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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. ___________________________________________________________________________ Jonnadula Nanaji nanaji.jn@gmail.com H/p: +65 97802720 BACKGROUND I have 15+ years of Information Technology experience in Software Development Industry. Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform with extensive expertise in designing and developing Object Oriented Programming (OOP) solutions using Java Technologies. Expertise in FIX protocol and Tibco Rvd. TECHNICAL PROFILE ● Strong technical skills / hands-on experiences in Java RTS, Java Swing Components, RDBMS Oracle Times Ten(In-Memory database), FIX Protocol 4.2/4.3, JMS, TIBCO Rendezvous, IBM MQ Series, market data, order manager (FX, Equities). Good understanding of FX & Equity products. SUMMARY OF WORK EXPERIENCE Huawei International Pte Ltd – Jun 2012 – present Tech Lead (EMS,NMS,MTOSI,OSS) M-DAQ Pte Ltd – Jun 2010 – Jun 2012 Software Architect (FX, Equities) SurgoSystems (Singapore) Pte Ltd - Nov’2001 – Jun 2010 Senior Systems Analyst Asian World Trade Pte Ltd - Oct’2000 – Nov 2001 Senior Software Engineer Web Vectors Pvt Ltd - Apr 1998 – Oct 2000 Software Engineer EDUCATION ● M.C.A. (Master of Computer Application) University of Madras, TamilNadu, India 1995-98, A-Grade ● B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) Nagarjuna University, Andhra Pradesh, India 1991-1994. A-Grade ● Certifications Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) TECHNICAL SKILLS JAVA,J2EE,J2ME,RTSJ 2.2, Servlets, JSP (EL, JSTL, Custom Tags), JDBC, Hibernate, Spring, XML, XML Parsers ,GWT, (SAX/DOM), Web Services (SOAP, XML, XML-RPC, Axis, JAXB, JXTA, WSDL), JMS, JCA, JNDI. Languages: Java (1.3, 1.4, 5,6), PL/SQL, C, C++, Visual BASIC, ObjectveC Open Source Tools/Framework: Struts, Ant, Maven,Log4j, Spring, Hibernate, Win CVS, JasperReports with iReport (Report Creation), Jakarta POI - Java API to Access Microsoft Format Files,AJAX, XPAH, Xquery, Reporting Tools: Crystal Report 9.x, Crystal Enterprise Report Application Server IDEs: Eclipse,NetBeans Scripting: JSP, JavaScript, XML, HTML, XHTML, Web/App Servers: Web Sphere 5.x, Apache Tomcat 3.x/4.x/5.x,6.X, GlassFish2/3, BEA WebLogic .
  • 2. ___________________________________________________________________________ Middlewares : GlassFish 2.1/3.0.1 – JMS, IBM WebSphere MQ Series7.0,TIBCO Rendezvous,TIBCO FTL Database Servers: MYSQL,Oracle 8/9i /10g, HSQLDB, MS SQL Server Control Tools: Win CVS, SVN, Jenkins,JIRA,Confluence Operating systems:Linux, UNIX, Sun Solaris 8.0/9.0, Windows 2000/NT,Mac Design Process: UML,Visual-Paradigm . Tools/Utilities: Eclipse, Netbeans, Front Page, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office (Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint), DreamWeaver, WINSCP, putty, FTP, SFTP Business Intelligence Tools BRIO/Hyperion SELECTED PROJECT EXPERIENCES (reverse chronological order) Project: #1 Title : Integrated Service Activation & Provisioning System (ISAP) Platform : Windows,Linux(Red Hat Enterprise),JBOSS 7.1.2 Software : JDK 6.0,JMS Database : ORACLE Role : Designing and coding Client : Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (Hill Street) Duration : June 2012 - Jan 2013 Project Type : Designing, Coding, Implementation Project Size : 12 Integrated Service Activation and Provisioning System, the ISAP is an Information System for automating the flow-through activation for the following networks: • GPON (Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network) • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) • DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer) • IP Core • SingNet This is a turnkey project to replace SingTel’s existing AXIOSS solution with better performance and bigger throughput. My role : Involved in development for Network and Service Discovery and Service Provisioning modules. For Discovery Module, i am responsible for Collecting status and attributes of both physical and logical