Address: Email:,
98 Colonial Village
Amherst, Mobile: +141340419...
2 Detecting Cyberbullying from Social Networking Sites using Machine Learning ( October 2015 – December 2015)
 Implemente...
3. Microsoft Student Partner (MSP), Microsoft ( Nov 2013 – Present )
 Attended “Microsoft Tech Day 2015”, Boot Camp, app ...
 Recipient of Women in Cyber Security Student Scholarship. ( December 2015 )
 Recipient of the G...
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Nabanita de resume 1

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nabanita de resume 1

  • 1. NABANITA DE Address: Email:, 98 Colonial Village Amherst, Mobile: +14134041900 Massachusetts Website: EDUCATION University of Massachusetts Amherst BITS Pilani Masters in Computer Science Bachelor of Engineering (Honors.), Computer Science (2015-2017) (2011-2015) CGPA: 3.767/4 CGPA: 8.86/10; Equivalent to 3.85/4 Expected Graduation Date - May 2017 Core CGPA: 9.25/10; Equivalent to 3.9/4 2015-2016 International Tuition Waiver Award BITSAA Mantra Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 ELECTIVES/TECHNICAL PROFICIENCY Courses Technical Proficiency Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Algorithms in Data Science, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Software Engineering, Probabilistic Graphical Models, Parallel Computing, Cloud Computing, Graphs & Networks, Distributed Operating Systems, New Venture Creation, Management of Cross Cultural Engineering Teams, Introductory Psychology  Completed the Cross Campus Course “Global Innovation Practices” of University of Southern California at BITS Pilani Dubai with BITS Hyderabad, RWTH Aachen University & Qatar University. C, Java, SQL, MIPS, Python, Lisp, Prolog, C#, Lex, Yacc, Html, Visual Studio, NetBeans, Microsoft Office, Matlab, Qt Spim, Weka, Ubuntu, Vsphere ESXi, Juniper SSL VPN, NOIp, Microsoft AzureML, Qt4 Designer, AutoCAD, Linux. Familiar with OpenCV, Html. INTERNSHIPS / CERTIFICATIONS Summer Research Software Developer Intern, Microsoft Research, Advanced Technology Labs, Cairo ( July 2014 - August 2014 )  Worked with Social Analytics (research and development) group on the project “Location Inference for Twitter Users” under Project Trupil, building a system which can detect the User’s country level location in United States, given the user’s tweets. Content Based approach has been utilized to build the classifier from Big Data of Tweets where the tweets (indicating the dialect), time of tweeting as well as time-zones were the features. Link - ( ). Intern, Paramount CS, Dubai UAE ( February 2015 – July 2015)  Dealing with Networks, Security systems and Virtualization. Worked on setting up the IT Technology Lab – Data Centre at the Cloud Safe Office, which would be accessible from outside, using Juniper SSL VPN, NO-IP and VSphere ESXI.  Worked on the project “Implementation of Spam Ham Filters using Machine Learning”.  Retrieved spam-ham emails from my Gmail and yahoo mailbox, pre-processed the data and made a dataset with time, day, date, sender info, mail content, mail content type, attachments info, no. of attachments etc as features. Further experimented it with various classification algorithms on AzureML to find the best accuracy of the built spam-ham classifier to be 94% using either of these algorithms - Decision Jungle, Deep SVM, Logical Regression and Neural Networks.  Retrieving over 1500 Companies & details from Dubai Financial Centre website using Java & HTML Parser, followed by Data Cleaning.  Worked with the HR Department on maintaining as well as updating Employee Records, writing Job descriptions, scheduling interviews for new recruits and retrieving HBR & Mckinsey Data.  Worked with the Finance Department on generating LPOs, with the Sales Team on cold-calling potential product leads for the technical event, with Pre-Sales team on creating recommendation systems for Product as Bundles and with Post-Sales team as a research team member for devising better Customer Engagement Techniques, positively affecting Business Values.Been a part of Paramount’s exhibiting event at GISEC and Paramount’s Onapsis SAP Security event at Burj Al Arab. Gesture Controlled Robotics Workshop, IEM Kolkata ( January, 2015 ) Junior Data Analyst, Palm Square International ( September 2014 – October 2014 )  Worked on the project “Yalla Spree”, an online shopping website. Suggested & automated data correction through Programming in Java. IT Trainee and Consultancy intern, CEM Business Solutions (Microsoft Gold Partners), Dubai ( June 2013-August 2013 )  Was trained on the Cloud Based Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Microsoft Dynamics ERP.  Also got hands on experience in Telesales department to generate leads & opportunities through Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Office 365  Worked on the template (content as well as design) of the Company’s cloud services branch website.  Prepared a specialization report on Microsoft Office 365 & the company’s Microsoft Dynamics AX implemented, own service – CEM AX Payroll. Certificate in Java Programming Language using Java SE6, NIIT Kolkata, under Oracle WorkForce Development Program (July 2012 – August 2012 ) ACADEMIC PROJECTS/PUBLICATIONS 1 Analyzing Twitter User Profiles, HackSmith 2016 February 2016  It involves getting insights from the user's Twitter profile by looking at the texts as well as image content of the tweets. Microsoft Oxford Computer Vision API is used to infer details about the images. After the tweet text is pre-processed, using the Microsoft Oxford Spell Check API, spellings are corrected and using the Web Language Model API, the hashtags - words without spaces is transformed. Further Sentiment Analysis, Inferring of Text Tags, language detection, political views extraction, topic extraction and Named enitity recognition is performed on the tweets, to get better insights on the user's profile, given the Twitter Userid.
