Nabil Lamriben
Masters in Computer Science with focus on Security
28 Newberne St, Unit #1 Somerville, MA 02144
Tel: (617) ...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Nabil Lamriben Masters in Computer Science with focus on Security 28 Newberne St, Unit #1 Somerville, MA 02144 Tel: (617) 669 8428 - EDUCATION Boston University, Boston MA Masters in Computer Science; Computer Security concentration - GPA: 3.7 Relevant coursework: Enterprise Security, Network Security, Cryptography, Software Engineering, Computer Architecture, Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Language Theory, Operating Systems, .Net Applications in C#, Data Structures C++, Discrete Math, Biometrics, Neworking Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston MA Bachelor of Science, Industrial Design, 2007 RELEVANT TECHNICAL COMPETENCIES & ACTIVITIES Technical Competencies (working proficiency):  Programming Languages: C#, C++, C , Bash scripting, XML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript  Operating systems: Windows 7, Ubuntu, Backtrack  Integrated development environment (IDE): Visual Studio, Code Blocks, Unity, Arduino IDE, Brackets  Software: NMAP, Wireshark, Metasploit, Pivotal tracker, Github ,Blender, SketchUp, Adobe Suite, AutoCad, Graphite, Cobalt Extracurricular Activities:  Design and build PC games using Blender (modeling, texturing, animation) and Unity (game development)  Create mechanical automatons using Arduino Microcontrollers, Legos, servo motors, gyroscopes, and GPS  Tutor for .Net Applications, Algorithm Analysis, and Blender RELEVANT CLASS PROJECTS .NET Applications Multi-Password management application:  Encryption: Application encrypts saved accounts documents using the.NET AES module  Architecture: Layered architecture Interface layer, Business layer, data layer  Interface: Multi-Document Interface  Dropbox: Application saves an encrypted xml document and saves it using the Dropbox API Analysis of Algorithms A* and Dijkstra’s path finding algorithm using Unity and C# :  configuration: Initial bode and goal nodes are selected form a weighted graph buy clicking on them  Algorithm: Finds the least cost path to the goal node  Display: Animated 3d meshes are generated and move along the calculated path Cryptography RSA algorithm, and RSA cracker using Pollard’s Rho in C++:  Random Number Generator: Implements Blum Blum Shub  Prime Check: Implements Miller-Rabin primality check  RSA: Public and private keys are generated using the Gnu Multi Precision Library in C++  RSA Cracker: Factorize N using a pre complied list of prime numbers and Pollard’s rho  Output: Breaks a 21 decimal digit key in 6 hours LATEST WORK EXPERIENCE Boston University Office of the Ombuds Assistant to the Ombuds Oct 2010 - Present  Adeptly handle administrative matters including screening calls, managing calendars, composing documents and organizing the office for efficiency  Interact professionally with all levels of university staff, while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality  Built and maintain office database for the Ombuds, reducing monthly figure analysis time by 75%  Maintain the office website & assist with IT issues HOBBIES & LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE 3D Computer Graphics, Drawing, Painting, Tinkering with microcontrollers, Camping, Snowboarding Ski Trip Leader for Boston Ski and Sports Club, 2011-2015 LANGUAGES Fluent in English, French, Berber

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