JFCNORTHERN STARMagazine for HQ JFC Brunssum – October 2015
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NAIL in JFC Brunssum's Northern Star - October 2015

The October issue of JFC Brunssum's Northern Star publication features a three-page article about the Netherlands America Institute Limburg.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - NAIL in JFC Brunssum's Northern Star - October 2015

  • 1. JFCNORTHERN STARMagazine for HQ JFC Brunssum – October 2015 w w w . j f c b s . n a t o . i n t w w . f a c e b o o k . c o m / j f c b s • Romania Actively Contributes to Strengthen NATO’s Collective Defence • Over 100 years of Dutch Aviation Industry “Part 1:Anthony Fokker Dutch Aviation Pioneer • Exercise Trident Juncture Air Planners Meet for Final Synchronization at Allied Air Command
  • 2. Community Northern Star 15 Y oumayhavemetDutchcitizens who are linked to families in the US and other countries though a common link: A US Soldier buried at the Netherlands American Cemetery in Margraten located less than 30 minutes from JFC Brunssum. A local organization that has been fostering the Dutch-US connection for over 60 years is the Netherlands America Institute Limburg (NAIL). There are still NAIL members today who as children personally witnessed the arrival of US troops in their towns, housed US soldiers in their homes, and care for the graves of US soldiers in Margraten. Egid Schoonbrood, a Dutch citizen and board member of the NAIL, stresses the long connection between the Dutch and Americans throughout history starting with New York, originally named New Amsterdaminthe17thCentury. Hehas adopted a grave of a US soldier. “We owe our freedom to the Americans.” His continued commitment to the Dutch-US friendship is shared by the Netherlands America Institute Limburg. Celebrating over 60 years of friendship: The Netherlands America Institute Limburg. A local organization that embraces the bond from the past for the present and the future. Story by Katrin Galeano Thisyear,asweobservethe70thAnniversaryoftheLiberationoftheNetherlands,wecelebrate the special connection between the Netherlands and the United States of America. If you have attended any of the local parades or ceremonies, you may have spoken or listened to eyewitnesses sharing experiences from their youth. NAIL Members at the famous Green Drink Network in Maastricht
  • 3. Community Northern Star 16 An exceptionally strong bond of friendship has evolved over the years. Embracing the past during Memorial Day events is only a small portion of the NAIL’sactivities. Throughouttheyear,the organization hosts a wide range of fun- filled social activities enjoyed by more than 200 members of Dutch, American, British, Irish, German, South African and Belgium nationalities. They all have the common goal of maintaining and strengthening the friendship between the citizens of the United States, the Netherlands and other nations. NAIL President, Dr Arthur Philip Lieuwen, stresses that this special partnership is not only between the US and the Netherlands, but also other nationalities. The organization is diverse, just like the United States of America that has been founded by immigrants, especially Europeans. The NAIL is evolving. It’s a future-oriented organization that is actively reaching out to younger and future generations with the objective of building and fostering cross-border friendship. Fostering friendship is, after all, the basis for sustainable peace. 87-year young Dutch veteran, Johan Breukelaar, knows this first hand. The retired Royal Air Force Netherlands Major has been a NAIL member since the 1970s. “It gives me the opportunity to connect and meet face to face with Americans. I am really impressed, the NAIL has rejuvenated and transformed into a true partnership between the Dutch and Americans, with increased US participation and membership. It gives me an opportunity to talk about my NATO experiences alongside Dutch culture and history.” Just like Johan, Joyce Crombach, a Dutch student and social entrepreneur, enjoys being part of NAIL. “It gives me a chance to explore beautiful places, connect with new cultures and, most of all, meet interesting people. I enjoy talking about the Dutch culture and learning how other nationalities view our country. The differences between the US and the Netherlands always serve as interesting conversation topics! “ Discussion of these differences and other topics take place during a variety of functions. Chatting during the intermission of an open-air concert in Valkenburg or a bus tour to the Dutch National Military Museum are only two examples. The NAIL creates opportunities for their members to meet and network. Events range from formal galas, day trips, open-air concerts to beer calls and local shooting club events. The NAIL functions as a platform facilitating people to connect, share information and experiences, to identify synergies and to establish networks resulting in mutual understanding and appreciation. NAIL members are from very diverse backgrounds. Their professions