Nadine Timas
53 Francis Avenue Home: (401) 724-7336
Pawtucket, RI 02860 Cell: (401) 663-5836
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Nadine Timas Cover Letter CYT

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Nadine Timas 53 Francis Avenue Home: (401) 724-7336 Pawtucket, RI 02860 Cell: (401) 663-5836 Hippocrates once stated, “Where ever the art of medicine is loved, there also is love of humanity.” My love for Cytology and humanity has reached a high pedestal in my life due to several of my family members being diagnosed with tumors and cancers throughout my life. Seeing a family member deal with a condition that is hard to control has always been discouraging to me, but at the same time it has also inspired my interest to help individuals through seeking out knowledge and understanding behind tragic conditions that were brought upon them. There is a reason why I chose the field of Cytology. I would rather not guide my patients through vaccines, medications, and personal hygiene issues, but instead help them behind the scenes as a cytotechnologist. The thought of applying ointment to an individual makes me cringe, but on the other hand, the thought of dissecting the root cause of an unexpected tumor under a microscope sparks fireworks in me, wedding bells even. Cytology inspires my inner curiosity and desire to help others. As a scientist one must go through extensive study and practice to master the skills of a profession, and that is exactly what I see myself doing; mastering my skills in the laboratory for an overall outcome of perfecting a craft that I am challenged with in that moment. I was initially interested in Microbiology, but soon realized the profession didn’t have that ‘it’ factor for me. Yes it did pertain to science; nonetheless, I didn’t feel the butterflies in my stomach when exploring the curriculum. The day I found Cytology was the day I had reached another fork on my path. I have recently completed the Cytotechnology program at the University of Rhode Island along with successfully passing the ASCP exam in CT. During the next few weeks, I will be studying abroad in Cuzco, Peru to get a better understanding on the global need for cervical cancer screening which not only will give me much more experience than others but also additional knowledge on Cervical Cancer in other regions of the world. I believe that my character, approach, personality, strength, hidden traits, pride and creativity will speak for itself and back up all the reasons why I am great candidate for your position.

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