Nada D. Jwehan
PO Box: 1410, 11941 Amman, Jordan
Work Experience
Treasury Analyst
Leadership Experience
"More than Money" Course Trainer Apr 13
 "More than Money" is one of INJAZ courses provided to stud...
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Nada CV 2015

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nada CV 2015

  • 1. Nada D. Jwehan PO Box: 1410, 11941 Amman, Jordan +962-7-77433332, Work Experience Treasury Analyst Global Treasury Management Jan 14- Present Arab Bank Plc,Amman  Evaluatingand analyzingmarket exposures and liquidity risks accordingto specified limits.  Analyzing AB group branches balancesheets, budgets and expected pipelines.  Monitoring intergroup flow of funds and the Bank’s global sources and uses of funds to manage liquidity.  Managing customer deposits' balances and concentrations.  PreparingHigh ALCO reports, minutes and summaries.  Buildingspreadsheets to run PV01 and NII analysis to determine the impact of interest rate risks. FX-AssistantTrader Treasury/DealingRoom Jul 12 – Dec 13 Arab Bank Plc,Amman  Managingthe Bank's Daily positionsin foreign currencies,gulf currencies and preciousmetals.  Engaging in financial markettransactionsand evaluatingstrategic investmentopportunities in foreign currencies.  Maintainingtheliquidity level of the Jordanian Dinar againstthe US Dollar in the market to enhance the overall local economy together with CBJ. CreditAnalyst Corporate Credit Division/Jordan & Palestine Nov 11 - Jul 12 Arab Bank Plc,Amman  Analyzing& approvingcreditproposals for commercial corporations.  Evaluatingand rating Arab Bank's commercial corporateportfolio,based on Basel II agreement standards. Service QualityTeamMember Retail BankingManagement Oct 09 - Sep 11  Assured that retail services arewith adherence to regulations and compliancerequirements.  Monitored and analyzed the mystery shoppingprogramto evaluate the serviceprovided through the bank's various channels;Branches,E-Banking,and the Contact Center.  Assessed the quality level in the business environmentby analyzingthe customers' complaints and inquiries. Education Professional DiplomainNGOsManagement& Charity Work Oct 15-Present German Jordanian University BA in Finance (GPA:3.25/4) Sep 05 - Jan 09 University of Jordan
  • 2. Leadership Experience "More than Money" Course Trainer Apr 13  "More than Money" is one of INJAZ courses provided to students at UNRWA schools,which aims to build a basic knowledgeabout personal financeand the financial system. ProjectEvaluationAssistant  A collaborativeprojectbetween the Jordanian Community Development Centre (CDC), the Danish theatre organization C:NTACT, MellemfolkeligtSamvirke/ActionAid Denmark (MS/AA) and the Danish Centre for Culture and Development (DCCD).  Interviewed the beneficiaries to evaluatethe effect the project activities had on their personalities.  Analyzed the collected questionnaires data and the feedback from trainers and trainees to decide whether to extend the projector not. CommunityService atSOS Children'sVillageAssociation,Jordan TeachingAssistant(Music and English) Nov - Dec 08 Certificates  "ACIdealingcertificate", passed the exam with a distinction.  Corporate and InvestmentBanking(CIB)’s"RuwwadInternshipprogram”,organized by the trainingand development department at Arab Bank plc.  “Integratedbankingprinciples Internshipprogram”,organized by the trainingdepartment atbank of Jordan.  “Compliance”, organized by the trainingdepartment at Bank of Jordan.  “AdvancedFinancial Analysis”,organized by the Trainingcenter at Bank of Jordan.  “Maharat-Pioneers” Internshipprogram  A TATWEER initiativemanaged by the business development center (BDC) & funded by the United States Agency for international development(USAID).  Received 155 Hours of intensivetraining,on CRM.  “Trading inthe Stock Market”,organized by KingAbdullah II fund for development.  “Insurance,PrinciplesandPractice”, organized by the Jordan International InsuranceCO. Skills  Languages: Arabic (native),English (proficientwritten and spoken)  Computers: MS Office,advanced Excel & Macro sheets.

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