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Pre-writing of Assignment 1 English I

Compare and contrast essay
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Pre-writing of Assignment 1 English I

  • 1. Unique traditional houses Minangkabau house Location : Indonesia Materials used to build -Largely constructed using wood -Roof made from thatch -Wall made from bamboo Usage of space -The amount of rooms depending on amount of the women in the family members. -Every women who married get one room, old women and kids get room near to kitchen, teen girls get shared room on the other end. -Interior Rumah Gadang dominated by open room except the bedrooms -On the both wing of the main house always found Anjung, special rooms or place as a place where nuptial and the bride biting or coronation of customary chief. Structure and layout -At the left end of the house is an annex which is slightly elevated from the floor level of the house, symbolic significance as the pinnacle of the house. -Sleeping quarter (biliak) are adjacent and are in the rear -Curtained doorways of the biliak open out onto the hall - Its roof design shaped like a buffalo horn Siheyuan house Location : China Materials : Sun-dried brick Wood Structure and layout -The four buildings of a siheyuan are positioned along the north-south and east-west axis formed a square house -The entrance gate painted vermilion and with copper door knockers on it -A pair of stone lions are placed outside the gate Usage of space -The northern building,receive most sunlight serving as the living room and bedroom of the owner or head of the family -The eastern and western side buildings receive less sunlight serve as the rooms for children or less important members of the family -The southern building receives the least sunlight, used as a reception room and the servants' dwelling, or where the family would gather to relax, eat or study. -The backside building is for unmarried daughters and female servants Thesis statement : There are three elements that differ between a Minangkabau house and Siheyuan house which are types of materials used, the usage of interior spaces and the structures and layout of the two houses.