Naglaa Awad
Cell (571) 340-6951
Green Card Holder
Email: naglaaawad71@yahoo.com
Fairfax, VA22030
Database Developer& Jun...
Fujitsu Services (ICL), Egypt March 2000 to Dec. 2005
Application Developer/SystemSupporter
 Responsible forapplication...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. 1 Naglaa Awad Cell (571) 340-6951 Green Card Holder Email: naglaaawad71@yahoo.com Fairfax, VA22030 Database Developer& Junior WebApplicationDeveloper: Resultsorientedprofessional with10years of experience designing,integrating,anddeveloping softwareapplications. Ipossessastrong proficiencyindevelopinghigh-performance databaseapplications. IamfamiliarwithbothAgile aswell as traditional softwaredevelopmentlifecycles. Myworkexperience hasallowedme togainafull and thoroughunderstandingof databasesincludingOracle,SYBASE,SQLSERVER,andINFORMIX.I am self- motivated,aneffectivecommunicator,andveryresourceful. Ipossessstrongorganizational and customerrelationshipskills. My desire istoworkina challengingenvironmentwhereIcandirectly contribute tothe ongoingsuccessof the organizationIserve. Workedas juniorwebapplication developerin2012 until Imovedtothe StatesinMarch 2014. Skilledinwebanddatabase integrationand developingwebapplications,well understandingof web-relatedtechnologiessuchasHTML, CSS, JavaScriptandJava. CAREER HIGHLIGHTS  Involved in full life cycle development of a commercial ordering, inventory, and financial managementapplicationutilizingOracle 8i. Solelyresponsible for converting the application from Developer 2000 to Delphi 5 software. Reverse engineered database model and documented database functionality. My work resulted in my company performing application maintenance in- house and terminating its contract with a high cost service provider.  Developed security administration applications using PowerBuilder 6 and SQL Server 2000, controlling authority levels in database transactions and minimizing security problems.  Createdpersonnel statistical reports systemusingPowerBuilderand Oracle 8i for top management. Included graphical datapresentationtodrive informeddecisionsaboutorganizational re-alignment. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE International Leadership and InnovationGroup, Egypt Aug.2012 to Feb.2014 JuniorWeb Developer.  Assistedinthe developmentof web pagesrelatedtouserpermissionandvalidationsandall the data entryscreens.  Reviewedandintegratedinteractive features intoexistingwebapplications.  Designed templatesanddatabase systems.  Testedanddeployedwebapplications.  Workedwithgraphicdesignersincreating animations.  Designedasample site asa prototype forone of the group’sbranches http://onlybusinessapps.com Egyptian Postal Services, Egypt Jan. 2006 to July. 2012 SoftwareAdministrator(Oracleand SQLServer2000).  Developedandmaintainedvarioussystems (SavingSystemforpostal endusers,andPersonnel and Payroll systemforadministrative usersinthe headquarter) usingPowerBuilder6with Oracle8i / SQL Server200 / SYBASE.  Administereddatafrom multiple SQLServerdatabases.
  • 2. 2 Fujitsu Services (ICL), Egypt March 2000 to Dec. 2005 Application Developer/SystemSupporter  Responsible forapplicationdesignanddevelopmentandapplicationtuning (Purchasing,Sales and InventorySystems).  Definedandgeneratedscreenformatsandreportdesigns.  Producedandupdatedusermanuals.  Workeddirectlywithendusersanddevelopedrequirementsforthe application. Homa Holding Co, Egypt. 1996 to 2000 Developer  DevelopedandcustomizedsystemssuchasPersonnelandPayrollsystems,Stockcontrol, purchasesandsalesusingInformix4gl withInformixSQLunderUnix (SE). EDUCATION, TRAINING and RELATED EXPERIENCE Education Banha University,Cairo –Egypt. Facultyof Engineering - Mechanical EngineeringMajor. September1991 - May 1995, cumulative grade pointaverage: 74.63% equatingtoan “A” inU.S. Online Curriculum  JavaHibernate, www.udemy.com,certifiedApril.2015.  Advance series[Eclipse,Maven,and Spring].  SpringSecurityandSpringMVC.  Springand Hibernate.  Online livetrainingcourse onreal webapplicationwhichcoveredthe followingtopics: - JavaWeb Development - Struts, SpringMVC, HTML/CSS, JavaScript. - Versioncontrol usingsubversionsoftware. - SpringSecurity. - Maven.  Language Pathswithcodeschool.com: 1. JavaScript,April 2015. 2. HTML/CSS, March 2015. 3. Try Ruby,Jan. 2015. 4. Rails,Jan.2015.  EngineeringSoftware asaService, www.edx.orgbyUCBerkeley. Course onfundamentalsof software engineeringusingAgiletechniquestodevelopSoftware asa Service using Ruby on Rails. The graduation project used cucumber,Rspecand Ruby on Railsto finish this projectand I scored 86% in the wholecourse. Dec.2014. TECHNICAL SKILLS  WebDesigning& Development:Java,HTML,CSS, JavaScript&JQuery andRails.  Databases: Oracle 11g, Oracle 8i, SQL Server2000, SYBASE 11.9, and InformixSQL.  Software Tools: SQL developer,MSOffice (Pro97,XP) and PowerDesigner.  ProgrammingLanguages: PowerBuilder,Informix4GL and VB with a deepexperience inOOP, PL/SQL, Developer2000 and Delphi 5. EmploymentEligibility Status: UnitedStatesGreenCard References:Available uponrequest

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