Nader Medhat Reda Mohareb
Dubai - UAE
Mobile +971557738348
 P...
 April 2012 – April 2014: [Al Shafar Steel Engineering L.L.C. – ASSENT – United Arab
Job Title: Maintenance Eng...
 September 2010 till December 2010: [Atlasco Egypt for Trading - EGYPT]
Job Title: Maintenance Engineer
Area of responsib...
 Other Skills
 Communication skills
 Computer skills: Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, PowerPoint, StruM.I.S Evolution,...
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Nader Medhat CV '16

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nader Medhat CV '16

  • 1. Nader Medhat Reda Mohareb JLT – CLUSTER V – V3 TOWER Dubai - UAE Mobile +971557738348 E-mail:  Personal Profile A highly motivated and enthusiastic professional, I have studied and worked as a mechanical engineer, and most recently I have worked as a supply chain procurement engineer where I managed to use my technical knowledge and experience to enhance the procurement process in my field.  Work Experience  April 2014 till current time: [Al Shafar Steel Engineering L.L.C. – ASSENT – United Arab Emirates] Job Title: Supply Chain/Procurement Engineer Responsibilities and achievements: 1. Handling all PRs related to Consumables and spare parts including building material, electrical material, electronic components, cables, equipment/machines, hand tools, power tools, welding consumables, paints, mechanical machining jobs and other parts for MPS, maintenance, facility, safety, store and projects departments. 2. Getting different offers by the potential competitors in the market for the required material and placing the order to the vendor who has the best offer in terms of availability, quality, service, delivery time, and payment terms. 3. Negotiating suppliers’ prices and payment terms. 4. Preparing LPOs using StruM.I.S Evolution software for all consumables, spare parts, machining jobs and paints for the whole factory. 5. Purchasing material from inside & outside UAE, and applying for the duty exemption. 6. Following up with suppliers and scheduling for all deliveries. 7. Preparing weekly report for consumables’ delivery status. 8. Following up with the accounts department for suppliers’ payments. 9. Making sure all delivered material is as required and meets the correct specs, quality and quantity. 10. Arranging transportation of fabricated steel structures by 12 meters, 15 meters, 18 meters and low bed trailers to our projects in different sites in Qatar, Kuwait, KSA. 11. Searching for new potential suppliers who can offer competitive prices and guaranteed quality for a wide range of parts and material required. 12. Arranging immediate deliveries to our site or collecting material from supplier if urgently needed. 13. Preventing any loss in production due to shortage in material and responsible to coordinate between suppliers’ sales people, our accounting department, and all company’s departments to make sure all placed orders are delivered to our store on time. 14. Achieving the required targets of reducing cost while ensuring production & maintenance activities’ efficiency. 15. Achieved to applying new procurement system for the frequently purchased items/consumables, where I managed to save time and cost. 16. Worked as the responsible procurement engineer for many projects inside UAE and outside, such as: Dubai Airport, Abu Dhabi Plaza, Jumeirah Open Beach, Al Ruwais International School, Mirfa Abu Dhabi, Qatar, KSA & Kuwait projects, and others.
  • 2.  April 2012 – April 2014: [Al Shafar Steel Engineering L.L.C. – ASSENT – United Arab Emirates] Job Title: Maintenance Engineer Responsibilities and achievements: 1. Responsible for maintaining CNC FICEP machines operated by MINOSSE software. 2. Having the knowledge of operating different CNC machines [Band Saw, Drilling, Coping, Angle Master, Punching, Plasma cutting, and Oxy-cutting]. 3. Responsible for handling the maintenance department at site and making sure all machines are running in good condition. 4. Planning & executing preventive maintenance plan for all CNC machines at site. 5. Arranging urgent spare parts from different suppliers and having an organized and updated status for all spares and machines. 6. Applying different parameter values for the different moving axis in the machines in order to maintain the correct and accurate cutting required for the applied job. 7. Handling all breakdowns for the CNC machines, either mechanical breakdown, electrical, hydraulic, or changing in parameter of the machine if required. 