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Naga Abhishek Resume

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Naga Abhishek Resume

  • 1. NAGA ABHISHEK BOLLAPRAGADA 1265 East University Drive, Apartment#3071, Tempe, Arizona-85281,, +14803075537 MECHANICAL ENGINEER Graduate student seeking a full time work opportunity in mechanical engineering with a focus on system design, controls and dynamics, robot modeling and controls, product design and analysis. EDUCATION MS in Mechanical Engineering, Arizona State University, USA 3.50/4 (Exp. May 2016) B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur, India 7.42/10 (3.33/4) 2013 ACADEMIC PROJECTS ‘Autonomous mobile line follower robot system’ (Spring 2015) To start with, the dynamics of the system was analyzed and the transfer function of the plant, i.e. of the robot, was derived. Arduino Uno microprocessor and Pololu QTR 8RC were chosen considering the budget and time constraints for the project. The main aim was to design a PID controller for the system. This was done by studying the impact of each of these controllers separately and then combined all the three controllers to work together. The gain values, KP, KD and KI, were fine- tuned to have a smooth line follower. MATLAB was used to assist wherever possible. ‘Design optimization of a Flybrid flywheel’ (Spring 2015) The aim of the project was to optimize the energy storage in the flywheel system. To study the system performance in detail, it was fragmented into four subsystems, each of which deals with either minimizing the losses or maximizing the energy stored in that subsystem. Geometric, material and strength constraints were used. A trade-off was sensed and the system was worked upon to obtain the optimal energy storage in the flywheel. The entire work was done in MATLAB. Some simulations were run in ANSYS to obtain the constraint equations, which were otherwise difficult to have. ‘Analysis of leaded solder joints in surface mounted components and estimation of cycles to failure’ (Spring 2015) A computational study was done to investigate the fatigue-creep interactions in the leaded solder joint. ABAQUS and COMSOL, both were used in the project. The creep model for the solder was adopted from the hyperbolic sine law and was introduced into the FEA. A near to real thermal loading cycle was introduced. Creep strain rate was obtained from the hysteresis loops and was used in the Coffin-Mason equation to estimate the cycles to failure of the solder joints. ‘Design optimization of a multi-layered composite fresh water fishing rod’ (Fall 2014) The basic structure of the rod was modeled in the SOLIDWORKS, imported into ABAQUS. The best possible material, considering the strength conditions of a fresh water fishing rod, was concluded to be a Graphite-epoxy. The composite material properties were assigned to the rod. The design variables and constraints were defined. Optimization of the stacking sequence was done using MATLAB. Failure was analyzed using the Tsai-Wu, Tsai-Hill and Von-Mises failure theories. ‘Computer Aided design of a bevel gear’ (Spring 2012, India) This was one of the first projects using MATLAB. MATLAB was used to code a design program for bevel gears which would return appropriate values of the parameters for given operating conditions. Modeling of the bevel gear was done in CATIA. MATLAB would give the best values for the design of the bevel gears under the given load conditions, and these values were read by CATIA to model the design. SKILL SETS AND TOOLS Programming Languages and Coding C, C++, MATLAB, ARDUINO coding CAD/CAE tools CATIA, ProE, SOLIDWORKS, ANSYS, ABAQUS, COMSOL Soft Skills Team player, Leader, Excellent communicator, analytical thinker RELEVANT COURSEWORK Digital implementation-Design and Control; Advanced system modeling, dynamics and control; Design optimization; Mechanics of Microelectronic packaging; Engineering Mechanics of composite materials; Robot modeling and control (Current); Multi-robot systems (Current) EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES ‘Field Maintenance coordinator’ – Working in Sun Devil Fitness Complex in ASU, Tempe campus. ‘Joint Secretory and Mentor’ – Worked in Society of Mechanical Engineering, NIT Hamirpur, India.

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