The way organizations have always managed their leases
is about to change. Soon, organizations worldwide
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Solution brochure: SAP Lease Administration by Nakisa

Visualize, track, optimize and account for your lease exposure with SAP® Lease Administration by Nakisa®
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
Published in: Economy & Finance      

Transcripts - Solution brochure: SAP Lease Administration by Nakisa

  • 1. FINANCE The way organizations have always managed their leases is about to change. Soon, organizations worldwide will need to start complying with the new accounting standards for lease accounting and reporting from regulations under US GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) proposed by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). Many organizations report their operating leases off balance sheet and disclose them in the notes of their financial statements. However, in the coming years, they will be required to capitalize many of these operating leases and will be required to record them in their balance sheets as assets and obligations. Your company might not be prepared for the transition to new accounting standards due to dispersed lease data across your organization. Since it is collected by different people using different processes and mechanisms, there can be a significant variation in the quality, integrity and relevance of this data across multiple information sources. The problem grows exponentially as lease portfolios globalize, creating a significant risk of regulatory non-compliance, as well as inaccuracy in reporting within large companies. To ensure that your company has the information ready and organized to comply with these standards, you need to start preparing now. SAP® Lease Administration by Nakisa® enables you to: 99 Prepare and plan for compliance with leasing accounting standards and financial transparency regulations 99 Quickly and easily visualize your lease exposure 99 Save on time and costs by centralizing all your lease data in one, single repository 99 Improve and track your lease processes and any business-specific key dates 99 Ensure the validity of collected contractual data 99 Speed-up approval processes by connecting and collaborating with key stakeholders 99 Gain agility by analyzing the business impact of contract classification solution Copyright © 2015 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. VISUALIZE, TRACK, OPTIMIZE AND ACCOUNT FOR YOUR LEASE EXPOSURE with SAP® Lease Administration by Nakisa® Solution Brochure Lease Administration
  • 2. A global leader in enterprise business solutions for Human Capital Management (HCM) and Finance, Nakisa delivers innovative, forward-thinking and robust human resource and financial management solutions that advance your business strategies. Available on premise and in the cloud. See what’s possible with Nakisa’s powerful visualization technology: HCM: Nakisa’s Accelerators suite is designed to optimize organizational transformation, empower talent and stimulate employees’engagement to deliver business results in an holistic fashion. In addition, Nakisa’s organizational and talent management solutions ensure organizational agility and promote alignment between the workforce and business strategies. Finance: Nakisa’s lease administration, revenue recognition and equipment lease management solutions help customers better manage their assets and comply with accounting regulations. Working with a global network of partners and as a Tier 1 partner of SAP® since 2007, Nakisa serves 800+ enterprise customers and over 4 million subscribers in 24 industries. Nakisa is proud to work with some of the world’s most renowned brands. Copyright © 2015 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. KEY CAPABILITIES Clear visibility into lease portfolio With a unified database of lease data, you gain increased visibility into lease exposure to support lease accounting for regulatory compliance and drive more efficient cost controlling. Unified lease data repository As a single point of entry to collect all lease data and create a unified data repository, this solution has mass data importing capabilities so you can import data from multiple contract sources to create a single source of truth for new, past and future leases. Extensible data collection forms Collection forms are flexible thanks to an extensible data model, allowing you to capture custom attributes for your business processes. Data entry is simplified and standardized for any type of lease operation, whether you are the lessor or the lessee. Traceability for compliance and reporting Track, from start to finish, any changes made to the lease data as well as who made the changes. You can maintain an audit trail of changes and decisions made throughout the data collection process and ensure traceability for compliance and reporting. Collaboration in the data collection process Multiple key stakeholders can collaborate by sending messages, receiving alerts, validating data accuracy and collecting changes during the life cycle of the lease as they occur. User-friendly interface This solution enables more efficient, productive and visible management of lease administration in a user-friendly, visual format. The modern, rich and engaging user-interface is intuitive. Rich analytics Rich analytics enable clear visibility into the portfolio composition by different dimensions and provide“what-if” scenario analysis to identify opportunities to efficiently manage leases. This landing page provides you with a quick summary of all contracts currently in the data collection process and allows you to quickly and easily upload additional contacts. Once your contract is uploaded, you can identify your principal position (lessee or lessor) and asset type (property or non-property ) and begin the data capture process within the contract.

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