Date of Birth 17/10/1984
Gender Male
Marital Status Single
Religion Chr...
 I recommeded for an addition of courses to the UNZA-Adult Education Programme:
Community Attachment & Experience was ado...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - NAMATE LYENDA - C V

  • 1. CURRICULUM VITAE OF NAMATE LYENDA PERSONAL DETAILS Date of Birth 17/10/1984 Gender Male Marital Status Single Religion Christianity (SDA) Nationality Zambian NRC No. 223750/84/1 Residence Avondale Compound-Lusaka . Cell No. +260 979 517 444 / 0954 361 125 Email PERSONAL PROFILE Trustworthy | Creative | Collaborative | Goal-oriented | Self-motivated | Independent | Quick Learner EDUCATION 2009 – 2013 Bachelor of AdultEducation UNIVERSITYOFZAMBIA 2003 – 2006 SeniorSecondaryEducation NALIONWA HIGHSCHOOL(KALABO) 2001 – 2002 Basic Education NALIONWA DAYSECONDARYSCHOOL WORK EXPERIENCE 2014-2015 Tutor  I have taught to over 30 students doing Diploma in Community Development and Planned Change – UNZA Dept. Adult Education & Extension Studies.  Community Development; Theory and Practice in the modern world.  Planned Change relative to Business and Entrepreneurship; helping rural and urban Communities adapt to the changing world of Science and Technology. 2012 – present Co-Founder& National Coord. PROFESSIONALADULTED.ASSOC.OFZAMBIA  Founded PAEAZ Zambia (2012); Recruited the Board of Directors & Registration (2014); Professor Dickson Mwansa (Founder & Chancellor of Zambia Open University) appointed by the Board as the Association Trustee (2015-to-Present).  The Assocition provides Basic and Fundamental/Functional Literacy Education  Through the Assoc., I helped over 90 Lusaka youths to be trained in Voter Education, Anti-Corruption & Taxation, held in collaboration with Electral Commission of Zambia, Anti-Corruption Commission and Zambia Revenue Authority.  I lead the Assoc.; in collaboration with People Action Forum (NGO), Zambia National Education Coalition (NGO) and Ministry of Education; Directorate of Distance and Open Learning (Govt), to two Joint Forums where National Policy for Adult Education in Zambia has been drafted.  I helped develop a Curriculum and Syllabi for the Assoc.’s Community Education Centres and Outreach Education Programmes in Business and Entrepreneurship, Skills Training and Family Health Education. 2011 – 2012 Project & Research Coordinator UNZA ADULTED. STUDENT ASSOCIATION  I helped over 400 students in Adult Education Programme at the University of Zambia get Vocational Work in both government and private organisations.  I organised and sucessfully undertook two field educational tours lasting four days each out of campus with 65 students and two lecturers, visiting Women for Change’s (NGO) literacy centres & women projects in southern provide of Zambia.  I helped organise five Career Talks (two from business practitioners, two from non- profit practitoners and one from govt officials) and all were successfully held for over 600 students doing Adult Education at the University of Zambia.
  • 2.  I recommeded for an addition of courses to the UNZA-Adult Education Programme: Community Attachment & Experience was adopted and it is currently a Compulsory Course to Adult Education Students at University of Zambia.  I recommended for an option courses of which Management accepted: A new stream of study was created; Adult Education and Secondary Teaching (being optional to students). 2011 – summer Tutor MINISTRYOFYOUTH, SPORTS& CHILD DEVT.  Participated in the recruitment of 300 youths in Skills and Business Training cources at Kalingalinga Youth Resource Centre, by undertaking community outreach programmes.  Lectured Marketing; Programme & Project Planning to 40 students. COMPETENCIES Business Skills  Business Management and Administration  Human Resource Development and Management  Advocacy and Lobbying Technical Skills  Proficient with computers (Mac & PC)  Mathematics in Statistical Data Analysis, Techniques and Methods  Research Planning, Undertaking & Report Writing Facilitation Skills  Community Organization, Education & Development  Community Mass Education and Literacy Learning  Participatory Approaches to Development Teaching Skills  Curriculum Designing and Development  Psychosocial Counselling  Creating pressure groups Development Skills  Project Proposal Writing  Programme & Project Monitoring & Evaluation  Programme & Project Planning, Implementation and Management HOBBIES Studying religious texts | Viewing the natural environment | Exploring new ideas and ventures REFERENCES Mr. Mzumara Rodgers PAEAZ Zambia General Secretary. Training Manager: Zanbia Centre for Professional Training & Consultancy. Lotti House (8th Flour) Lusaka. Cell: 0955 454 832 Mr. Moonga A.L.H The University of Zambia Dept. of Adult Education & Extension Studies P.O. Box 32379 Lusaka. Cell: 0977 401858 Mr. Chad Hamre Meltwater Inc. Dir of Innovation. San Francisco, CA. USA. 94115 Cell: +1 415 283 5901 Email: Mr. Phiri Patrick Senior Community Development Officer, Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health; National Headquarters P.O. Box 930079 Lusaka. Cell: 0976 110685 Email: DECLARATION To the best of my knowledge, the Information given above, bears the truth about me. I therefore declare that; Any Fraud whatsoever, which shall be found, shall render this Curriculum Vitae Invalid and I shall be liable to charges as The Law Demands.

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