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Nano Trench for FTTH

Unique fiber optic laying methode!!
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Superbly and safely networked We connect you –With the patented method for stepped milling, Nano_Trench® combines safety with fast and to the rest of the world Patented construction method forprecise piping networks for fibre-optic cables. The pipes are shielded from vertical pressurethrough the milled step and are additionally secured with back-filling materials. your giga-networkAdditional protective measures are available upon request. Nano_Trench® construction technique createsNano_Trench® ensures that you’re superbly networked. communication in a new dimension – with a patented construction method. . F aster . r eapeTHE ADVANTAGES OF THE NANO_TRENCH® CONSTRUCTION METHOD: Ch . OPEN-CUT CONSTRUCTION METHOD CONSTRUCTION Safer WITHIN ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE METHOD WITHIN ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE Construction output • Location dependent: inner city, • Location independent: inner city, periphery, main roads periphery, main roads • Average daily output: • Average daily output: 7 – 80 m a day 500 – 2000 m a day Simple, safe and fast running of piping Traffic disruption Heavy Minimal for fibre-optic cables in our streets: (heavy impact on traffic flow, especially in parking (minimal impact on traffic-flow between each NANO_TRENCH® areas and roads) construction phase) Communication in a new dimension. Distribution through Weather High level of restriction in No restrictions in Pichler Bohrtechnik GmbH & (except snow-covered construction progress (rain and construction progress HP Fiber GmbH streets) temperatures below freezing point) OFFICE ADDRESS Burgfriedstraße 12 The differences at 3340 Waidhofen/Ybbs, Austria a glance Phone: +43 7442 / 52085 Fax: +43 7442 / 52085-31 E-mail: COMMUNI C AT I ON IN A NE W D IMENSI ON
  • 2. ONE PROCESS, THREE STEPS TO SUCCESS: THE MILLING Milling / Running / Backfilling • Stepped milling: Width and depth are executed according to customer-specific requirements STREET SECTION: • Output: up to 3 m per minute Street layout • High flexibility: tight radii possible according to • Cleanliness: Refuse is vacuumed off immediately requirements of With the construction method, planning is easy: Perfectly suited road sustainer PATENTED METHOD FOR STEPPED MILLING: to your needs, our services are available as a modular system. This renders a 1 • For secure placement of piping • For protection against vertical pressure cost-efficient construction output which is simple, fast and above all safe – while minimising traffic disruption. THE RUNNING … TELECOM/ 3 PROVIDER SECTION … and backfilling of piping for fibre-optic cables: • Multiple pipes in a single working step • Running performance: up to 1 kilometre per hour • Empty pipes are cushioned with granulate or sand and fixated 2 at the deepest point of the kerf • Additional safety measures available upon request 2 1 THE BACKFILLING • The kerf is backfilled with asphalt or two-component encapsulant (motorcycle-proof) from step one of the cut CONNECTION VERSIONS • Instantly fit for traffic between each step of construction • The combination of the milled step and the backfilling material protects the underlying piping-channel from vertical pressure Fibre to the Curb Connected via distribution box 3 Direct connection Fibre to the Home

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