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Nam Nguyen resume 2014

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nam Nguyen resume 2014

  • 1. NAM NGUYEN (281) 989-­‐8969 SUMMARY With an extensive background in music study and performance along with a passion for all forms of art and culture, I'm interested in integrating these necessary forms of human expression and identity with technology to create ideas and products that both serve and challenge people in sophisticated, experimental and surprising ways. EDUCATION The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX January 2011 -­‐ December 2014 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science GPA 3.69 The University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA August 2009 -­‐ December 2010 International Relations, Piano Performance GPA 3.34 WORK EXPERIENCE Visa, Foster City, CA May 2014-­‐August 2014 Intern-­‐Global Systems Engineering-­‐Infrastructure Automation • Learned the fundamentals of the cutting-­‐edge Chef infrastructure automation and management tool. Wrote sample “cookbooks”—units of code written in Ruby integrated with Chef DSL providing the instructions for configuring infrastructure—and ran them on a local development environment on a virtual machine as a POC for the team. • Wrote Sphinx code-­‐generated documentation instructing the setup of a Chef workstation environment for newcomers to Chef. • Created a prototype of a web back-­‐end with REST API interface for an iOS application using the Django web framework. Schlumberger, Houston, TX May 2013 – August 2013 Software Engineer Intern • Worked on the PIPESIM team. PIPESIM software simulates the flow of fluids from reservoirs to processing facilities in order to aid design of production systems in a variety of scenarios and environments that can affect flow safety and optimization. Partially implemented a feature in PIPESIM’s user interface-­‐-­‐an interactive history of the user’s actions within the application. The interactive history records a step-­‐by-­‐step workflow of the design process that can be used to replay, report or rework the design. Applications of the feature for PIPESIM include integrated tutorials, facilitated bug reporting, and increased efficiency of production system design. Expected 2014 commercial release. • A Proof of Concept had existed prior to the start of the project that captured and listed some edit actions with relevant description in a history view dialog and was able to undo and redo those edits. These features were supported by an architecture that followed the MVVM pattern. Given this foundation, I implemented the following features: 1) Refined and extended undo/redo functionality, such as selection of any point in the history to undo or redo all actions up to that point and clearing invalidated history when creating new history 2) Ability to replay history in timed sequence from user-­‐selected starting point, displaying fields edited during playback 3) Capture of inserts and deletes in history and 4) Ability to annotate actions with custom supplementary information with optional text-­‐to-­‐ speech during playback. • Used WPF for the project with XAML markup and C# code-­‐behind. Worked primarily at the view model and view levels of abstraction, but also managed data on occasion. Debugged, created, and managed threads to ensure
  • 2. NAM NGUYEN (281) 989-­‐8969 synchronous behavior with application’s UI thread and unit testing thread. Applied UX sensibility to the design of UI features to maximize utility, intuitiveness, and convenience. Project involved equal emphasis on design, implementation, debugging, testing, and learning the pre-­‐existing architecture and code of a 30-­‐year old application. Telogis, Austin, TX October 2012 – April 2013 Software Development Intern (Part-­‐time) • Added features and fixed bugs in a Windows Form application that parsed and displayed packets from .log files containing GPS tracking data from transport vehicles for debugging purposes. Added sorting and filtering options, detection and decoding of message types and fields, option to export to Excel spreadsheet, and time zone options. • Learned how to extend/alter a complex, imperfect software system. Learned C# and .NET framework. Learned how to write unit tests. Learned how to use the source control system. PROJECTS “Nicolas Cage Galore” Android Mobile App • Developed a humorous app of mini-­‐games centered around Nicolas Cage with two other team members using Android SDK Eclipse plugin with Java. • Created prototype prior to app development on Balsamiq entirely on my own. Developed look and feel of the prototype based on functionality specifications, which largely stuck in the final implementation. • Implemented main menu behavior, scores section, aesthetics (xml), settings, video in one of the minigames. -­‐Link to project, which besides source code and assets contains the UI prototype in .bmml in the outer directory and .png in the res folder inside the project. Also contains release version of app in .apk: Game mechanic redesign of “Bioshock I” on Unity • Worked with three other team members to determine redesign and prototype of the video game “Bioshock I” • The What and Why: Brainstorming existing game mechanics and goal mechanics, and why we wanted these changes:­‐khVqswUqpASwwP89wTG2gzt5cDcWZZ-­‐9ULw/edit?usp=sharing • Developed prototype on Unity: -­‐Web browser playable form: -­‐Project: ACADEMIC COURSES University of Texas • Principles of Interaction Design • Mobile Computing • Computer Networks • Object-­‐Oriented Programming (C++) • Contemporary Issues in Computer Science • Data Structures • Operating Systems • Computer Architecture • Computational Brain • Algorithms and Complexity • Russian Sci-­‐Fi in Lit and Film • Piano Accompaniment • Individual Piano Instruction
  • 3. NAM NGUYEN (281) 989-­‐8969 University of Southern California • Individual Piano Instruction • Jazz Myths, Culture and History • Russian Thought and Civilization • Czech Literature and Identity • Post-­‐WWII European International Relations • Knowledge, Explanation, and the Cosmos • French III • German II • Principles of Microeconomics • Critical Issues in American Politics LANGUAGES/TOOLS • C#, Python, Ruby, C++, Java, C, XAML/XML, Javascript, x86 Assembly, Objective-­‐C, SQL/LINQ • Basic German and French • Balsamiq, Android SDK, Unity Engine, Django Web Framework, Chef Configuration Management Tool, Sphinx Documentation, .NET Framework ACTIVITIES Game Developers Conference Online, Austin, TX October 2012 Networked with professionals working in a vast range of roles in the gaming industry including localization, marketing, music, art direction, server management, and online community. Learning about these different aspects of game development awakened my interest in game narrative writing and art direction. Women in Computer Science at UT Fall 2012 Certified Nell Dale Mentor Provided guidance and support to a CS freshman woman as part of an effort to increase retention of female students in computer science education. Order of Omega Greek Leadership Conference, Long Beach, CA March 2010 Representative for Sigma Delta Tau USC Sigma Delta Tau, Mu Chapter, Los Angeles, CA August 2009 -­‐ December 2010 Internal Social Chair Fall 2010 • Secured contracts with SBE and Kiss Lounge of Beso Hollywood to arrange private party events for the sorority. • Negotiated with the venues on budget, menu, security, capacity, interior layout, DJ and photography. AWARDS • 1st chair piano in Symphony, Texas All-­‐State Orchestra • 2nd place TMTA State Piano Concerto Competition INTERESTS/HOBBIES Jewelry making and fashion design, Social justice issues, Independent film and video games, Russian literature, Music of all genres, User experience (UX) and Human-­‐Computer Interaction (HCI), Film review blogging

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