and ages vary, but their common aim of cultivating the connection between the Dutch and American people bring them ever closer together, which is why long- time member Hub Schetters joined. “I have a strong sense of history and I am fully aware of the sacrifices the American nation made to liberate our country from Nazi oppression in the Second World War. Adoption of two graves in Margraten Cemetery, one of a young pilot who was killed over my hometown and meeting his brother and sister started a great friendship and personalized my feeling of gratitude. In a way I believe that this feeling should be kept alive for generations to come. I am very lucky and happy to meet members of this younger generation via NAIL.” The NATO and US military presence in the tri-border region results in strong ties with senior commanders, military members and civilians. Thanks to their continuous support and commitment, the NAIL remains strong. United States Coast Guard Captain, Thomas Kaminski, Commander of Coast Guard Activities Europe at the US Army Garrison Benelux-Schinnen, acknowledges the unique overseas environment that can be highly educational and exciting, but brings with it many challenges: ”We Annual Memorial Eve Gala Ambassador Timothy Broas mingles with NAIL members at the NAIL Memorial Eve Banquet.
  • 4. Community Northern Star 17 are extremely fortunate at Activities Europe to have a number of support organizations available to help our families adjust to these challenges, including the Netherlands American Institute of Limburg (NAIL). The partnership between the people of Limburg and the American military community here is unique, and I look forward to many future opportunities to share time, both professionally and socially, with the Dutch people I have the privilege of meeting.” United States Air Force Major General Jerry Martinez spent the last two years in the Netherlands during which he developed a strong appreciation for its people. “Having been the senior US Military Officer in the Netherlands, I have had the pleasure of experiencing the sincere friendship and gratitude of the people of the Netherlands. I want to thank the people of the Netherlands for being our friends. One organization that has been building friendships with Americans over the years has been the Netherlands America Institute of Limburg. Their purpose is to ensure this friendship will never die.” NAIL has formed strong ties not only with the regional military, but also with local municipalities, the State of Limburg, the US Embassy, AFNORTH International School, entrepreneurs, veteran organizations and the Foundation of the Adoption of American Graves, Margraten. Entrepreneurs and sponsors are drawn to the institute because of the synergies and ability to establish networks resulting in mutual understanding and appreciation. The municipalities of Brunssum, Beek and Schinnen are represented by their mayors, each a member of the NAIL. Amongst its patrons are also Drs. Theo Bovens, King’s Commissioner of Limburg, and Mr. Timothy Broas, United States Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. These patrons take an active part in the organization by attending events like the annual King’s Day Gala and the Memorial Eve Banquet. Over the past years, NAIL’s membership has increased steadily. According to US Ambassador Timothy Broas, this increase ‘demonstrates that it is not only the US Embassy that recognizes and values and important work the NAIL does.’ The Netherlands America Institute of Limburg is proactively reaching out to assist other non-profit organizations. Members have donated their time to help support Alpha Company, AFNORTH Battalion’s fundraising efforts in order to provide support for their soldiers and families. “Reaching out to the local community and creating awareness of this organization helps many of our military members and families adjust to this duty station quickly” explained MAJ Rick Galeano, Vice President of the NAIL, during the annual tri-border welcome BBQ. “We work with various organizations that have the same goal: support and friendship. The synergy is superb amongst our friends.” The work of this organization positively affects the Limburg and American communities through the support of relevant charities and projects. In 2016, the NAIL will help raise funds for Limburg projects which support NAIL objectives through social activities such as the Green Drink Network. The Netherlands America Institute Limburg is a unique organization that always welcomes new members. You may join the organization at any time. To find out more about the Netherlands America Institute Limburg, visit them online at www.NAILLimburg.com and www.facebook.com/NAILLimburg. There, you will find more information about the organization and details about past and upcoming events but, more importantly, it will allow you to connect with them. Annual Oktoberfest at Geilenkirchen Air Base Hub Schetters chatting with Katrin Galeano at the NAIL King’s Day Gala.

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