resources of network,Performing correlation among different attributes discovered. Physical discovery of network element include a list of all cards, associated ports and their status such as in- service/active. Logical discovery of network resources includes services and properties such as VLAN configured each network element. Using Java Network Technologies,(ssh,telnet) ,Multithreading managed to perform discovery for the devices Alcatel,HuaweiMA5600,5616,Ericsson,ZTE,Junipter Routers (Border router, Edge Router),Extreme Switch BD6800,BD8800.Every day for 5000 devices to all exchanges of SingTel the process will perform. For Service provisioning I am responsible for downloading new service configurations (provisioning/provide) to network elements, for removing existing configuration (de- commissioning/cease) from network elements or modifying existing service configuration(cease and re-provide) on network elements for different technologies networks . Project: #2 Title : Carrier Ethernet Based System (CEBS) Platform : Windows, Linux (Red Hat Enterprise), JBOSS 7.1.2 Software : JDK 6.0, JMS, Apache CXF Web Service, MTOSI, Soap over JMS. Database : ORACLE
  • 3. ___________________________________________________________________________ Role : Designing and coding Client : Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (Serangoon) Duration : June 2012 - Jan 2013 Project Type : Designing, Coding, Implementation Project Size : 12 Carrier Ethernet Based system is to manage service fulfillment of Singtel network. It is to discover and record inventory, create and activate services. Furthermore, the solution manage to solve the sophisticated operational issues of CSP network management as well as an architectural framework that truly provides the ability to flexible as needs evolve over time. My role : I am responsible for S2Net-ActiveDiscovery, Fault Management modules. I have developed functionalities to query real-time inventory data from NMS and reconcile it with the Network Inventory database.I have used MTOSI V2.0 and Apache CXF Web service to perform Discovery from HUAWEI U2000 NMS System. S2Net-ActiveDiscovery can perform both scheduled discovery based on predefined schedules and ad-hoc discovery. Developed Fault-Management module using SOAP over JMS technology to retrieve alarms for devices and persist into db. Based on the alarms types system receive, notify through mail and sms to concern department people. Project: #3 Title : ENETMANAGER (ENETENH) Platform : Windows, Linux (Red Hat Enterprise), JBOSS 7.1.2 Software : JDK 6.0, JMS, Apache CXF Web Service, MTOSI, Soap over JMS. Database : ORACLE Role : Designing and coding Client : Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (Telepark) Duration : June 2013 - March 2014 Project Type : Designing, Coding, Implementation Project Size : 10 SingTel eNet Manager currently do not cater for fault monitoring and trouble ticketing for SingTel services Network pertaining to ASON by Ciena5410, CE by Cisco , MVSAT and ULL by ADVA Optical Networking. ENETENH will implement following components to deliver the required enhancements to existing network. • Network discovery of the following networks: o ASON (Automatically Switched Optical Network) o CE (Carrier Ethernet) o ULL (Ultra Low Latency) • Fault Management for the following networks: o ASON (Automatically Switched Optical Network) o CE (Carrier Ethernet) o ULL (Ultra Low Latency) o MVSAT (Maritime Very Small Aperture Terminal) My role : CE will be configured to use SNMP Polling to collect information from individual devices required for building inventory data on defined scheduled basis. ASON will be configured to use TMF814 NBI to Ciena ON-Center Network Manager to collect network information required for building inventory data on defined scheduled basis. WebUI will provide user a web interface to view the Inventory information, control different discovery settings such as discovery schedule, data management, user history, topology view , discovery data sources management etc.