  • 2. 2 Detecting Cyberbullying from Social Networking Sites using Machine Learning ( October 2015 – December 2015)  Implemented a cyber bullying detector using Logistic Regression models, trained on 22000 tweets, scraped from twitter. 3 Object Relation based Image Translation using Machine Learning (October 2015 – December 2015)  Implementation of an images descriptor in Natural Language, based on the location relationships of the Objects in the Image. 4 Implementation of Runga Kutta Methods for Deep Learning Applications (November 2015 – Present) 5 Music Recommender Based on the User Mood (Using Tweets from Twitter) ( September 2014 – December 2014 )  Implemented a Music Recommendation system (Accuracy : 86%), which, given an input of User’s Twitter UserID, predicts the User’s mood as one of 20 mood classes from the User’s recent tweets using a Naïve Bayes Classifier & plays/recommends relevant mood song tracks mapped to The training set of the classifier consists of 85% automatically annotated labels using mood hashtags tweets retrieval using Twitter4J & 15% manually annotated tweets and the classifier is built using 32 kinds of emoticons as well as alphabetical characters as features through Weka JAVA API. Compared the performance of various Classification algorithms on a smaller training dataset.  This project’s paper won the IEEE Student Paper Contest 2015 for BPDC & is further submitted to compete in IEEE Student Paper Contest for R8 region. This project was also selected as top Graduation Sponsorship Program 2014 projects by Microsoft Research, ATL Cairo. It was further accepted as top 10 Undergraduate Artificial Intelligence projects at UGSRC’2015. 6 Object Recognition using Machine Learning Techniques ( September 2014 – December 2014 )  Implemented three techniques for object recognition – through Supervised Classification Machine Learning Techniques (Naïve Bayes, Decision Tree and K Nearest Neighbors and compared them all), unsupervised clustering Techniques (K means and Fuzzy C means; Further compared their performances) and lastly through pattern matching through Matlab Computer Vision Library. Training images of 3 object classes have been obtained from google & manually labelled. The preprocessing techniques included resizing all images from different dimensions to a certain dimension as well as extraction of Speeded-Up robust features. Further simulations have been conducted on normalization of values as well as on achieving the optimal efficiency on with or without resizing. Thus this system (coded in Matlab) overcomes the problems of scalability & cluttered- ness in an image for recognition problems.  It was further accepted as top 10 Undergraduate Artificial Intelligence projects at UGSRC’2015. 7 Development of a Student projects portal using Homomorphic Encryption for Cloud Security ( December 2014 )  This project was done under the subject Cloud Computing. Oracle Database server was utilized for saving the student records. Homomorphic encryption and decryption of project marks was done on the client side. The algorithm used is paillier cryptosystems 8 Text Mining on Social Networking Sites (Using Tweets from Twitter) ( Feb’2014 - June 2014 )  Implemented a system that generates trending topics from 20,000 current tweets - Twitter streaming API using Text mining and Natural Language processing techniques including pre-processing tweets & Noun phrase extraction.  Performed Sentiment Analysis on tweets, classifying tweets on specific topic, retrieved by Twitter Rest API into positive, neutral and negative & also rating them on a scale of 1-5 and calculating the number of tweets in each category using NLP & Data mining techniques. Further compared the performances of Stanford NLP & Alchemy API. Paper is under review. 9 Implementation of Clustering techniques on Diabetic Retinopathy ( Feb’2014 – June’2014 )  Worked on implementation and Comparison of performance and efficiency (using cluster sum of square errors) of Clustering Algorithms – K Means, Fuzzy C Means and Hierarchical Clustering in clustering the pre-processed Diabetic Retinopathy dataset of 93 objects & 42 Attributes, consisting of both affected exudates Diabetic Retinopathy affected and non-classes, using Matlab. Paper is under review. 