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PHARMACIST in patient counseling

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. “PHARMACIST IN PATIENT COUNSELLING” Avinash Sankpal, Namdeo Shinde GES’s College of Pharmacy (D. Pharm) Degaon. Satara-415004. Abstract: Patient counseling is their fore an interaction between care provider and patient during which the patient is provided with information about the health condition, medications etc. Patient counseling as a component of pharmaceutical care delivery can provide the launching pad for increased recognition of the role of pharmacist as care giver. Key points in counseling: PHARMACY CARE SYSTEM Follow up to access patients outcome Name of the medication Collect and use patient information How to take the medication Warning about medication Select and recommend therapies Identify patients drug related problems Develop solutions to the problem Storage of medication Sundry items Purpose and outcome of treatment The main aim of counseling is to ensure the patient knows how to take their medication safely. Communication skills of pharmacists can facilitate formation of trusting relationships with patients. “Every patient should leave the pharmacy knowing what their medications are for and how to take them” Patients who should always be counseled: • Confused patients, and their care givers • Patients who are sight or hearing impaired • Patients with poor literacy • Patients whose profile shows a change in medications or dosing • New patients or those receiving a medication for the first time • Children and parents receiving medication • Patients taking 4 or more prescribed medications • Patients using appliances • Patients misusing drugs Benefits of patient counseling: • Satisfaction of having fulfilled his/her professional duty • Serving patients and their well being • Improves patient compliance • Pharmacy is seen as ‘Professional’ or ‘Caring’ pharmacy • Formation of trusting relationship with patients “Patient counseling leads to a positive behavior by which the patient is motivated to adhere to their medications” REFERENCES • www.who.int • www.medicines-partnership.org • Subish Palaian, Mukhyaprana Prabhu, P Ravi Shanka. Patient Counseling by Pharmacist -A Focus on Chronic Illness. Pak. J. Pharm. Sci., 2006, Vol. 19(1), 62-65.

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