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(Submisssion: 01/04/2
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Na Project Phase#1

Project Phase 1
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Na Project Phase#1

  • 1.   NA P Projec ct Phase#1 (Submisssion: 01/04/2 2009) Nume N erical  Proje ect System of Linear r Equations • Gauss‐Seidal Method d • Jaccobi's Method Numerical Intege eration • Rectangular Rule • Trapezoidal Rule • Sampson's 1/3rd Rule • Sampsons's 3/8 Rule e Interpolation Im mplement it • Forward difference • Backward Differencee in Phase#1 • Langrange Differential Equa ations • Eular Method • Picard Method • Runge Kutta Method d Non‐Linear Equa ations Im mplement it • Bisection Method • Regula falsi Method in Phase#1 • Secant Method • Newton Raphson Me ethod • Scientific Calcula ator Implemen Inte nt erpolat tion a No and on-Linear n Equations part of the proje s e ect