  • 4. ___________________________________________________________________________ Project: #3 Title : M-DAQ Multi Denomination Automated Quotation Platform : Windows,Linux(Red Hat Enterprise),GlassFish Software : JDK 5.0/6.0,FIX 4.2/4.3,JMS,TIBCO Rendezvous,RTSJ2.2 Database : ORACLE Role : Architect Designing and coding Clients : ASX,Tokyo Stock Exchange, OSAKA Securities Exchange Duration : Dec 2011 - on-going Project Type : Designing, Coding, Implementation Project Size : 15 Involved in complete System Architecture and coding. one of the core member in the M-DAQ Team. Developed Price Engine and Order Manager module for FX and Market Manager, Order Manager module for Equities. Getting FX market data (Spot,OutRight,Swap) with combination of CCY Pair, Side, Tenor by establishing the Radianz connection (FIX 4.2/FIX 4.3) with few liquidity providers. After getting all the market data from all the banks construct a Best BID and OFFER Object i.e Price Matrix Object. Blending of Equity and FX pricing methodology, ensuring a single Exchanged originated price at all times. My role : ● Hands-on application development, design and production support. UAT Conformance test for Liquidity Providers and production environment setup. ● In Order to receive market data from investment banks, I have implemented FIX protocol MarketDataRequest and QuoteRequest with Incremental/Full Refresh updates interface. ● Once the market data is received and normalized I send them to exchanges using TIBCO Rendezvous. ● I have implemented Fault Tolerance and Certify messaging pattern to process messages. ● On the other hand I have implemented NewOrderSingle and ExecutionReport Interface to handle the FIX Protocol OM messages. ● Implemented Java Swing Interface to select required currencies and related information(instrument,side,tenor) to subscribe with Liquidity providers. I have used Core Java design patterns, concurrency and multithreading to handle the messages from all the banks. Project: #4 Title : Order Manager (OM) Duration : Aug 2010 - Dec 2011 Platform : Linux(Red Hat (MRG) Enterprise),ORACLE Times Ten, GlassFish Software : JDK 5.0/6.0,FIX 4.2/4.3,Tibco Renzvous 8.3,,RTSJ2.2 Database : ORACLE Role : Designing and coding Clients : OSAKA Securities Exchange Japan Description: MDAQ's OrderManager module is responsible for handling the security trades by investors in foreign currency transactions. MDAQ will act as the mediator to the exchange's to conduct the foreign currency trades. This will enable ease for the investors to trade on multiple exchanges with the notion of "World without currency bordersTM". With MDAQ being able to conduct a very large volume of trades, banks would be providing very good rates for the various currencies compared to the rates provided to individual entities. My role :
  • 5. ___________________________________________________________________________ ● I have implemented TIBCO Rendezvous Distributed Queue pattern in order to load balance the exchange messages. Used certify messaging to make sure that not to lose any exchange orders. ● Using Multithreading, managed to handle the New/Executed Orders. ● All the Active orders list maintained using ORACLE Timesten in-memory database. ● Implemented Spring Framework JDBC template all to persist all the active orders, order status , executed orders. ● Implemented OSAKA Exchange Connectivity using Fix Protocol 4.2. ● Based on the message type listener receive Tibco RV will send the message to appropriate module. Project: #5 Title : FX Execution Manager (FXE) Duration : Jan 2010 - Aug2011 Platform : Windows,Linux(Red Hat Enterprise),GlassFish Software : JDK 1.6.0,FIX 4.2/4.3,JMS,,IBM MQ series,TIBCO RVD, RTSJ2.2 Database : ORACLE Role : Designing and coding Clients : Tokyo Stock Exchange Description: FXE is a new sustainable ecosystem for securities and stock exchanges to enable multi-currency trading on a cross-border basis. Technologies, Tools and Products. CORE JAVA, Java RTSJ , J2EE, Java Script HTML/DHTML, Multi- Threading, Multi Threading , Real-time Threading ,quartz scheduler , Tomcat, Para soft JTEST , JMS , FIX Protocol Database Server: ORACLE, TimesTen Operating System Unix/ Red hat Linux FX Execution Manager (FXE) is one of the main components of M-DAQ systems. Main function is to receive securities order acknowledgement from Order Manager (OM) and send FX orders to LPs. LPs can monitor their position or FX exposure