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Press release the satisfactors

Press Release The Satisfactors - New Jersey's first Supergroup to debut album
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Press release the satisfactors

  • 1. BONGO BOY RECORDS PRESENTS THE DEBUT ALBUM BY NEW JERSEY'S FIRST SUPERGROUP THE SATISFACTORS Featuring BRUCE FERGUSON/THE EASY OUTS JIMMY TARGET aka GAR FRANCIS/THE DOUGHBOYS/MARK LINDSAY CURTIS ROY aka KURT REIL/THE GRIP WEEDS KENNY AARONSON/NEW YORK DOLLS/JOAN JETT/BOB DYLAN/BILLY IDOL The Satisfactors are four musicians from four rock n’ roll bands who came together to make this awesome album. Bruce Ferguson of The Easy Outs, Gar Francis of The Doughboys, Kurt Reil of The Grip Weeds and Kenny Aaronson of The New York Dolls/Joan Jett, Bob Dylan, Billy Idol. Recording sessions started in the spring of 2013 and finished in the summer of 2014 at the studio of the House of Vibes in Highland Park, NJ. The album includes 12 tracks co written by Gar Francis (also known as co writer and producer of Mark Lindsay’s late st rock album) and Bruce Ferguson. The ultimate Rock N Roll album that you would think that was made back in the glory days of Rock n’ Roll. Each track captures the feel and mood of those good old days. This is a masterpiece that must be heard. Review: Track#6 “Johnny Commando”: “A wonderful ride back to New York City’s 1970′s punk heyday. Bruce Ferguson (The Easy Outs) delivers kick ass vocals, with inflections and nuances that remind me of Joey Ramone. The guitar is simple, yet driving, with a dynamite riff and solo. The chorus is fabulous, driving me to rock and bop as I listened. The harmonies are perfectly punk, the transitions amazing, and the hook kills. Produced by Kurt Reil (The Gripweeds) and Jersey’s godfather of garage, Gar Francis, what else should I have expected? Review by Bobby Gottesman – Can’t Believe My Earz, Toronto, Canada. Bruce Ferguson/Lead Vocals Jimmy Target/Guitar and Backing Vocals Kenny Aaronson/Bass Curtis Roy/Drums, and Backing Vocals Web Site: Facebook Fan Page: Album available at at your local record stores, iTunes, Cdbaby, Amazon, Rhapsody. Official release date 10/09/2014 Album Teaser Clip Copyright 2014 Bongo Boy Records, LLC MEDIA CONTACT BONGOBOYRECORDS@AOL.COM Monique Grimme Phone (908) 455-1576 WWW.BONGOBOYRECORDS.COM BAND WWW.THESATISFACTORS.COM (680474307616) BMI

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