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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Missouri Master Gardeners Provide Horticulture Education Kammler, K. J.1 1. Kate Kammler, Regional Plant Science Specialist, University of Missouri Extension, Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670, Ste. Genevieve County, kammlerk@missouri.edu AbstractThe mission of the Missouri Master Gardener Extension Program is “helping others learn to grow.” The Master Gardener program provides in depthhorticultural training to individuals throughout Missouri who then volunteer their time applying what they have learned to help others in their communities tolearn about gardening and environmental education. The Parkland Master Gardener group contributes to community education by sponsoring andorganizing an annual Gardening Symposium. The symposium starts with a keynote speaker and then a variety of breakout sessions are offered. In fouryears, the attendance has grown from 50 to 200 participants. The Parkland group has embraced the greater interest that the public has shown in horticultureby increasing the number of sessions offered and varying the topics so there is something to entice everyone. The University of Missouri Extension MasterGardener program training provided the education for the Parkland group to feel confident in organizing the symposium every year to offer educationalopportunities on gardening to the community. Master Gardeners teach classes on topics they are experts in and locate other specialists in the field to teachthe remaining classes. The symposium not only offers education on a variety of horticulture topics but exposes people to the Master Gardener program andthe volunteer opportunities that are available. Funds raised at the symposium allow the Parkland Master Gardeners to provide a scholarship to a horticulturestudent at the local community college. Program Organization Class TopicsThe Gardening Symposium starts with a keynote speaker Keynote topics have included:followed by breakout sessions on various topics. Three Drought Wise Gardeningsessions were offered with five class choices in 2012 to Landscaping for Curb Appealaccommodate the increase in participants. The classes aretaught by various Master Gardeners from the Parkland group Plants of Meritand other surrounding Master Gardener groups, Extension Native Plant Landscaping for Birds and Butterfliesspecialists, college professors, and knowledgeable people in All About Tomatoesthe community. The symposium also features local vendors Breakout sessions topics:with plant products and a catered lunch for participants. Greenhouse, Coldframes, Hoophouses Mushrooms Impacts Local producer talk on composting Lasagna Gardening• 400% increase in the number of participants in 4 years Zodiac Gardening• Provide horticulture education for the public in 14 Composting surrounding counties in Missouri and Illinois Garden Photography• 20 Parkland Master Gardeners averaged 10 volunteer Basic Vegetable Gardening hours per person for the symposium, also allows those Tree ID with physical disabilities to achieve volunteer hours Bringing in Pollinators• 50% new participants each year and 50% returning How to Use Garden Tools participants Garden to Stop Traffic• “I know I am very pleased with our symposium, and I Keynote talk on tomatoes Iris and Daylilies believe it is one of the best ways for our Master Gardener group to educate the public, since education is our main Improving Your Garden Soil volunteer mission each year. For every class either that I All Things Herbal present at or attend, I know I always come away from it Woody Plants knowing something new that I often times will incorporate Varmint and Nuisance Control into my own gardens. What I really like about our Master Seed and Plant Selection Gardener group is that there are so many of us that have such a wide range of gardening interest, that you can Pumpkins and Gourds always find something to talk about.” –Mary Wilson, Blooms From Frost to Frost Parkland Master Gardener President Parkland Master Gardener presenting scholarship check to Small Fruit Production horticulture student