by the pre-configured Rule-based Automated Threshold System (RATS). RATS manages its high number of FX trade tickets with aggregation function and helps to maximize the netting benefit. LPs can configure the automated threshold via GUI based tool. Since FXE should handle a minimum of 200 FX Transactions per second , this module is coded with Real time multi threads and No heap real time threads . This module also uses the scoped memory area to avoid the unpredictable behavior of the Java Garbage Collector. M-DAQ Rule-Based Automated Threshold System (RATS) is employed to offer monitoring solutions for the Liquidity Providers in checking their FX Exposure. Through RATS, various logics could be implemented for easy tracking of transactions and allow transparency. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) will be provided to the Liquidity Providers for their easy monitoring and setting threshold. Project: #6 Title : Offsite Encrypted Data Backup and Restore System Platform : Windows,Linux(Red Hat Enterprise),ORACLE WebLogic Software : JDK 1.6.0,Java Server Faces Database : ORACLE FrameWork : Spring,Hibernate Role : Designing and coding
  • 6. ___________________________________________________________________________ Clients : Singapore TeleCommunications http://obr.singtel.com MediaRing ,Pacific Internet Duration : V1 : Mar 2007 – July 2008 V2 : Sep 2008 – Sep 2009 Project Type : Designing, Coding, Implementation Project Size : 6 My role : ● Involved in finalizing the architecture, design and development of the application and database. Configuring Spring and Hibernate. Developed server components using Spring Framework. Xml Database Indexing, query for data using Xpath queries. ● Used Java NIO API’s to do I/O operations. Before transfer the Bytes,which are encrypted in AES-128 bit algorithme & Key management system that utilizes one-way hash functions, symmetric and asymmetric encryption technologies. ● Server Side Core Java development in order to process encrypted data from all the corporate servers. On the client side provided Swing Component user interface . I have used JTree in order to display File Tree struction and check boxes to select Folders and files. Doesn’t matter what OS it is, Swing Interface looks like Windows Explorer. Used JTabbedPane to classify Client Local Data and Server Data. Implemented Swing JTable Component to display all the users and their activations. ● Bytes are Encrypted with the User password. Unique feature developed by me for this Application-Incremental backup and Open file Backup. The communication between client and the server over the Internet utilizes the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP). With the adoption of HTTP (port 80). Able to execute the application on Linux and Mac OS X operating systems with the user interface retaining the same "look and feel" across all platforms Project: #7 Title : mTrader Client : M-DAQ Pte Ltd Softwares : Objective C Platform : iOS 4.3 Role : Coding and Implementation DataBase : ORACLE Duration : 3 months Project Type : Designing, Coding, Implementation Project Size : 2 AppStore : http://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/mdaq/id484045154?mt=8 Description : Main Objective of this application is to provide portfolio management tool specialized in evaluation of your stocks listed in 13 exchanges in various currencies you want. M-DAQ Pte Ltd is working with a several exchanges to enable overseas investment in your home currency. This application is for potential M-DAQ users to feel what it means by trading the right curve by blending in FX prices into stock prices. As a Tech Lead, I am responsible for majority of technical design and coding of this application. The main features are: 1) “Portfolio” functionality that consists of: a. My Portfolio b. Portfolio Summary c. My Holdings d. Rapid symbol search e. Trade Capture 2) Multi threading and concurrent processing of server requests and responses. 3) Revaluation of individual trade and portfolio using live stock and FX market data 4) Charting of stock prices in multiple currencies
  • 7. ___________________________________________________________________________ 5) FX Fixing (Currency rate table with landscape mode support and table zooming facility) PERSONAL DETAILS : Name : Jonnadula Nanaji Date of Birth : 5th June 1972 Nationality : Singaporean

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