How to Run a Productive and Happy Office
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How to Run a Productive and Happy Office

On average the people of this country work around 45 hours a week and on average and of those hours approximately 17 of those hours are considered 'unproductive'. This is a shocking statistic when you take into account just how much more productive your office could be if these 17 hours were given some semblance of structure or purpose. These wasted hours will not necessarily be the fault of your employees. Many employees have said that the unproductive hours that are not spent procrastinating are down to faulty or slow software, unclear objectives and ineffective meetings and these are things that can be improved simply by opening your ears and listening to your staff. Keeping communication channels open is the only healthy way to keep your employees focused and aware. In terms of the software, you should make sure that the software you're using is optimised so that it's suitable for both you and your employees and that you are both given adequate training in order to use it properly. Cutting down on needless meetings would also be beneficial as research shows that almost 70% of employees feel that meetings are ineffectual. If you wish to delve more into this subject the infographic below should put across a few ideas that could be used to improve office productivity.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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