COMMITTEE: Human Rights<br />QUESTION OF: Children have rights to health care<br />Submitted by: Republic of Philippines<b...
Identifying child condition of health and present condition of medical treatment such as:
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Na Young Resolution

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Na Young Resolution

  • 1. COMMITTEE: Human Rights<br />QUESTION OF: Children have rights to health care<br />Submitted by: Republic of Philippines<br />Co-Submitted by: <br />Recognizing that the Declaration of the Rights of the Child has proclaimed that “the child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth”, <br />Bearing in mind that several member state’s children are underrepresented in medical research. Studies that compare Filipino children and adolescents with children of other Asian subgroups suggest disparities in regard to diabetes, rates of neonatal mortality and low birth weight, malnutrition in young children, overweight, physical inactivity and fitness, tuberculosis, dental caries, and substance abuse (Africa, Asia),<br />Deeply concerned that poor health care is continuous with poverty or developing countries. Recent studies show that most underweight children are studying in the public of government schools and they belong to the middle or lower level income group of parents (Africa, China, South Asia, India and Sub-Sahara Africa),<br />Realizing that child labour is widespread into the whole region. According to a 2000 UNICER estimate, more than 220,000 children live on the streets. Many spend their day begging for money to buy food. Street children are exposure to health hazards. They are suffering from inadequate surrounding and waiting for exact cure and food,<br />Emphasizing that 82000 under-five children die every year from pneumonia, diarrhea and neonatal-related causes. Under nutrition or Vitamin A deficiency and low support of Vaccination are cause blindness and night blindness. Vitamin deficiency is concentrated in four regions, the Sub-Sahara Africa, Sudan, East Asia and Nigeria,<br />The world leader proclaims all children needed a special treaty just for them because people under 18 years old often need special care and protection that adults do not,<br />Reaffirming the significance of child health cure and the treaties be adequately implemented,<br /><ul><li>Seeks the condition of children’s health systematically in a way of:
  • 2. Identifying child condition of health and present condition of medical treatment such as:
  • 3. Carry out a survey,
  • 4. Health insurance,
  • 5. Socialized medicine,
  • 6. Medicaid,
  • 7. Checking facilities for the treatment of children such as:
  • 8. Scale and role of doctor,
  • 9. Medical equipments and technical knowledge,
  • 10. Investigating drinking water and meals condition or environment such as:
  • 11. Sewerage arrangements and water service,
  • 12. Condition of school meals support,
  • 13. Calls for the establishment of UNICEF, Doctor Without Borders and Food and Agriculture Organization called FAO, which focuses on helping children from inadequate surrounding and assisting developing country by providing health cure systems to:</li></ul> a. Secure a supply of medicine and Medical supplies such as:<br /><ul><li>Vaccination or inoculation,
  • 14. Vitamin A pill,
  • 15. Emergency medicine,</li></ul> b. Support meals for children such as but do not limited to:<br /><ul><li>Provide more than one meal a day,
  • 16. Make out a menu with nutritious food, </li></ul> c. Operate medical office such as but to not limited to:<br /><ul><li>Open a medical office at rural areas centrally, which are located far from big city,
  • 17. Endorses that the environment for children are to be changed and improved, with the help of all relevant international organizations, and that will serve the purpose of:
  • 18. Installing drinking water facilities for children to drink water safely,
  • 19. Building an orphanage for children who are living on street,
  • 20. Establishing a child special hospital to cure serious children professionally,</li></ul> <br /><ul><li>Calls for collaboration between NGOs, UNESCO, UNICEF and every kind of public media to:
  • 21. Report the seriousness and awareness of present condition through mean such as but not limited:
  • 22. Advertisement on media about the present condition to help and support by using Television, Newspaper and Internet web,</li></ul> 5. Agrees to remain actively seized of this matter.<br />

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