Rua José Nóbrega Barbosa, 35
ZIP: 02336-090 - São Paulo / SP
Mobile Phone (11) 9 9690-8993 / Home: 2...
In 1989 I had been working in American Express Brazil with Aloisio Wolff, for the Systems
Planning, Telecommunications, Tr...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. NÁDIA APARECIDA PIRES Rua José Nóbrega Barbosa, 35 ZIP: 02336-090 - São Paulo / SP Mobile Phone (11) 9 9690-8993 / Home: 2261-4734 Email: nadia.pires@gmail.com PROFISSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS Over 25 years of professional career developed in counseling and assistance as presidents, vice presidents and directors of large enterprises, acquiring the following main technical skills: ♦ Performance evaluation and coaching aimed at the development of subordinates in order to achieve productivity. ♦ Analysis and improvement of internal processes secretariat and adverse areas for resource optimization. ♦ Preparation of strategic presentations to the steering committees. ♦ Participation of Meeting of steering committees, preparation of Minutes and monitoring of strategies designed to ensure compliance with the targets. ♦ Budget and monitoring the flow of funds. ♦ Generate proposals for flight, charter confirmation, airstrip verification and monitoring of requests. ♦ Responsible for the food request and include passenger list in the charter. ♦ Develop a daily shift report to inform other people that were held on. ♦ Registration for new customers ♦ Forward and bill flights to the finance department ♦ Domain of Office Package Join in TAM AVIAÇÃO EXECUTIVA E TÁXI AÉREO S/A in April 2010 to work with Mr. Rodrigo Arvoredo. My responsibilities as Charter Sales were to contact national and international companies to elaborate, participate and close contract with them. In Colt Aviation in November 2008 to work with Mr. Alexandre Eckman. My responsibilities as Executive Secretary were all agenda, presentation, payments, participating in the meeting and responsible to Human Resources Department. In Copersucar – Cooperativa de Produtos de Cana-de-Açúcar in 2002 to work with Mr. Homero Correa de Arruda Filho and Mr. Hermelindo Ruete de Oliveira for the Championship. As assistant I helped in many tasks like infrastructure issues and implementation of some strategic objectives in the areas. I was responsibility for all area in the presidency like coordinating secretaries, drivers, office-boys and waiters. Managed all payments for employees and contractors; planning and following up ebb of financial; becoming stable budged for the area; analyzing and following expenses. Participated and supported in all meeting with presidency and counsel and agenda followed up for all pendency.
  • 2. In 1989 I had been working in American Express Brazil with Aloisio Wolff, for the Systems Planning, Telecommunications, Transaction Services and MIS areas like Senior Bilingual Secretary. In 1991 was transferred to the Customer Services area for a Cross Training of 3 months to understand all routines in these department: Fraud, Authorization, TSC and E/S Unit, had good experiences working closely to them giving assistance and support. Helped Mr. Aloisio Wolff to develop and implement the strategic of moving all of our regional Sales Offices into Regional Travel Services Representatives Offices, in Brazil, at the sometimes reduce cost and increase productivity for operational functions. Started in Fraud Depart in 1993, as Bilingual Senior Analyst, opening cases, contacting Establishment, in Brazil or abroad and local Card Members to understand what happen which theses cases, through analysis of Seemor, DDB, Floor Limit, Charge Back, and Payment for rewards, etc. From December 94 to June 96 worked at Customer Services Area with Mr. João Carlos Ribas Pereira, helping the Operations Planning and International Inquiry to prepare presentation, validate reports, assure quality of information and perform research between Cardmember and Establishment Services expenses. These contacts helped to improve my knowledgement in the English Language. Started in Travel and Corporate Services Area in June 1996 as Executive Assistant with Mr. Daniel Conroy, Vie President, helping the Corporate Cards, to make all presentations, using PowerPoint and Excel, for Key Accounts and coordinating 4 secretaries, office-boy and waitress in the area. Native Portuguese language, Advance English and having good conceptions in Spanish, French and Japanese languages. I am 56 years old, Graduated in Translator and Interpret in English from “Ibero Americana” University located in Brazil. Lived in the USA for 1 year – Course in Queens College (NY – 1982) and in 1987 I stayed for 4 months in Dayton (Ohio) to improve my English.

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