10 Implementation of Face Recognition using OpenCV ( Feb’2014 – June’2014 )  Implementation of a real time Face Detection & Recognition system from a web cam using EmeguCV, wrapper class of OpenCV. 11 Paper – “A NOVEL APPROACH TOWARDS DEVELOPMENT OF A CAREER MENTORSHIP SOLUTION THROUGH ( March 2014 ) ACTIVE ALUMNI-STUDENT INTERACTION AND COLLABORATION” published at INTED (8th International Technology, Education and Development Conference), Valencia, Spain.( It was further accepted as top 10 Undergraduate Education projects at UGSRC’2014. 12 Simulation studies on Face Recognition using Backpropagation Neural Networks ( September’2013-December 2013 )  Implemented an efficient Face Recognition system by extracting features from the Datasets (through Euclidean distance formula & normalization to form preprocessed data) and then using Back propagation Neural Network technique to train the multilayer perceptron & then conducted simulation studies to minimize recognition error. Learnt Matlab & Neural Networks in the process. Used Abrosoft FaceMixer & Neuroph studio to recognize faces through neural networks & derived relation between various factors like learning rate, momentum & others with respect to Training & Testing errors by simulating values(trial & error Method.  Won 1st Position in the interuniversity Paper Presentation Enguinity, 2014, Computer Science Category.  Its Research paper – “Face Recognition using Backpropagation Neural Networks is accepted as one of the top 100 undergraduate research projects in UAE at UGSRC’14 - The Second United Arab Emirates Undergraduate Student Research Competition( shabab.html).  Research Paper accepted for Publication as well as presentation at IIENG Conference, Malaysia, 2014. 13 IFOR(Intelligent Flying object for Reconaissance),Technical team member ( Nov 2012-April 2013 )  Worked on the GUI for automating functions of the quadroter using Python, Pyside, Qt4 Designer and ROS & also on optimal Searching patterns(Exploration) for the Autonomous Quadroter to pick up an object from a completely Unknown location within the least amount of time. This project was basically carried out for participation in International Aerial Robotics Competition(IARC) ’13. @Umass Amherst - Affiliated to Autonomous Learning Lab at Umass Amherst as a Student Researcher. POSITION OF RESPONSIBILITY 1. Graduate Liason for Significant Bits, @UMass CS Department (February 2016 – Present) 2. Social Media Chair, Umass CS Women Group (September 2015 – Present)
  • 3. 3. Microsoft Student Partner (MSP), Microsoft ( Nov 2013 – Present )  Attended “Microsoft Tech Day 2015”, Boot Camp, app development sessions & Hackathon - 2 day workshop on Microsoft Azure, Windows 8.1 App Development, Windows 8 Mobile Development using Visual Studio & Blend.  Working on Apps Development on Windows Phone 8 (Using Visual Studio & App Studio). Published apps – “Missing MH370” (helping people stay up-to-date on Missing Malaysian Flight) and “Bluetooth Messenger” (facilitating chatting & image sharing in Bluetooth Range of Devices) for Windows Phone 8 Store with more than 10k downloads in 3 weeks and overall 25K downloads. ( US/store/publishers?publisherId=Nabanita&appId=ab8dfb50-11c7-4d0d-b5ea-833cfa157eea)  Awarded with a Nokia Lumia 1520 for being the winner of the best MSP Dreamspark Execution Award.  Received Nomination for being a part of the Fursati Program (3 month Internship at Microsoft Gulf) for being one of the most active MSPs.  Volunteered for Microsoft Annual Roadshow in BPDC 4. Graduate Student Senator, Computer Science, Umass Amherst (October 2015 – Present)  Serve as a liason between the computer science department and the graduate student senate to solve department problems. Part of the Graduate Student Senate Finance advisory committee as well. 5. Teaching Assistant - Grader, Logic in Computer Science, University of Massachusetts Amherst (September 2015 – December 2015) 6. Public relations Ambassador, IEEE ( July 2014 – Present )  As the sole & the first IEEEXtreme Student Ambassador for IEEE Region R8 BPDC Section, Served as a public relations student ambassador, helping with advertising, logistics-handling & organizing teams as well as the event IEEEXtreme 8.0 (2014 edition), a 24 hour programming competition that hosted 6,000 participants.  