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Importance of GATE Examination
The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an all India exa...
 Discussing subjects in groups of 3-4 sincere students & thus grasping even the difficult things
very quickly
 Making my...
All the above good qualities as well as other ones can easily come in a person who has an excellent
guide and a role model...
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Naman jain gate 2014 air 62 ec - article

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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Naman Jain, NIT Trichy Importance of GATE Examination The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an all India examination that primarily tests the comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate subjects in engineering and science. Unfortunately It is misunderstanding among the students of cream engineering colleges of the country that GATE examination is not worth preparing and appearing, but factually speaking it provides multiple career option to the candidates pursuing Under Graduation in core branches. It not only benedicts us with a platform to do Masters in prestigious IISC and IITs but even opens the doorways to lucrative opportunitiesof getting recruited in TOP PSUs which iseasily seen nowadays by the rapid increase in the competition in the examination over past few years. General Guideline for GATE Aspirants 1. First and foremost, candidate should not keep the misunderstanding that without Good preparation, he can crack GATE with good rank. 2. Being Attentive in college classes will provide a good aid in preparation. 3. Candidate should concentrate more on solving problem rather than stacking theories without substance. 4. Preparation time for exam is subjective and depends on the so many factors such as individual’s aptitude, fundamentals, attitude, concentration level etc. Typically, a rigorous preparation of 2- 3 months is considered good enough for getting into IISc or IITs. 5. Candidate should periodically evaluate his performance. It is preferred to solve previous year GATE papers on the topics he had finished. 6. Candidate should join 2-3 online test series which enable him to balance between speed and accuracy in examination hall. My Gratitude I first wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Aditya Mittal (NITK alumni) without his constant guidance it was not possible for me to score a high rank in exam.Also to R Gokul(AIR 1,EC 2011) who step by step guided me during the preparation . Also to my fellow mates Yogesh and Sandeep whose constant motivation & inspiration helped me remained steady in my preparation. MY PREPARATION Factually I started preparing from the second week of December with direct solving question papers of GATE Counselor and GATE help since I was confident about the subjects taught in my college classes of NIT Trichy . These papers helped me a lot in evaluating current status and building interest toward the subjects. Simultaneously I started working on topics whose questions seemed difficult to me. After two weeks of preparation I had gained good confidence for the exam . At this point I started giving online test series of GATEFORUM & ACE which helped me evaluate my relative position among the GATE aspirants across the country.Two very good things which I found helped me were:
  • 2.  Discussing subjects in groups of 3-4 sincere students & thus grasping even the difficult things very quickly  Making my own subject-wise concise notes during preparation which helped for quick revisions in last days At the end of January itself, I was fully ready for the exam and had a dream to score in TOP 100. Last two week I solved papers of Noida publication, which taught me shortcut tricks to approach problem. I strongly suggest all ECE Gate Aspirants to read Noida publication books and hear college classes attentively, that itself will be sufficient enough. OTHER CRUCIAL ASPECTS IN STUDENT’S PERSONAL LIFE WHICH AFFECT HIS PREPARATION Too often we focus on problems and fail to see opportunities right in front of us. It istherefore very important to keep oneself in good association, away from those who always talk about self-destructive habits like intoxication, pornography etc. Association influences our desires, which are like seeds for the actions we perform & words we speak. Take for example Manthra, the maid servant of Kaikeyi, one of the three principal queens of Dashratha, father of Lord Rama. Kaikeyi was a very nice, kind-hearted, gentle and non-envious lady, but due to the association of Manthra, her mind got agitated and then she asked that benediction from Dashratha to send Lord Ram on exile and to make Bharata as the King of Ayodha. Rama’s leaving Ayodhya later proved be the greatest curse and distress for everybody in the entire Ayodhya, Bharata and Kaikeyi themselves being the worst grief-stricken. By the time Kaikeyi could realize her folly and repent for it, it was too late. That bad association of Manthra polluted the system of Kaikeyi’s mind with a virus of envy, and then everything started malfunctioning and the result was chaos in everyone’s life. Therefore one’s association is very crucial factor in any aspect of life, as they say, “A man is known by the company he keeps.” What exactly happens by good association? Just like the roots of the tree are foundationally responsible for growth of the tree and quality of its fruits, similarly desires are the root-cause of all one's actions & speech. If one has good desires, then one will always act good and speak good, and vice versa, as it is said in computer science, “GIGO = Good In Good Out OR Garbage In Garbage Out”. Other crucial factors affecting a student’s life include:  Regulated life style: Discipline is like a vessel in which nectar of great performance can be held. Just like a regulator in a gas stove enables it to be used positively, just like regulating the flow of river water empowers it to be used for useful purposes like irrigation and electricity, similarly regulating one’s life can help a student tap all his potentials to score high in academics. E.g. getting up early in the morning, eating in time, sleeping in time, daily or regular studies, clean environment, eating sanctified food, not speaking wrong things etc  Chanting of God's names for mind control & concentration: this is a technique we can borrow from all religions, all saints and all scriptures across the world, as taught by Mother Teresa, great saints of the Church, prophets of the Arabs, and great devotees of Lord Visnu or Ranganatha, as Sri Ramanujacharya. Names of God are many, but he is one. One can chant any name of God, like Allah, Christ, Govinda, Rama or Krishna.  Studying with focus: Just like a lens ignites fire in a paper only when one consistently focusses it on one point only, similarly focused studies with steady mind make a person’s efficiency and effectiveness go very high.
  • 3. All the above good qualities as well as other ones can easily come in a person who has an excellent guide and a role model in life. That can really take one to pinnacle of overall success, real success. By dint of good guidance in life, based on an ideal role model, as mine was Arjuna, one can have the core character and clean personality, and thus one can easily excel in any field. I have been fortunate in my life to have Arjuna (the great Pandava devotee of Lord) as my role model, and Aditya Sir as my guide in personal life. D.E.A.R Formula for GATEway to Success Discipline : Regulated lifestyle and clean habits. Engagement :Actual thorough timely preparation,not simply day dreaming. Association :Avoid bad company,embrace good company. Rememberance : Mind control by Mantra Meditation of Chanting God’s names. Towards the end I wanted to express my gratitude to all my college teachers whose classes were the basis of my preparation especially to Prof Dr. S Ragavan, the person who requested me to write this article too.Although having an excellent profile and decades of experience and being known as Pillar of NIT Trichy in IITs and industries across the country, yet he personally encourages and fans the sparks of talent in the young individuals who are the future of our nation. Naman Jain AIR 62, EC GATE 2014 NIT Trichy Note: I’ll soon be joining IIT Kanpur for my further studies. If any inspired student wants to consult me for anything of the above, I can be contacted on my email (