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Nagesh Tiwari - Resume - ngstwr@gmail.com

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
Source: www.slideshare.net

Transcripts - Nagesh Tiwari - Resume - ngstwr@gmail.com

  • 1.                                                                                                         Summary:     § 5  years  of  experience  in  Web  Designing  &  Development   § Co-­‐founded  Tesire  Studios  –  a  community  for  freelance  designers  and  developers  to  work  together   and  share  their  knowledge   § Worked  on  more  than  70  projects  (graphics  designing,  websites  and  web  applications)  till  date   § Possess  strong  communication,  interpersonal  and  relationship  management  skill     Career  Objective:     Active   participation   using   my   skills   and   knowledge   in   the   most   optimum   manner   to   achieve   the   set   organizational   goals,   and   simultaneously   accomplish   career.   To   acquire   key   technical   and   managerial   skills  by  actively  contributing  for  its  growth,  also  to  bring  out  my  innovative  ideas  and  skills  to  develop   myself  as  a  good  leader  in  my  domain  of  expertise.     Projects:     Web  Applications  Development:       § Travel  Manager  –  Website  and  web  application  solution  for  travel  agency  management  providing   primary  functionalities  such  as  searching  available  buses  between  stops  and  booking  tickets  online   § Moneybulb.in  –  Website  and  web  application  to  connect  ideas  &  entrepreneurs  with  investors     § Exam  Management  System  –  Desktop  Standalone  Application  developed  using  C#  &  MS  Access,   being  used  by  3  premier  colleges  in  Pune   § AweCRM  –  Web  application  for  one  of  large  companies  in  India  to  manage  all  their  business   contacts,  leads,  logs,  tasks,  reminders,  files  and  notes   § Worknosis  (formerly  ErgoLimit)  –  Website  and  web  application  (Work  &  Health  Diagnosis  System)   for  Worknosis  Inc.,  Canada   § Club  Management  System  –  Web  based  standalone  system  to  manage  a  health/sports  club,   members,  registration,  inventory  etc.   § Insight  Web  System  –  Web  based  intranet  system  for  Amtek  Solutions  Inc.,  New  Jersey,  USA   § JyothyLaboratories.com  –  Website  and  content  management  system  Jyothy  Laboratories  Limited,  a   leading  fast-­‐moving  consumer  goods  company     Current  Address:   Flat  No:  601,  Building:  H2     Swiss  County  Society,  Thergaon   Pune  –  411033,  Maharashtra,  India   NAGESHWAR  TIWARI   Phone  :  +91  81494  66365   Email   :  ngstwr@gmail.com
  • 2. Web  Designing  &  Development:     § MobienTech.com   –   for   Mobien   Technologies   Pvt   Ltd   –   A   leading   Enterprise   Mobility   Solution   provider  company   § PuneLive.in   –   Lifestyle   blog   website   for   places   in   Pune   filtered   by   categories,   Shopping   Offers,   Events,  interesting  articles  about  Pune       § Hillelca.ca  –  for  Hillel  Cricket  Academy,  Canada     § ThinkLead.in  –  for  ThinkLead  Technology  Consulting  Pvt  Ltd,  Pune     § Dccpl.co.in   –   for   Dadhimati   Construction   Company   Pvt   Ltd,   Delhi,   one   of   the   leading   Civil   construction,  Architecture  and  Engineering  Companies     § Forsaleinbc.com  –  for  Mr  Trideep  Chakraborty,  a  successful  Real  Estate  Agent  in  Canada   § Digitalreve.com  –  Portfolio  website  for  Mr  Ajit  Gokhale,  a  professional  photographer     § OdysseyMediaInc.com   –   for   Odyssey   Media   Inc.,   a   leading   international   film   and   television   production,  distribution  and  rights  management  in  Canada,  Australia  and  the  USA.   § JuventasClinic.com  –  for  Juventas  Revitalization  Clinic,  one  of  the  leading  Anti-­‐Aging  and  Functional   Medicine  specialty  clinics  in  the  Southern  Germany   § DigisenseTechnologies.com  –  for  Digisense  Creative  Technologies,  Delhi   § NitinDeo.Photography  –  Portfolio  website  for  Mr  Nitin  Deo,  a  professional  photographer   § IntartPune.com  –  for  IntArt,  a  firm  that  provides  the  solution  for  all  interior  designing,  audio-­‐video   and  automation  related  requirements     Work  Experience:     Currently  working  at  Tesire  Studios  as  Senior  Project  Manager  &  Lead  Web  Developer     (Jul  2010  to  Present)   Job  Profile:   § Defining   site   objectives   by   analyzing   user   requirements;   envisioning   system   features   and   functionality.   § Analyzing,   planning,   designing,   developing,   debugging,   implementing   and   providing   support   for   web-­‐based  applications  and  services.   § Integrating   applications   by   designing   database   architecture   and   server   scripting;   studying   and   establishing  connectivity  with  network  systems,  search  engines,  and  information  servers.   § Completing   applications   development   by   coordinating   requirements,   schedules,   and   activities;   contributing   to   team   meetings;   troubleshooting   development   and   production   problems   across   multiple  environments  and  operating  platforms.   § Recommending   system   solutions   by   comparing   advantages   and   disadvantages   of   custom   development  and  purchase  alternatives.  Supporting  and  developing  web  application  developers  by   providing  advice,  coaching  and  educational  opportunities.
  • 3. Educational  Qualification  &  Certifications:     § B.C.A.  from  Balaji  College  of  Arts,  Commerce  &  Science  under  University  of  Pune,  in  year  2010   § Successfully  completed  Computer  Networks  Management  training  (Networking,  Linux  and  Security   Training   Program)   in   association   with   Nettech   Pvt.   Ltd.   held   at   IMT   (Institute   of   Management   Technology),  Ghaziabad.   § Successfully   completed   3   months   CCNA   (Cisco   Certified   Network   Associate)   training   from   Seed   InfoTech  Limited,  Pune     Technical  Skills:     Web  Technologies:   HTML  5,  CSS3,  JavaScript,  PHP,  MySQL,  jQuery  Library,  XML,  JSON,  AJAX,     Wordpress,  Laravel  4,  Bootstrap  Library   Operating  System:   Mac  OS,  Windows,  Linux  (RHEL  &  Ubuntu)   Software  Applications:   Microsoft  Office,  Adobe  (Flash  CS6,  Photoshop  CS6,  Dreamweaver  CS6),     Sublime  Text  Editor,  Apache  Web  Server  (cPanel)   Others:     UI/UX  Designing  &  Development,  Agile  app  development  method,     System  analysis  &  Research,  Database  designing     Achievements  &  Extra  Curricular  Activities:     § Participated   and   Awarded   First   in   WebArt   (Web-­‐Design   Competition)   at   Technovation’10   conducted  by  ISSC  (Interdisciplinary  School  of  Scientific  Computing),  University  of  Pune.   § Participated  and  Stood  Second  in  I-­‐Trix  (InfoTech  Quiz  Competition)  at  Gusto’10  conducted  by   ICCS  (Indira  College  of  Commerce  And  Science).     § Speaker   at   following   seminars   &   workshops   conducted   for   students   of   Computer   Science   and   Application,  in  Balaji  College  of  Arts,  Commerce  &  Science  college:   § On  “Website  Development  and  Web  Hosting”  and  on  “Worms  and  Virus”  in  December  2009.   § On  “Networking  Basics  and  Terminologies,  LAN  Installation  and  Linux  Basics”  in  January  2010.   § On  “Internet  Basics”  and  on  “LAN,  LAN  Installation  and  Transmission  Media”  in  March  2010.   § On  “Website  Development  and  Web  Hosting”  in  August  2010.   § On  “Multimedia  &  Basic  Animation  in  Adobe  Flash”  in  February  2011  for  20  days.   § On  “Computer  Networks”  in  February-­‐March  2011  for  20  days.   § Developed  Exam  Management  Application  of  University  of  Pune  examinations  to  be  conducted  by   college,  being  used  by  3  premier  colleges  in  Pune.   § Participated  in  Cyber  Security  and  Cyber  Laws  Seminar  conducted  by  Data64  Techno  Solution  Pvt   Ltd.  held  at  Pune,  and  JSFoo  2011–  India’s  First  JavaScript  Conference  held  at  Bangalore
  • 4. Personal  Attributes:     § Flexible  and  adaptive  according  work  environment   § An  optimistic  &  a  passionate  learner,  and  a  tech  enthusiastic   § Capable  of  working  under  high  work  pressure   § Ability  to  work  independently   § Creative  and  artistic  thinker     Social  Links:     LinkedIn.com:   https://in.linkedin.com/in/nageshtiwari     Personal  Details:     Father’s  Name:   Shri  Tekeshwar  Tiwari   Gender:   Male   Marital  Status:   Single   Date  of  Birth:   31-­‐08-­‐1987   Languages  Known:   Hindi  and  English   Hobbies:   Digital  artwork  designing,  Listening  to  music,  Learning  about  new  technologies,     Photography,  Reading  inspirational  stories  and  watching  movies     I  do  hereby  declare  that  the  above  information  is  correct  and  true  to  the  best  of  my  knowledge.       Date:     2nd  June  2015   Place:   Pune   Nageshwar  Tiwari

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