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 Developed using VC++ (MFC) on windows platform. Version Control was done using Clear Case.
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Key Skills: C/C++, VC++ (MFC), SQL (SQL)
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Nagaraj Ramamurthy Belur | (619)-709-5589 LinkedIn: Summary  7+ Years of experience in Application Software Development.  Expertise in C/C++/VC++ (MFC)/C# Application Design, Development and Debugging in Windows and Linux OS.  Experienced in working/collaborating with diverse/global teams. Technical Skills Operating System : Windows, Solaris, Linux Programming languages : C/C++, VC++ (MFC), C#, pThreads, STL, Data Structures, Qt and SQL (Basic) Domains : GSM, Net Manager, Semi-Conductor Hardware : BTS (With Max capability of Supporting 54 TRXs / 36 TRXs/ 4 TRXs), SEB (Simulates BSC) Configuration Management: Clear case, Visual Source Safe Software Tools : SVN, Clarify, IDCE, OT, Quality Center, Test Track Pro, Version One, CppUnit, JIRA, Code Collaborator, Crucible Debugging Tools : Windbg and gdb. VISA Status : H1B Professional Experience Lead Engineer Aug’2014 – Present HCL America Inc. (San Diego, USA)  Designed & developed platform support applications for Plasma Control systems. The inline functionality of Plasma Control system is to recover from a non-optimal droplet position with respect to CO2 focus position with respect to PP, MP timing and control the plasma position.  Designed & Developed Laser Beam Qualification and validation Tool (BQV), it is a GUI based tool, BQV tool will be used to facilitate faster seed table alignment and recovery. BQV tool helps operator for rapid replacement of Mirrors/ lens that are not aligned, report generation, helps to diagnosis actual measurements of the laser beam with live streaming with the help of Image Processing Algorithm and also displays Region of Interest Parameters.  Designed & Developed Advanced Diagnostic Tool (ADT), it is a GUI based tool, used to test subsystem which is used for generating UV light source. This will interact with subsystem with the help of driver and display/modify the status of all the components that are part of subsystem in UI. With the help of ADT tool one can measure the performance of the system. Lead Engineer HCL Technologies Ltd (Bangalore, India) Mar’2012 – Aug’2014  Designed & Developed Nexus Product, which is used widely in manufacturing industry for manufacturing of LED and Storage devices. Consisting of Three major components, Main UI (Cluster Tool Configuration) to display the complete hardware setup along with the runtime wafer processing details, Process Module which is used to process the wafer and Transport Module to transfer the carrier from load lock to reactor and reactor to load lock by maintaining the vacuum and pressure based on the recipe parameters which is part of the input file used for processing of the wafers.  Developed using C# and WCF on windows platform. Version Control was done using Visual Source Safe. Software Engineer Nokia Siemens Networks (Bangalore, India) Sep’2010 – Mar’2012  Maintenance of Net Manager, which is used for operation, administration and maintenance (detecting and correcting problems) of managed networks. These management operations can be used for creating a new subscriber, creating users who are having the permission to create subscribers, testing the lines of existing subscribers etc with the help of GUI. To manage this activity, Net Manager Functions are distributed to several PC like File Server stores the Net Manager related data, Application Server contains Net Manager Applications, Communication server handles the communication between all of these PC’s and the managed networks.  Developed using VC++ (MFC) on windows platform. Version Control was done using Clear Case. Software Engineer Sasken Communication Technologies (Bangalore, India) July’2008 – Sept’2010  Designed & Developed BTS debugging tools. They are used to validate the BTS during field installation, to dump the RAM contents in a file in case of any error or crash and to decode the collected crash log traces.
  • 2.  Developed using VC++ (MFC) on windows platform. Version Control was done using Clear Case. Education Amrita School of Engineering, India 2004 – 2008 Bachelor of Technology, Information Technology CGPA : 7.67/10.00 Coursework : Data Structures, OOPs, OS, C/C++ (Normalized CGPA : 3.1/4.0) ***

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