Appointed as the IEEEXtreme Student Ambassador for Umass Amherst, for IEEE Region 1, Springfield section for IEEE Region R9. 7. Professional Teaching Assistantship, Object Oriented programming (Java) Lab, BITS Pilani Dubai Campus ( Oct 2013 – December 2013 )  Help Students (a class of 50) understand concepts & code core Java on Linux environment & debugged Errors.  Also was Professional Assistant to Director, BITS Pilani Dubai Campus from Feb’2014 – March’2013 8. Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership"(CEL), BITS Pilani Dubai Campus ( September 2012 – July 2015 )  Founded Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership with 5 other core team members in 2012. Also founded “Conjure”, CEL BITS Dubai Magazine/Publication.  Chief Financial Officer, Sept’14 - Present  General Secretary, Oct’13-August’14  Coordinator & Core Team Member of CEL, Sept’12-Sept’13  Senior Editor, the CEL E’Ink Magazine, “Conjure”.  Being with CEL since its Inception, have organized over 30 events of CEL including Tie(The Indus Entrepreneurs) Talks, B’Quiz(Business Quiz) at Technofest’12, fund-raiser events (Registered over 60 members out of the current 120 members at CEL.) and also volunteered for various other talks on Regular Basis, thus being one of the most active contributors who have brought CEL to what it is today. Have been actively involved in CEL events planning as well as registration drive. Have been instrumental of its signing of MoU wih IMT, as well as, was involved with the Incubator Idea for CEL. Volunteered for SME World Summit 2014. 9. Organizer, TEDx 2013 ( 10th November 2013 )  Starting from writing the TEDx Application to being a part of the Social Media/website and Logistics team member for CEL TEDx’13 as the CEL’s General Secretary. 10. Organizer, BITSIAN Day, Kolkata ( 7th August 2015 )  Coordinated with BITSAA and various BITSIANS from all the 4 campuses from batches of 1965 to 2017, to host BITSIAN Day in Kolkata for the first time. Being Instrumental in starting the Kolkata chapter for BITS Network. 11. Chess College Team Captain, BITS Pilani Dubai Campus ( September 2013 – July 2015 )  As the Coordinator, Organized Chess at BITS Sports Festival, 2012, 2013, 2014 and hostel day 2014.  The team won the 1st position in 5 Inter University matches at BSF’13, ’14, Manipal and Heriott watt Scottish Highland Games 2014, back to back under my captaincy. 12. Mozilla Firefox Student Ambassador & Go robo Student Ambassador ( June 2014 – July 2015 )  Sole representative in college. 13. Managing Director, CV Chamkao ( September 2014 – December 2014 )  My Education service Startup through the “New Venture Creation” Course, focusing on 4 years of counselling service to students on opportunities to be taken to build that stellar Resume, pertaining to each Student’s future plans. ( Link - )  This Startup is based on the idea of my Education Research paper, published in INTED’14. 14. Internshala Student Partner, Internshala ( July 2014 – December 2014 )  Part of the Sales and Marketing Team of Internshala .  The first representative and sole representative of Internshala in BPDC. 15. Active Volunteer, BITS Pilani Dubai Campus ( 2013 – July 2015 )  Volunteered for Diro's Tea Party (official farewell) and Hostel day.  Member, Class Committee, Computer Science, BITS Pilani Dubai Campus  Have been a part of Social Media Team at Microsoft Club at our Campus.  Selected as Computer Science Representative from my batch for Student Volunteer in Placement Division, BITS Pilani Dubai Campus. 16. Student Member, IEEE, ACM, Make a Difference Club(MAD) ( 2012 – Present )  Took Part in IEEE Xtreme Coding Challenge’14, Country rank – 8, region rank – 258.  Took Part in IEEE Xtreme Coding Challenge’13. World Rank – 1159
