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The curtain falls on MyUniversity project! - EN

The final Press Release of MyUniversity project, sharing interesting results and impact
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. www.myuniversity-project.eu www.myuniversity Contact person: Gregory Liogaridis Voriou Ipeirou 45, 15125 Athens Greece Tel: +30 210 6121340 email:gregory@gov2u.org FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Athens, 22 October 2013 PRESS RELEASE “The curtain falls on MyUniversity The MyUniversity-project!” The project concludes its lifecycle and shares overall results and impact After a three-year successful implementation and a significant contribution to Higher year Education and Bologna Process, MyUniversity-project recently completed its lifecycle and shares interesting results with the community that has eagerly followed and strongly supported it all these years. The project equipped 14 Universities from Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden with a cutting edge eParticipation platform, through which students, teachers and academic staff shared their opinions on topics related to Higher Education. During the 26 months of the platform trials, a total number of 280 eParticipation Initiatives was launched, covering topics ves ranging from Higher Education local matters, to University life, the Bologna Process and matters, National Higher Education. The project/the initiatives achieved not only the interaction among University members and the exchange of ideas, but also focused on affecting decision-making. As a result, i a total of in almost 30% of the initiatives, an actual and direct change in the decision-making was made, making resulting from the discussions, information and feedback that were reported to t the Universities’ management team In an additional 40% of the initiatives, an acknowledgement teams. and collection of the results was made by the Universities, with the possibility of affecting Universities, long-term decision making. Regarding the Super Portal, the space where all participating Universities could exchange ideas on cross-border issues, it had an equally successful run for 12 months (October 2012border September 2013). During its operation, apart from the Universities of the project consort . consortium, an additional number of 13 new Universities were registered in the Super Portal thus Portal, enlarging the academic community with institutions from Europe and the Americas. From the topics that were addressed, an impressive total of 60% was related to the B Bologna Process, while a cumulative 35% concerned issues related to National Higher Education and University life. A high number of topics (60%) created feedback to the decision makers, while another 20% created collaborative input to decision making. We proudly announce that MyUniversity-project concluded its lifecycle having achieved its project main objective: to provide not only an eParticipation platform dedicated to Higher Education, but practically to suggest a new way of thinking about eParticipation. The project has stirred he the active engagement of teachers and administrative units alike – a critical factor for the success of any initiative, while it has provided a secure space for step-by-step engagement step and community building. Still, according to the project results, there is a lot of work to be done towards the sustainability of eParticipation in Higher Education. Actually “there are no goodbyes” so t the sustainable results and outcomes of MyUniversity MyUniversityproject will be further exploited by the consortium partners and will be shared among the consortium European academic community, in an effort to assist future initiatives and research in the eParticipation field. For more information MyUniversity website: www.myuniversity www.myuniversity-project.eu Super Portal: https://e-myuniversity.eu myuniversity.eu This project is partially funded under the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme by the European Community Community(http://ec.europa.eu/ict_psp).