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About the Organization
Nalantha Institute of Social Studies ( NISS) is an
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Nalantha Institute of Social Studies - NISS

Published on: Mar 5, 2016
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  • 1. .V 2 ' ' _kht * , * l i g_ 4 , ' . 'a _ About the Organization Nalantha Institute of Social Studies ( NISS) is an educational and research wing of Nalantha Educational Trust in Dindigul. Tamilnadu, India Nalantha Educational Trust runs programs tint focus sustainable development of rural and urban marginalized peoples in areas of Water and Sanitation. Education, Livelihood and Health Care to destitute and Eldedy Peoples. Geographical Areas of Work NISS primarily focuses on states of Tamilriadu, Kerala. Karnataka and Andra Pradesh in India But_ NISS also extends it works in any geographical locations in India. based on the priority needs NISS is a resource and training department that especially in periods of natural calamlies and undeitakes need based surveys, PRA 8. RRA, research disasters_ studies_ publication of lEC materials and also conducts capacity building training courses. both in-house and on field to various development professionals. marginalized peoples of rural and urban dwellings, students, PRI members, govemment and non government personals etc. NISS has rich experience in handling various development programs and interventions focused on sustainable human development Thrust Areas of NISS; NISS in particular focus on the following themes o o, . Surveys . Research Studies and Analysis Participatory Rural Appraisals l PRA) and Rapid Rural Appraisals l RRA) GIS/ GPS Mapping Development and Publication of IECS Matenals in Forms of Posters, Pamphlets, Brochures, Booklets etc Awareness and Capacity Building Programs (Both Residential and Non~Residential) Organization of Social Events, Exhibitions etc Conduction of Short Term Vocational Training Courses Technical Consultancy Services to NGOs, Researchers_ Farmers_ Women SHGS. Y ths. Govemment Organization etc 4' CosCreation and moristration of innovations and Successful Models o o, . . o, . o o, . . o, . o 0.0 o 0.0 o o, . NISS Intervenes on Water 8. Sanitation, Health Issues_ Women 8. Child Development, Elderly Care_ Agriculture and Bio-Diversity nservation_ (Zlimate Change 8. Mitigation and Livelihood Promotion Networking and collaboration The Guiding Team _ . NISS resource team is headed Head ofthenelulüllem. NISS also collaboiates with and guided by the following Nalamhamsümteofsodàlsmdíesmqlss) llke minded NGOs: NalanthaEducationalh-ust Researchers, academic ? maica d jmmpatm Nagar_ senmmmaàj, Institutions_ Consultancy ` oferzhçríagepanment Near GIlZN College, Finns_ Banking Institutions Dindígll-'WMOOS/ Tüllünàülilíldía and Government Personals z Mrsyawami' Liason Ofticer ?11011914919349177303/ and or anizations as relevant _ to the ímgramsg s. M'. T.Sathis VSayeenath, *9* 96598' 3335/ 98653999" ' Administrative Officer Email mambara-Jeanette! !!

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