NABFEMEwas founded in the summer of 1999 by music
industry executive Johnnie Walker. Walker, a
30-year entertainment indus...
• YOU ARE NOT ALONE! The same issues, concerns and challenges that you are facing
have been faced by another NABFEME Sist...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - NABFEME

  • 1. NABFEMEwas founded in the summer of 1999 by music industry executive Johnnie Walker. Walker, a 30-year entertainment industry veteran, has held senior positions in radio, the Island Def Jam Music Group and DreamWorks Re- cords.  She spent 15 of her career years at Def Jam Recordings. Following many music and entertainment business conferences and events Walker noted that rarely were there female perspectives featured, nor did the events offer content that provided career support for women.  Walker also noted that many prominent entertainment/music companies had few women in positions of power.  This frustration, coupled with being a woman with aggressive career goals, fueled the concept for NABFEME.  It was time for a change, time to create a vehicle that would work to support and increase the awareness of women in the entertainment business, raise the profile of women of color and provide opportunities for women to net- work, learn, empower themselves and have access to industry leaders.  Once the concept for the organization was formalized and the business and marketing plans were developed,Walker recruited several other women who represented various disciplines within the music and entertainment industry to become a part of the founding board.And NABFEME, the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment, Inc., was born. The organization was formed to create a support and empowerment resource base for professional women of color in music and entertainment. Based in New York, the focus of the organization would be economic and career development for its members. The first meetings were held via teleconference and includedToni Bell, Michelle Madison, Gwen Priestly,Vanessa Barryer, Ramona Harrison- Hardy and NABFEME Founder, Johnnie Walker.  The original six were visionary women who understood the importance of lending their time, energy and experience to developing an organization that would be dedicated to empowering, mentoring and promoting women of color in entertainment. The organization was introduced in 2000 with the creation of the NABFEME Shero Hall of Fame, designed to spotlight and honor leading women in entertainment whose career paths have opened doors for others. Next the NABFEME Mentor Connection was introduced, a program that connected members who needed mentorship and members who were willing to lead and serve as mentors. In 2001, NABFEME initiated the International Women’s Leadership Summit, a 3-day symposium that featured workshops, empowering sessions, gala events and access to entertainment industry power brokers. In 2002 NABFEME launched WOMEN WHO JAM! a popular all female music showcase and CD designed to provide a promotional vehicle and gathering place for ground breaking female entertainers. In 2003, NABFEME established the Donna M. Moore Scholarship Fund to provide high school graduates interested in entertain- ment careers with resources to achieve a higher education.The Celebrity Mom Luncheon was unveiled in 2005 featuring the mothers of famous entertainment industry icons. In 2006, NABFEME Prep was born, an interactive workshop and program that brought the structure of entertainment business careers into the classroom. NABFEME has evolved into a first class worldwide organization that has experienced tremendous growth over the years.Today there are satellite NABFEME locations nationwide with over 2500 members and associates. Remaining constant with the organization has been the vision and the values that were conceived at the very first meeting of the women of NABFEME. The National Association of Black Female Executives in Music & Entertainment
  • 2. • YOU ARE NOT ALONE! The same issues, concerns and challenges that you are facing have been faced by another NABFEME Sister. As your professional family, NABFEME is your resource to network, sync ideas and combine efforts! • You will enjoy a sense of belonging by being a part of an organization that shares your beliefs and brings together like-minded women who are connected by a common cause. • Enjoy face-to-face meetings and interactions with other industry professionals. • IT’SYOUR CAREER! Connect with the best! • Exclusive or early notification of job opportunities. • No one gets to the top alone! Build your contacts list while developing your list of references. • NABFEME is an excellent bullet point on your resume! Many already use it! • Showcase your expertise through peer-to-peer discussions and public forums. • Gain stronger leadership experience and other self development opportunities. • Connect and network with other members and colleagues who often morph into friends, mentors, co-workers and clients. • You will be better prepared to deal with challenges in entertainment and related industries. • Enjoy access to industry experts and tastemakers – CEOs, speakers, upper management executives, webinars, e-learning and more. • Access to “NABFEME Swag” – discounts, product samples, event passes,VIP treatment and more. • Free (or almost free) training through meetings and educational seminars. • Share in the sense of pride all NABFEME members feel knowing that the organization is sec- ond to none in support and empowerment for women of color in music & entertainment • 901-263-8439 15 Reasons to Join!

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