Committee: Human Rights<br />Issue: The Rights of Children to care their health.<br />Country: Philippines<br />Delegate: ...
Na Young Position
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Na Young Position

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Committee: Human Rights<br />Issue: The Rights of Children to care their health.<br />Country: Philippines<br />Delegate: Na Young Park<br /> Republic of Philippines has actively strengthened awareness on human rights issue but the law is still weak. With a population of more than 97 million, the Republic of Philippines has enormous social problems. One of the graves problems is that desperate condition in child rights. The UN has identified the Philippines as one of the worst Asian countries for child trafficking, family breakdown and poor education<br />Filipino is all longing for the proper health care. The child rights in Philippines have become better than before for several years but their situation is still not good. The children’s health care is related with the poverty. For example, one of the child health problems in Philippines are the weight. Recent studies show that overweight children are studying in private schools; they most belong to parents with higher level of income. On the other hand, most underweight children are studying in the public of government schools showing that they belong to the middle or lower lever income group of parents. As seen in these studies, most of poverty children put in serious health problem. Child labour is widespread into the whole region. According to a 2000 UNICER estimate, more than 200,000 children live on the streets. Street children are exposure to health hazards. They are suffering from inadequate surrounding and waiting for exact cure. Moreover, even if they have house and parents, in Philippine 82000 under-five children die every year from pneumonia, diarrhea and neonatal-related causes. Most of children have night blindness and several children go blind every day. These diseases are from under nutrition or Vitamin A deficiency and low support of Vaccination. If these serious problems are continued, problem can bring the other awful problem such as infectious disease. <br />Actually, the Philippines are ranked first among 55 developing countries in terms of providing basic health care to children. Nevertheless in Philippines’ child rights are extremely required to government or any association. The government of Philippines must be settlement the child labour problem. The government can let them to adopt at good environment or build refugee for street children. Not only the Philippines government, but also many communities should act briskly. For example, they can help like Davao center. They provide medical and dental treatment, hot meals for children and support the health care and nutrition. They focus on reproductive health and HIV prevention. Furthermore they provide de-worming medicine and vitamin A and iron supplements to vulnerable children suffering from soil-transmitted parasites and iron deficiency anemia. We have to recognize what is the problem of republic of Philippines’ child health. Before the disease spreads out, we have to protect children and preserve them. <br />

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