Na Zhao
5811 Monroe Ct
Fontana CA 92336
Mobile: 315-559-5083
To obtain a full-time pos...
- Used SPSS to conduct research on impact of major environmental events on public consciousness of
environmentalism. Major...
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Na Zhao resume 2.14.2016

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Na Zhao resume 2.14.2016

  • 1. Na Zhao 5811 Monroe Ct Fontana CA 92336 Mobile: 315-559-5083 Email: OBJECTIVE To obtain a full-time position as a data analyst, utilizing my survey research and data analysis background and extensive knowledge of sampling, survey instrumentation, and of computer software such as EXCEL, SPSS, and SAS. SUMMARY OF STRENGTHS * Comprehensive knowledge of statistical tools such as Excel, SPSS and SAS * Experience in marketing research design, execution, and data analyses with advanced analytical techniques, including conjoint analysis and structural equation modeling * Strong ability to interpret data and develop business recommendations * Experience analyzing secondary data sources * Experience teaching social statistics and quantitative methods at college level * High proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint * Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills * Impeccable grammar and fast typing speed * Punctuality, integrity, attention to details, and sense of professionalism * Commitment to lifelong learning and enthusiasm for work * Warm personality, humor, and zest for helping others EDUCATION * Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York - Ph.D. in Sociology, 09/2009 - M.A in Sociology, 05/2004 * Beijing University, Beijing, China - M.A in Linguistics, 07/2000 - B.A in English, 07/1997 WORK EXPERIENCE * Market Research Analyst, Knowledge Systems & Research, 07/2007-01/2008 - Wrote research proposals, conducted statistical analyses using Excel, SAS and SPSS. Presented findings to company seniors and business recommendations to external clients. * Instructor, Sociology Department, Syracuse University, 01/2007-05/2007 * Adjunct Faculty, Sociology/Anthropology/Criminology Department, State University of New York (SUNY) at Cortland, 01/2006-05/2006 * Research/Teaching Assistant, Center for Policy Research, Syracuse University, 09/2002-05/2006 - Developed SAS programs to import datasets from ASCII to SAS and perform basic and advanced analyses. - Sorted through codebooks of HRS/AHEAD to identify the most appropriate variables, created SAS data extracts, and performed preliminary data analysis in SAS - Developed basic Excel macros to facilitate reporting results; Used Excel features such as vlookup to conduct data query/extraction.
  • 2. - Used SPSS to conduct research on impact of major environmental events on public consciousness of environmentalism. Major duties included running frequencies, crosstabs, and multiple regressions in SPSS. Used datasets such as the General Social Survey (GSS) and the Gallup Surveys. - Helped research supervisors to create charts and graphs for presentation purposes in Excel, SAS and SPSS - Familiarized myself with marketing research techniques and procedures, especially conjoint analysis using Sawtooth * Teaching Assistant, Virginia University, 09/2000-05/2002 - Independently conducted weekly labs that helped undergraduate students gain familiarity with SPSS, theories of causation, fundamentals of survey research, and sampling theories * House Director, Delta Zeta Sorority at University of Virginia, 08/2001-05/2002 * English news writer and movie translator, China Central Television (CCTV), 02/1998-07/2000 * Office Manager, Accuracy Translation Company, 07/1996-08/1997 SKILLS *Computer Software - Microsoft Applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint - Statistical Programs: SPSS, SAS *Data Management/Analysis - Data entry, inserting cases/variables, assigning variable labels/value labels/missing values - Data merging; split file analysis, and data selection - Weighted data analysis - Frequency, mean analysis, crosstab, and custom tables; correlation analysis, compare means (t-test), Chi-square analysis - General linear model; logistic/multiple regression; factor analysis; principal component analysis - Structural equation modeling - Hierarchical linear modeling analysis using longitudinal data - Creating graphs and charts in Excel and SPSS * Excellent ability in proposal and report writing, data interpretation, and translating data analysis into business recommendations * Capability to provide training to new users of statistical programs/advanced analytics * Languages - Mandarin (Native); English (Highly Proficient, Almost Native)

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