  • 4. ACHIEVEMENTS AND AWARDS  Recipient of Women in Cyber Security Student Scholarship. ( December 2015 )  Recipient of the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing India (GHCI) 2015 Student Scholarship. ( October 2015 )  Recipient of WiML 2015 Travel Scholarship. Paper “Object Recognition using Machine Learning Technique” accepted to Women in Machine Learning (WiML 2015).  Recipient of 2015-2016 International Student Tuition Waiver Award, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. (May 2015)  CEL BITSAA Mantra Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 Award ( May 2014 )  1st Female in all BITS Campuses to be recognized for the excellent entrepreneurial initiatives like App Startup “Bluetooth Messenger” hitting 10K downloads in its first 3 weeks on Windows app store and over 25K downloads till now, and contribution to Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership(CEL), BPDC as its founding CEL as a core team member (see above).  Admission Letters from University of Southern California for MS CS (Specialization: Data science) program and Georgia Tech MS CS program for Fall 2015. ( May 2015 )  2 Projects – “Object Recognition using Machine Learning Techniques” and “Music Recommender using Social Media Mood” selected within top 10 Undergraduate Research projects, Artificial Intelligence – Information Technology Category at UGSRC’2015. ( May 2015 )  Best Chess Player Award, BITS Pilani Dubai Campus, Batch – 2011- 2015 ( May 2015 )  Best Inter-University Chess Women Player Award – Manipal University Sports Fest 2014 ( March 2015 )  Job offer for Decision Trainee Scientist from MU Sigma & 6 Month Internship Offer from Intel Innovation Labs, India – Declined (February 2015 )  Winner of IEEE Student Paper Contest 2015, Computer Science Category, for BPDC. ( December 2014 )  Project – “Music Recommender Based on the User Mood”.  This project was also selected as top Graduation Sponsorship Program 2014 projects by Microsoft Research, ATL Cairo.  Best Microsoft Student Partner Dreamspark Execution Award ( June 2014 )  Won Nokia Lumia 1520 as the prize. Registered over 25 Dreamspark leads for the same, even though wasn’t in UAE.  2 Projects – Face Recognition using Neural Networks and Education Paper ““A NOVEL APPROACH TOWARDS DEVELOPMENT ( May 2014 ) OF A CAREER MENTORSHIP SOLUTION THROUGH ACTIVE ALUMNI-STUDENT INTERACTION AND COLLABORATION”, getting selected within top 100 Under graduate UAE Research Projects at The Second United Arab Emirates Undergraduate Student Research Competition.  Call Letter for Software Development Summer Internship @ IIT Bombay & Shortlisted for the Fursati Program at Microsoft – Declined. (May 2014)  Enguinity 2014 (Inter-University Technical Fest, BITS Pilani) ( April 2014 )  1st Position, Paper Presentation, Computer Science Category  3rd Position, ASME Event, Mechathlon.  7 gold medals, Chess ( 2012 – Present )  5 Gold Medals (1st Position, Chess) in Inter University events – BITS Sports Festival (BSF) 2012, BSF 2013 & BSF 2014, Heriot watt University, Scottish Highland Games 2014 and Manipal University, UAE.  2 Gold Medals, Inter Year, BITS Pilani Dubai Campus. 1 gold medal at Hostel day.  Participated in Emirates Bank Islamic Innovation Challenge. Received 500 AED as token of Appreciation. (February 2014 )  Offered an IT Internship in the Emirates Islamic Bank due to my brilliantly presented ideas in Emirates Islamic Bank Innovation Challenge, like a virtual credit card(this was way before apple pay was out) & social media analytics to better handle Customer feedback.  3rd Position in Artistics, Artex’13, 1st Position in Three-legged race, Jashn’13 and 2nd in Best Out of Waste, Hostel Day, 2013.  Selected within the top 6 students in Class in School & Sent from school with full scholarship to Narayana IIT Academy, Delhi, for competitive Exams training in 2010. Received Double promotion in school in 2002. OTHER EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES • Hosted Diwali Night for Indian Student Association, Umass Amherst. • Have Received Diploma Degree till 3rd year in Singing (Classical Music, Rabindra Sangeet & Nazrul Geeti). • Social Service – Helped in raising funds for Helpage India, Red-Cross India & Cancer Patients Aid Association, India.

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