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nagham alkapraa biography final draft

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - nagham alkapraa biography final draft

  • 1. NAGHAM ALKAPRAA 519-729-6143 (mobile) – email)– (personal email)– (twitteraccount) – – (instagramaccount) -- alkapraa/105/448/952 (LinkedInaccount) Nagham Alkapraa was born and raised in a traditional household in Damascus,Syria. Her mother is a registered children’s teacher and her father is a university graduateelectronic engineer. Her parents were both born in Syria but when Nagham was around seven years old, they decided to leaveSyria and immigrate to Canada in hopes of findinga better future for themselves, and their two daughters Nagham and her younger sister Tolin. Ever sinceshewas a young girl Nagham has always tried to keep busy whether it was by takingcareof her littlesister,helpingher mom out with household chores or even helpingwith her local community. When Nagham was around the age of twelve, her parents welcomed their third daughter, Masa. Nagham has always been very family oriented as she comes from a closeknitfamily who loves spending time together. Something interestingabout Nagham is shecomes from a Palestinian origin,whereher grandparents were born but eventually fled with their families to Syria becauseof war. Nagham also cherishes her friends and family becausesheknows that whatever happens her friends and family are the firstpeople who will belookingout for her as she tries to reach her goals in life. Nagham attended Grand River Collegiate institute, where she tried to make the most of her four years of high school education by participating in extracurricular activities such asdebate club, rugby team, animation club,and many more activities. Naghamwas also an activemember of her local community throughout her secondary school education. She volunteered as a readingbuddy for the Kitchener Public Library for a duration of two years,helpingchildren under the age of six to improve on their readingand pronunciation skills all whilereadinga different children’s book twice a week. As for her accomplishments Naghamwas able to successfully achievea 3.0 grade average in the firstyear Public Relations programatConestoga College, she has raised awareness and helped organizea fundraisingevent for Sham Rose charity in honour of Syrian civilians who havebeen victims of the devastatingcivil war goingon there, also shehas been ableto obtain honour roll status throughout her Ontario secondary school education. Nagham has always been dedicated, passionateand hardworkingwhen trying to achieve her goals in life. She never lets anythingget in her way and always strives to become a better person whilefollowingher dreams. It is bestto describe Nagham as a conventional,organized, reserved, but good natured and supportiveindividual. Nagham hopes one day to become the owner of a small public relationsfirm,get married,and possibly start a family of her own. Nagham always manages to work around everything and see the positives instead of focusingon the negatives when achieving her goals.Nagham has a bright future ahead if she continues to remember the most important foundations in lifewhich arefamily & friends,faith, and hard work. Nagham believes that public relationshas the power to reach larger audiences,give businesses the platformthey need to shine, and allows businesses to have the credibility fromthe public towards their products or company.

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