Math 221                     Discussion Class Policies              University of Wisconsin­Madison
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. Math 221                     Discussion Class Policies              University of Wisconsin­Madison ● Facebook friend with at least three of your friends. ● Don’t Facebook friend your TA throughout the semester. ● Reply/Send E­mails professionally, NOT like a text message. ● Feel free to post your questions in Piazza (either anonymously to the class ­­not me­­or                            with your real name) so your friends will see the questions and the answers as well.                     ● Any kind of absence should be registered with office of registrar and student life. ● Don’t miss the discussion classes. You will lose grade! ● We will have quizzes once a week. Each quiz result will be given to you within one week. ● YES, the final grades are curved, not the exams but these things are pretty much                            complicated! Don’t worry much about how things are going to be curved as they will be! ● You don’t need to raise your hand for going out of class( like going to bathroom)­­ Just go                                  out whenever it is necessary. Make sure you don’t disturb your friends or you don’t                            encourage your friends to leave the class or I might have to contact you against my will. ● SHOUT OUT your answer :) ! You don’t need to raise your hand...Just let everyone know                              about your answers! ● If you have any kind of problem with your assigned group, feel free to E­mail me or come                                  to my office directly! I will try my best to manage things like this. ● Always try to have some scratchpads for solving the questions in my discussion class,                          PLEASE :) ● If you need extra help or possibly are struggling with the class materials, please come to                              talk with me so I will be able to assign you to math tutor in VV. Math tutoring system is                                      open to everyone in the first two weeks of the semester, but after that you will need my                                  referal.­program ● We are all human beings and not free of faults! I excuse ahead of time for the mistakes I                                    might make in this semester and will be glad if you catch my errors and let me know                                  about it :) ● If you have a Mcburney Visa you need to let me know as soon as possible at the start of                                      the semester so I can accommodate you in an appropriate way. ● Please memorize your section number! You will need it for exams. ● Needless to say that “Don’t Cheat”! One of its outcomes will be a DISHONORABLE F                            if not worse! ● If your exam/HW/quiz needs to be regraded you need to request for it when I hand­in your                                graded Q/E/H in discussion class. Regrading won’t be done after that discussion class!                        You can mark the questions which you are dubious about my grading and hand it to me                                and we will talk about it in my office hour. Have FUN with calculus :) Mona Jalal

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