Name, Surname : Nadide SÖNMEZ TURHAN
Sex : Female
Date of Birth : 03/10/1985
Marital Status : Married...
02.2013-04.2014 LEROY MERLİN
(11 mounths) Location: Istanbul/Etiler(
Departman: Logistic and Purchasi...
- In line with customer demand required the creation of a price quote, reporting department manager the shipping
- K...
K1certified climber,Extreme Sports , Climbing, Rock Climbing, Instrumental Musıc Cooking Performance
Nadide Sonmez CV 2015 DEC
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Nadide Sonmez CV 2015 DEC

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nadide Sonmez CV 2015 DEC

  • 1. PERSONAL INFORMATION Name, Surname : Nadide SÖNMEZ TURHAN Sex : Female Date of Birth : 03/10/1985 Marital Status : Married Nationality : Turkish Driving License : B CONTACT INFORMATION Address : Fabrikalar Çıkmazı Osmaniye /BAKIRKÖY Home : (212) 5900408 GSM : (545) 7796985 E-mail : EDUCATION University AKU – 2.80 Material Science and Engineering (09/2004 – 06/2009) University of Patras – Patras/Greece – Thesis – Utilization of Light Weight Aggregates – TUBITAK Project –7.0 Chemical Engineering Department (09/2007– 03/2008) High School Adnan Menderes Anatolian High School – Istanbul – 4.33 Science and Maths (09/1999 – 06/2003) WORK EXPERIENCE Total Experience: 6years 5 mounts 04.2014-06.2015 DECATHLON (1yr 3 mounths) Location: Istanbul/Etiler( Departman: Logistic and Customs Position : Transport&Customs Manager Name of the Manager: Loic Goharel /Michael Tranchard Job Description : -master the basic of transport and customs regulation related to my job -ensure to have a clear SOP for each importation and exportation flow -ensure the quality of my documents impacting of the customs and transport procedure. -organise the good transportation type on the good time for international transport & domestic transport. -follow each step of importation and exportation -coordinate the customs procedure. -manage litigation during the customs process.-ensure the quality of stuffing of my transportation mode and sharing the contents of shipment with my customer. -participate to the improvement of the processes by advice & informing my suppliers.
  • 2. 02.2013-04.2014 LEROY MERLİN (11 mounths) Location: Istanbul/Etiler( Departman: Logistic and Purchasing Position : Import & Logistic Supervisor Name of the Manager: Bige ERDOGRU/Jean Francois Grun Job Description : - Operational monitoring of company’s logistics processes - Regulation of manufacturer’s relationship - Tracking transportation costs and searching for competitive transport price in the logistic market - Control of the entire import process from A toZ (Order Stage to Warehouse) - Working with accounting department in coordination - In - store selection under construction firm , intra-firm regulation of the functioning of the new suppliers and logistics firms to investigate the creation of the infrastructure department - During structring of the company dealing with new suppliers to generate infrastructure of the logistic department - To ensure communication with Other BU and China to create awareness in choosing the new products - Before giving start to import process negotiating with each reyons our costs as transport, customs charges necesarry certificates before and after sales by using Engegament table. - Communicating with product managers for the seasonal orders to ensure timely access and on time delivery for the stores - To ensure Pre-sales and post- sales certifications as Warranty, CE , etc. - By working with my manager installing supply chain infrastructure. - According to LM Turkey growth targets studying main centre in France / Lille and Belgium / Antwerp to built a global distribution center searching for new products and examining import option to be created and keep alive supply chain network between the two countries and to enhance periodic visits . 08.2011-02.2013 EXPEDITORS INTERNATIONAL LOGISTIC SERVICES ( 1 yr 6 mths) Location : Istanbul/Başakşehir( Departmant: Road Freight Position: Sales and Operation Chief Name of The Manager: Süleyman Türe Job Description : -Keeping in line with targets of EMAAR 2 and globally executing import and export of products to ensure coordination with overseas offices - Pricing and business development executing operations - Weekly visits for customer retention and performing targeted sales territory management, ensuring customer satisfaction - DLSOP preparation, EXCEL and KPI targets and tracking of department to be verified - The Department's integration into the global development of new systems and the provision - Evaluation of suppliers according to SOP standards , inspection, identification of new suppliers - Employees of department in accordance with the company's culture to monitor performance and reporting to my manager - Revenue , P & L tracking and targeted provision of development - Periodically, Malcolm, AJAX, reports and tracking of BNP to be resolved - The receipt of CBT -based training , education and tracking of department to enroll to PDC - Monthly, annual global and local targets to be carried out in accordance sales activities ,and developping of departments’ customer portfolio 11.2010-08.2011EXPEDITORS INTERNATIONAL LOGISTIC SERVICES (9 mounths) Location: Istanbul/Başakşehir( Departmant: Road Freight Position: Operation Specialist Name of The Manager: Süleyman Türe Job Description: -In domestic and foreign industry by leading logistics and supply chain demands of our customers for all export and import operations to carry out highway, - Following daily documentation procedures that’s required to be followed for the execution of customer satisfaction
