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1) Title: Video annotation and analytic tool for learning (Deployed, beta)
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This is a system w...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016


  • 1. Nagendra Hegde Contact information: mobile: +91 8553856116 email: linkedIn: Permanent address: Present address: C/o: M G Hegde( C/o: Mr. Jayarama Mayya Po: Kadle No. 2, 18th cross 22nd main, Talluk: Honnavara Shamanna Garden,J P Nagar 5th phase, Uttara Kannada - 581334 Bengaluru - 560078 Objective: To work in tandem with a team in a challenging and competitive environment where I can improve my knowledge, capabilities and put them to use for the development of the organization. Software proficiency : • Languages : C(proficient),Java EE(proficient), Groovy (basics) GoogleScript(intermediate),HTML and Javascript(basics) • DBMS packages : IBM DB2(intermediate), MS SQL Server 2008(basics) • IDEs : Eclipse(intermediate), NetBeans(intermediate), • UML tool : Rational Rose(intermediate) • OS : Ubuntu(basics), MS Windows • Web development : twitter bootstrap(proficient), jQuery(basics), Selenuim webdriver(basics) • Others : LibreOffice, Google Docs, MS Office Education: Course/Class College/School Board Year Of Passing Percentage marks/ CGPA BE (CSE) S.D.M College of Engineering and Technology Dharwad - 580002 Vishveshvarayya Technological University, Belgaum Pursuing 9.20 (Upto 7th sem) PUC S.D.M PU College of Arts, Science and Commerce Honnavar - 581334 Karnataka Pre- University Education Board 2011 83.4% Class X S.K.P Junior College, Areangadi, Honnavar - 581334 Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board 2009 93.6% Areas of Interest: • Front end UI development using frameworks • Software design and development; problem solving • Knowledge sharing via seminars and sessions
  • 2. Projects: 1) Title: Video annotation and analytic tool for learning (Deployed, beta) Short Description: This is a system which enables the user to search 'in' a video. Tags are added to different timestamps of a video and based on the tag description, users can search that particular timestamp of the video. A learning system is built on top of the tagging system which bears teacher and student accounts. Teacher can prescribe video tags to student or set of students. The analytic part of the learning system functions to record student activities in the system and to report it to the concerned teacher. Architecture: Model View Controller Implementation details: Grails framework with Groovy, MySQL for operational databases, GORM(Hibernate) for object relational mapping, HTML5 player for playing videos, jQuery for handling Ajax functionalities, Twitter Boostrap for UI development. 2) Title: Analytic Tool for Class Activity Sheet Generated Out of Open Assessment Method Short Description: It is an application software which stores, manages and operates on student data (on the cloud). The data are graphically represented to the user(faculty) by the system which helps to analyze a student's performance. The software has been deployed and running beta version. Architecture: Client Server Architecture Implementation details: Google App Script for programming,Google Spreadsheet for data storage. Website: 3) Title: Simulation of Business Behavior of an ATM Machine Short Description: It is a software that behaves like an Automated Teller Machine. More emphasize was given to the business behavior of ATM rather than the UI. Main services by an ATM like cash withdrawal, fund transfer and balance enquiry and the internal synchronization of an ATM with banks were taken care. The work was done as an assignment in DBMS course. Architecture: Layered Architecture Implementation details: C for programming, Linux file system for data storage. Industry experience: • Working as Member of Technical staff at Oracle Server Technologies, Banglore since July 2015, as a part of Oracle Public Cloud. Have been handling the responsibility of developing automation framework from scratch for an internal tool. • Worked at Aditi technologies pvt ltd as an Intern, software development, in Banglore from June 2014 to August 2014, where the following activities had been performed: ◦ Project Management Tool testing ◦ Microsoft technologies- C#, ASP .NET (basics) ◦ Twitter bootstrap, UI development ◦ Built a student – teacher simulation system using mentioned technologies ◦ Took a session to the team on twitter bootstrap and its uses Hobbies: In my spare time I enjoy playing and watching cricket,computer games,watching movies and listening to music. Watching TED videos about psycology and designs has been my earlier interest. Apart from that, I have been very enthisiastic in helping my juniors from college in their projects, when they face technical issues, and taking sessions for them whenever I visit college. The sessions are technical which may help them learn more things and implement them. Declaration: I hereby declare that the above written particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Place: Banglore Nagendra Hegde

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