Nan Sun
Woodlands Dr. SE, Smyrna, GA 30080 (352) 281-8367
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Nan Sun Woodlands Dr. SE, Smyrna, GA 30080 (352) 281-8367   EDUCATION UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, Hough Graduate School of Business Gainesville, FL Aug 2013- May 2015   Master  of  Science  in  Information  System  and  Operations  Management   • GPA:  3.51/4.00   • Coursework:  Managerial  Quantitative  Analysis,  Advanced  Business  Systems  Design  &  Development,  Financial   Accounting,   Managerial   Accounting,   Assets   Valuation,   Auditing,   Intermediate   Business   Programming,   Business  Intelligence,  Program  Management,  Data  Mining,  E-­‐commerce  and  Logistics     QINGDAO UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Qingdao, China Sep 2009-June 2013 Bachelor  of  Engineering  in  Computer  Science  and  Technology,  Minor  in  English   • Coursework:   Data   Structure,   Database   Principles,   C++   Programming,   Multimedia   Technology,   Operation   System  Principles,  Analysis  and  Design  of  Algorithms     SKILLS • Business   Intelligence:   Tableau,   XLMiner,   SPSS,   SAS   Enterprise   Miner,   Weka,   Data   Visualization,   Data   Modeling   • Database  Skills:  Database  Design  and  Development,  SQL,  Access   • Others:  Advanced  Excel  Skills,  Java,  C#,  SAS,  Microsoft  Office  Suite,  Bloomberg  BAT  (top  25%)     INDUSTRIAL EXPERIENCE LOG-NET Atlanta, GA June 2015 - Present Data  Quality  and  Logistic  Analyst   • Worked  on  site  for  Home  Depot  with  International  Logistic  Team     • Provided   responsive   account   management,   data   error   evaluation,   assessment   of   contributing   errors   or   missed  processing  within  The  Home  Depot,  LOG-­‐NET  and  trade  partner  transactions   • Applied  international  logistic  knowledge  to  eliminate  the  discrepancies  between  The  Home  Depot  internal   system  and  LOG-­‐NET  system   • Utilized  Excel  Pivot  table,  advanced  functions  and  SQL  queries  to  analyze  error  report  and  figure  out  the  root   causes  of  discrepancies   • Documented  data  quality  standards   • Supported   and   provided   The   Home   Depot   international   logistics   staff   the   priority   of   resolutions   and   remediation  efforts     Perth Leadership Institution Gainesville, FL Jan 2015- May 2015 Data  Analyst  Intern   • Utilized  advanced  business  intelligence  skills  into  analyze  the  relationship  between  customers’  attributes  and   customers’  business  signatures,  using  the  classification  tree  model  in  XLMiner   • Analyzed  data  visualization  by  using  Tableau  to  make  the  data  easy  to  present  to  customers.   • Managed  the  Client  Information  System  database  in  Microsoft  Access  by  using  SQL  Queries,  Store  Procedures   and  Triggers   • Generated  database  management  reports  using  Microsoft  Access   • Tested  the  stability  of  the  model  using  more  than  900  customers  data  in  Perth  System   • Generated  client’s  analyze  reports     China Construction Bank, Credit Card Department Baoji, China June 2012- Sep 2012 Client  Assistant  Intern   • Collected  and  validated  clients’  account  information   • Analyzed   and   reviewed   client’s   credit   card   applications   and   financial   investment,   and   used   professional   judgment  to  deciding  whether  clients  were  qualified  to  received  a  credit  card.   • Selected  and  analyzed  qualified  clients’  accounts   • Managed  the  initial  evaluation  and  decisions     PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Project Management • Implemented  an  Umbrella  Vending  Machine  on  UF  campus   • Estimated  the  project  budgets  and  drew  the  activity  network  diagram  and  work  breakdown  structure   Sam’s Club System Analysis and Design • Created   and   analysis   model   for   Sam’s   Club   registering   system   by   using   system   analysis   and   design   methodologies  –the  object  oriented  approach   • Created  functional  modeling,  structural  modeling,  behavioral  modeling  for  Sam’s  Club  registering  system

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