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Creative and innovativeprofessional,with extensive experience in management and kitchen operations....
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Nadia Tilkian_revised resume

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Executive Chef Profile Creative and innovativeprofessional,with extensive experience in management and kitchen operations. Equipped with sufficient knowledge and culinary skills complemented with excellent staff management.Display unparalleled work ethic andrespect toall lev els in and out of restaurant business. Exemplify qualities of a great leader who direct a team to function at ease and deliv er outstanding results.Known as an exceptional mentor,with the ability to motiv ate others while imparting significant skills. Demonstrate notable communication and client relations; capable of building instant rapport. Core Strengths Career Highlights  GainedThree StarRating for Waterleaf from the ChicagoTribune  Successfully established an upscale French bistroand operated as a chefand owner  Recognized (Maijean) as one of the highest Zagat ratings allthroughout Chicago; received a “28” food rating  Gained promotion from sous chef tohead chef within a span of one year Relevant Skills and Experience KITCH E N OPERAT IO N S AND CULIN A RY SKILL S  Managed own restaurant that mainly focused in seasonaland top of the edge quality ingredients in making signature dishes  Prioritized tasks such as preparing the food and planning the entiremenu on a daily basis  Held accountable for all aspects relevant tofood and staff efforts as wellas food and liquor costs  Prov ided assistancetocolleagues and offered catering services tov ariousevents  Ov ersaw the food preparation encompassing all phases and procedures,from buying ingredients,topreparing,and to final presentation BUDGE TIN G, ADMIN IST RA TIV E SUPPO R T, CLIENT RELAT IO N S, STAFF AND RESTA U R AN T MANAG EM EN T  Administeredduly assigned tasks including marketing andfinancialrelatedduties such as food cost analysis  Ensured 100% cleanliness of the entirerestaurant;conducted routine assessment and checkup of staff,kitchen,and restaurant floor  Assumed responsibility in purchasing, inventory, and scheduling of each employee  Facilitated training for both personal and professional dev elopment of aspiring chef/cook  Supervised and handled staff hiring and performanceassessment  Communicated with customers and addressed concerns relevant toboth kitchen and service operations as necessary Employment History Waterleaf • GlenEllyn,IL Executive Chef Dec 2012-Sept 2015 MAIJEAN • CLARENDONHILLS, IL CHEF  OWNER FEB 2007–Jan 2011 FREELANCE• WHEATON,IL L’ANNE • NAPERVILLE, IL RAFFI’SON FIFTH • NAPERVILLE, IL BARRINGTONCOUNTRYBISTRO • BARRINGTON,IL ZINFANDEL • CHICAGO,IL BISTRO 110• CHICAGO,IL Education Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts • 1 992 • Kendall College, Ev anston, IL Activities Apprentice – The Swiss National Culinary Team 1991, International Culinary Competition LINE COOKPREP COOK APR 1 991–SEP 1994 LINE COOK SEP 1 994–MAY 1995 SOUS CHEF  HEAD CHEF MAY 1 995–JUN 2005 SOUS CHEF JUL 2005–AUG 2006 SOUS CHEF JUL 2005–AUG 2006 PRIVAT E CATER ER JUL 2005–DEC2006 Nadia Tilkian 1049 Hill Avenue, Elgin, Illinois 60120 if 847 .814.8414 Cl) 847 .224.337 4 l2J nadia@maijean.com + Food Safety Standards + Recipe Dev elopment + Culinary Staff Management + Food Cost Analysis + Customer and Public Relations + Innov ative Presentations + Quality Control + Vendor Selection

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