  • 3. - In line with customer demand required the creation of a price quote, reporting department manager the shipping costs - Keeping sales statistics and order-keeping and follow-up requests - Managing Warehouse and logistics team for the operational control 09.2009-10.2010 MİLAS AMBALAJ (1yr 1mth) Location : Istanbul/Silivri ( Departmant : Export Sales Job Title : Export Sales Responsible – Sales Specialist Name of the Manager: Sema ERDAGÖZ/Sales Director Job Description : - Monitoring the companies which are in my portfolio around Middle East and Europe (Israel, UK,multinational companies like Pepsico Bavareges in CEEMA group) - Maintaining the process from having an order through production , following export procedures (preparing P/I,B/L), managing cardboard and corrugated packaging works for leading companies that hold export potential such as Eczacıbaşı,Kimberly Clark at key account position with the aim of researching target customers. - Performing visits to foreign countries and fairs within the scope of export developmet projects. 03.2009-01.2010ICR International Certification Services – Istanbul/Kadıkoy ( ( 1yr 1 mth) Konum: Kadıköy/İstanbul ( Departmant : Certification Services Name of the Manager: Arzu Ballıkaya/Sales &Marketing Manager Job Title : Foreign Sales Responsible – Candidate Auditor Job Description : -In an international organization maintaning coordination between other foreign branch offices, searching for new quality systems,audit and certification services . INTERN EXPERIENCE 06-09/2008 Centro Ceramico/Bologna – ITALY ( Departmant: Research , Chemical , Technology Name of the Manager : Dr.Adelia Albertazzi (+39051534015)/Chief of Labaratory Position: Intern Engineer / Erasmus Training Exchange Introduction : Production processes in the implementation of the relevant department , ceramic products, clay and glaze preparation, product development, sectoral monitoring, appliying tests for local and foreign customers’demand like Europe, America and Australia etc 09-10/2007 Titan Cement Factory/Patras – GREECE ( Departmant: Research Name of the Manager: Dr.Giannis Vagelatos (+30 6937223475) / Research Asistant Position: Intern Engineer / Erasmus Exchange Student Introduction : Cement production proceses, producing aggregate 08-10/2006 Roca KALE Sanitary/Çanakkale ( Departmant: Labaratory,Research,Production Field Name of the Manager: Duygu YELGUN – Labaratory Chief (0532 337 36 47) Position : Intern Engineer Introduction:Preparing glaze reciepts,quality and product control COMPUTER SKILLS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook,Corel,Photo Shop LANGUAGE SKILLS Reading Writing Speaking/Understanding English Advanced Advanced Advanced Italian Upper Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Greek Intermediate Basic Basic French Basic
  • 4. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES K1certified climber,Extreme Sports , Climbing, Rock Climbing, Instrumental Musıc Cooking Performance &Techniques ( international cousine ),Instagram Boutique Management, E-trade TRAININGS AND PROJECTS 03-05/2007 Greek Language Course /University of Patras 06-09/2008 Italian Language Course /Cultura Italiana Bologna 09/2009 Import and Export Basic E-training Bilge ADAM 04/2009 ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Training / TUV Naviga 06/2006 TSE Standarts 12/2005 ISO 9001 / Kalite Danışmanlık – Quality Management Training 10/2005 Effective Speaking Techniques / D&F Institue 10/2005 Effective Sales Techniques / D&F Institue 09/2008 Erasmus Intern Student Certificate 04/2007 Erasmus Exchange Student Certificate 07/2008 Cultura Italiana Bologna / Levello A.2.2 06/2009 İtalyan Kültür Istanbul / Levello B.1.2 06/2009 Chemical Engineering Department / Chemical Congress – Metlab Projects 07/2008 Verona Ceramic Congress 11/2008 7th.International Ceramic Congress Presentation Utilization Of Light Weight Aggregate Tübitak Project/ Greece –Turkey Bileteral Aggremant 03/2012 TOEFL 03/2011 Foreign Trade Specialist Certificate(Turkish Foreign Foundation ) 03/2013 K1 Climbing Licence Anadolu Climbing Assosiation 04/2014 How to Communicate with service providers Training-Negotiation Techniques 10/2014 Hatvan Project to maximize stuffing rate 03/2015 New Warehouse and Service Providers tender Project 06/2015 Occupational Health and Safety Certificate /Class C REFERENCES >>Sema Erdagöz Milas AMBALAJ Sales Director Telefon:0532 767 93 33 -0212 723 >>Mihraç Uzadalı Expeditors Turkey District Manager Telefon:0555 749 86 88 E >>Elmas Uzadalı Leroy Merlin Product Manager-Current Grohe Sales Manager Telefon: 0537 980 00 41 >>Sinem Selçuk Decathlon – Layout Manager Telefon: 0536 319 81 60 E-Posta :

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