. Availability : 45 Days from confirmation. References : To be provided upon the need.

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