Springfield VA 22152 w C: (571) 438-3622 w w
LEAD PASTOR July 2002 – July 2006
Hope Community Church ( Columbus, MS
Led, organized, ta...
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Nace Lanier

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. NACE Y. LANIER Springfield VA 22152 w C: (571) 438-3622 w w CAREER OBJECTIVE Lead organizational and personal development programs to promote sound strategic goals for achieving success that results in positive intra-organizational and societal impact. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE DISCIPLESHIP PASTOR / LEADER August 2006 – March 2015 Burke Community Church ( Burke, VA Lead, organize, teach, and counsel a congregation whose active participation increased 200%, from 900 to 2700 individuals, over a 9-year period. Leadership and Management • Oversee the congregational leadership board and its unique ministry teams, including Women’s, Men’s, and Singles ministries; Prayer; Marriage; Assimilations; and a homeschool educational co-op. • Create and develop new ministerial programs and teams responsible for Physical Needs, Young Adults, Meals, and Care. • Manage, support, evaluate, and hire part- and full-time staff members. • Recruit, direct, and support volunteer leaders serving in over 15 distinct ministries. • Develop and guide processes to move attenders from mere visitor status to active membership. • Event-plan and coordinate program-specific and organization-wide educational and service events. • Speak publicly through conferences and seminars to large audiences of 650+. Teaching, Training and Counseling • Research and develop curricula, and provide oversight for small groups, adult classes, and seminars. • Train over 100 small group leaders through use of seminars or unique online content. • Supervise and train interns in various Discipleship ministries. • Prepare and deliver a variety of presentations based on attenders’ specific needs. • Provide counsel for a broad range of challenging issues including suicide prevention, marital crisis, and harmful addictions. Financial and Technological • Integral team member in the development and management of a $4M church-wide budget, with full responsibility over the execution of a $100K Adult Ministries budget. • Lead the communication and technology conversion of the church-wide database. • Coordinate and oversee audiovisual and facilities requirements for adult ministries. • Promote education and volunteer opportunities through creation of copy and layout design.
  • 2. NACE Y. LANIER PAGE 2 LEAD PASTOR July 2002 – July 2006 Hope Community Church ( Columbus, MS Led, organized, taught and counseled a congregation whose active participation increased nearly 800%, from 40 to 350 individuals, over a 4-year period. • Prepared and delivered weekly sermons and presentations targeted to serve the congregation’s specific needs. • Met weekly with a creative team to plan for, market, and evaluate the expansion of organizational influence throughout the local community. • Conducted bi-monthly board meetings to vision cast, plan strategically, and coordinate efforts for organizational growth. • Performed counseling and instruction for various issues, including life skills and crisis intervention. • Engaged and educated new attenders in the church’s organizational mission, vision, and values to transform them into active members and/or participators. EDUCATION • Doctorate of Ministry (DMin), Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA o Projected graduation date: Summer 2015 • Master of Theology (ThM), Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, TX • BS Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE BASKETBALL COACH 2011 – Present Upward League Fairfax, VA Teach, lead, and encourage children (ages 7-9) through basketball. Conduct weekly practices and games to instill a sense of discipline, an excellent work ethic, and a vision of teamwork in order to set children up for achieving success later in life. VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR 2011 – Present The 25th Project Burke, VA Raise awareness in others about opportunities to engender respect for and give hope to the Northern Virginia homeless community. Manage volunteers engaged in various service and fund-raising projects to meet community and organizational needs. CORE COMPETENCIES Primary Leadership Style: Experienced coach with the ability to adapt leadership style to meet situational and environmental requirements. Sokanu Summary: A highly productive individual who is dependable and committed to doing a job correctly and carefully. He is trustworthy, accountable, and detail- oriented. He is a natural leader who is energized by having an impact on others. His ability to influence people is an asset to the organization, particularly in senior management roles; however, even in junior roles he can help co-workers and peers succeed.

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