8. Responsible for arranging work with the maintenance team which consists of 4 foremen and 20 technicians, electricians, assistances, and helpers. 9. Reporting directly to the maintenance manager, dealing with procurement department and General Manager if needed. 10. Achieving all required tasks for maintenance procedures and documentations.  January 2011 till December 2011 : [Nile Advanced Technology and Commerce –EGYPT] Job Title: Service Engineer Responsibilities and achievements: 1. Performing vibration analysis jobs at the required sites using CSI 2120 & CSI 2130 analyzers 2. Carrying out the vibration analysis procedures required for diagnosis and solution using “Machinery Health Management [MHM] 5.41 software” 3. Issue reports including analysis, conclusions, and recommendations for solving rotating equipment problems 4. Performing additional expert analysis tests [bump test, run up/coast down test, cross channel analysis, transient analysis, etc…] 5. Collecting vibration data measurements on rotary equipment in several sites [Kawmeya Cement Company, Royal Cement Company, Kobusch Packing Company, etc…] 6. Responsible for Kobusch Packing, Royal Cement Company, Pirelli, and RHI (Reliance Heavy Industry) vibration analysis routine data collection projects 7. Performing laser shaft alignment jobs in different sites [i.e. Pirelli, Petrogulf, Suez Steel, etc…] 8. Performing balancing jobs in different sites [i.e. Ezz Steel, El Gawhara Ceramic, etc…] 9. Performing thermo graphic measurements and issuing analysis reports using CSI camera, TROTEC camera 10. Performing oil analysis test and issuing analysis reports
  • 3.  September 2010 till December 2010: [Atlasco Egypt for Trading - EGYPT] Job Title: Maintenance Engineer Area of responsibilities: 1. Performing maintenance, repair, and overhaul for BOGE compressors 2. Performing vibration measurements activities at different sites using SPM  Previous Events with Sports Committee 2009-2013  Responsible to organize sports events (camps, sports days, youth programs…)  Used to be in the steering team which leads operation teams  Studied ISLT (International Sports Leadership Training)  Preparing sports schedules & sessions for different ages & backgrounds (kids, youth, seniors, families…)  Leading different teams (administrations, logistics, content…)  Invention of new games, strategies, & sports ideas  Responsible for team logistics, transportation & purchasing  Referee for volleyball matches, minor sports, and games  Organizing team building & experiential learning sessions  Responsible for staffing (coaches, speakers, admins, helpers, ushers…)  Responsible to find new sports venues (camp site, schools, fields…)  Advertising our camps to the right targeted audience  Finding the appropriate sponsors for our events  Able to work under pressure to follow tight schedules  Meet campers’ needs with high quality & professionalism  Dealing & negotiating with different suppliers to have best prices for needed materials  Training/Courses  Studied PMP – June 2015  Summer training in “WELL SERVICES – Schlumberger – Rass Shokeir“ - 2 weeks during 2007 & 2008  Technical training in Toyota Egypt – Abbasia Workshop in 2008 – 1 month  June 2010: Don Bosco Institute : Vehicle Mechanical Course – 3 months  Studied vibration analysis course category II from Mobius Institute January 2011  Studied vibration analysis course CATII by the American Vibration Institute January 2012  Academic Qualifications  February 2010: Arab Academy for Science and Technology & Maritime Transport B.Sc. Engineering - Mechatronics Department  2004: Secondary School - Futures American Diploma
  • 4.  Other Skills  Communication skills  Computer skills: Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, PowerPoint, StruM.I.S Evolution, AutoCAD & Solid Edge ST  Ability to work comfortably and assist a wide range of individuals in a variety of situations  Fast learner and can excel in any job or responsibility given to effectively and efficiently  Problem solving  Time management  Team work  Leadership  Negotiation skills  Working efficiently under pressure  Languages  Arabic: Mother tongue  English: Excellent – spoken & written  Personal Information  Date of Birth: May 21st, 1987  Marital Status: Married  Nationality: Egypt  Driving licenses: Egypt & UAE References will be furnished upon request

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