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Naketa Thigpen -Signature Speaking Exchanges

My purpose is to empower and the most effective way that I do that is to use my voice. Signature exchanges are just that- they are not lecture style talks that make you feel good and lack imprint. When you hire me to come in and speak to your audience of professionals, executives and entrepreneurs- there is an exchange that motivates them to go deeper and be challenged beyond excellence to their next level of greatness. Contact me at nthigpen@thigpro.com to discuss details. Topics include: Work-life balance Increase Focus How to deal with stress Boundaries in Business Creating Strategic Partnerships Increasing Visibility Positioning as a Social Influencer Moving beyond the Fear of Failing
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
Published in: Small Business & Entrepreneurship      
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Transcripts - Naketa Thigpen -Signature Speaking Exchanges

  • 1. If you’re looking for an energetic speaker who will inspire and challenge your audience to greatness then book NaketaThigpen. Naketa has shared the stage with some of today’s most powerful thought leaders and experts in personal and professional development. Known for giving impactful orations and connecting with audiences in diverse settings, Naketa’s spirited delivery and authentic concepts are perfect for corporate speaking engagements, associations, non-profits, schools, and industry specific trainings. Naketa's guidance in the areas of work-life balance, stress management and time management is invaluable. She is a highly energizing motivator who has amazing techniques for balancing career and family. These techniques in the world of fast paced work demands and family commitments are beneficial to women, men and children. Lawana Scales Producer, Writer, Singer and Entrepreneur Naketa has the ability to take a room full of professionals from very diverse backgrounds and in fifteen minutes create an environment of trust and comradeship. Her attentiveness and personal touch to all members professionally and personally is outstanding. Dr. Mindy Speaker-Teacher-ADHD Tool Maker Naketa Thigpen is a challenger, one whose clear purpose is to task others to greatness. As the President and co-founder of Thigpro, a life management and professional development company, her inimitable ability to develop the person inside the professional through customized programs and simplistic systems is precisely what makes her the premier specialist in coaching. As a Women's Executive Balance Advisor, she helps corporate leaders and creative entrepreneurs build efficient work-structures that allow them to effectively infuse balance into their life and business.
  • 2. Nthigpen@thigpro.com l 484-469-1347 l www.thigpro.com From Idle to Awesome, a powerful keynote that moves the audience to want more from their personal and professional lives. Here, Naketa tells you how to push thru your current transition and activate a positive transformation that elicits ideal, long-term results. Flip the Fear and Break the Barriers, where Naketa shares her personal story of struggle and triumph as she overcame odds and pushed through tragedy to forge a successful career as a business owner and entrepreneur. This presentation provides tangible techniques for balancing daily personal demands so that you can prepare and position yourself for prosperity. Infuse It!, Naketa’s signature step-by-step formula for improving focus, productivity and strengthening communication as essential components for infusing work-life balance in business. The presentation addresses the misconceptions of work-life balance and breaks down the importance of calculating and purposing flexibility into your life and how it leads to effective change which produces optimal results. Power of Boundaries in Business, a powerful and interactive delivery that illustrates how developing and using clear boundaries in your organization directly effects your bottom line. The B Word as she often refers to‘boundaries’, is one that must be included in the core of every organization, program and personal culture. Naketa conveys relatable vignettes addressing the why and how boundaries are incorporated into your relationships to stimulate morale and increase productivity. “Naketa is a thoughtful, caring and insightful professional. I have always been impressed by her desire to help others achieve their potential and have a fulfilling life. She is upbeat, energetic, and a terrific motivator! Above all else, Naketa is a great listener— and because of that, she is able to provide meaningful, individualized guidance designed to help you manage your stress, manage your time, and achieve balance in both your personal and professional lives.“ – Jennifer T., Registered Dietician-Wife-Mom and Consummate Creative Signature Exchanges from Naketa Thigpen As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with expertise in Relationship Management, Trauma, and related Behavioral modalities, Naketa Thigpen realized that she could impact the world in a unique way by integrating her skills, gifts and talents as a work- life balance advisor. In designing real solutions to real problems that exist within the business and personal worlds of today’s leaders, Naketa is determined to move them beyond excellence and into the rare air of greatness system implementation, innovative mindset modification and balance. Find out more about Infusing Balance in Life and Business at www.thigpro.com

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