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NanoDays 2011 report

In Spring 2011, Montana EPSCoR helped host NanoDays, a nationwide celebration of nanoscale science and engineering. Audiences ranged from preschoolers to fifth graders to lifelong learners.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - NanoDays 2011 report

  • 1. Montana NSF EPSCoR brings NANO to MSU For four years, Montana State University has been a core partner of NISENet, the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network. This NSF-funded project seeks to engage and educate the public about nanoscale science and engineering. Each spring, institutions throughout the country host NanoDays events. At MSU, these events are developed and implemented by Montana NSF EPSCoR, MSU Ex- tended University and other partners. In 2011, MSU’s events took place from March 24 through April 18, and included outreach to K-12 teachers, pre-school children, life-long learners and others. Partners ranged from IEEE to a local nanotechnology company, and more than 40 MSU students and faculty volunteered. NanoDays events were covered heavily by local media and directly reached more than 500 people. At MSU’s largest event, the April 11 public NanoDays, 100% of attendees who completed an evaluation said the event was educational and fun, and 99% said they had a better understanding of nanoscience and are likely to attend other science events at MSU. For information, visit NanoDays for Preschoolers. Student volunteers from Headwaters Academy helped host NanoDays at MSU’s Child Development Center, where more than 40 children aged 3, 4 and 5 learned about measurement, the “mysterious” properties of nano- engineered products, and the tools that nanoscientists use.Fifth grade visit. Fifth grade studentsfrom Irving Elementary School andWhittier Elementary School in Bozemanvisited the MSU campus for NanoDays.More than 175 students and teachersinteracted with MSU students and facultywhile learning about nanotechnology. The Biggest Event for the Smallest Science! Grant No. 0940143
  • 2. NanoDays for the public. More than 200 members of the public visited the MSU campus for NanoDays on Monday evening, April 11. MSU students and faculty hosted two dozen hands-on activity booths. Below, Jon Nagy of Bozeman’s NanoValent Pharmaceuticals explains how nanoscience can help improve the drug-delivery process. Rural Montana fourth-graders. Students from Hardin, Montana and the Crow Reservation, who were on Lifelong learning. The Wonderlust lifelong learning campus for a hands-on science day organization hosted a talk by Dr. Yves Idzerda of Nanotechno How will it imlogy in society: sponsored by Big Sky Institute, took MSU’s Physics Department on April 18. Idzerda A free public Wo pact YOUR nderlust “Side Trip life? ” talk part in NanoDays activities, including discussed nanotechnology in society. The talk was co- discovering how an inkjet printer works sponsored by Bozeman Deaconess Hospital. and testing the hydrophobic properties of miniature “nano-pants.” NanoDays TM The Bigges t Eve nt Monday, April Smallestthe for 18 • 3 to 5pm Science! Pilgrim Congre gational Church Free and open 2118 S. Third to the public. No scientific bac kground needed Sponsored by . University and Wonderlust, Montana Stat Bozeman Deacon e ess Hospital WONDERLUST Journeys for the MindNanoDays Sponsors and Partners MSU Extended University Montana NSF EPSCoRCenter for Bio-Inspired Nanomaterials Department of Chemistry Department of Computer Science Department of Physics Headwaters Academy Honors Student Forum IEEE NanoValent Pharmaceuticals Tau Beta Pi Undergraduate Chemistry Society Nano Kits for teachers. K-12 teachers and informal educators throughoutand many other MSU students, staff and faculty! Montana applied for NanoDays classroom kits. More than 20 kits were sent to groups ranging from a three-student classroom in Fairfield to a 4-H leader in Eureka to high school teachers in Helena and Billings. For more information about NanoDays at MSU, visit Center for Bio-Inspired Nanomaterials