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Nancy Maisonave Resume

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nancy Maisonave Resume

  • 1. NAN C Y MAI S ON AV E P.O. Box 1146 Phone: 787-646-5253 Aguadilla, Puerto Rico 00605 Email: S al es Representati ve A top-performing sales representative who has consistently surpassed all sales expectations, and has been recognized for outstanding performance. Strong health and pharmaceutical knowledge and expertise, combined with a degree in Medical Technology contributes to overall success. Dedication to customer satisfaction has resulted inmaintaining long- term customer loyalty. Areas of Expertise  Proven Sales Excellence  Strong Pharmaceutical Knowledge  Validation & Quality Control  Excellent Communication Skills  Excellent Management Skills  Medical Technology Expertise  Molecular Sales Specialist  Knowledge of Cardiovascular Illness  Dedicated Customer Service  Technical Support Specialist  Diagnostic Sales  Knowledge in Behavioral Health Key Skills Assessment OUTSTANDING SALES PERFORMANCE – Develop and implement strategic sales and marketing avenues to aggressively develop major accounts. Strong customer satisfaction resulting incustomer loyalty. Extensive knowledge of the medical and healthcare fields which contributes to high sales performance. Fully bilingual in Spanish and English. Computer knowledge of Windows, and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Professional Experience CURRENTLY TAKING CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSES TO JUNE, 2012 – Present RENOVATE MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST LICENSE ABBOT DIAGNOSTICS, SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO DECEMBER, 2010 – April, 2012 TERRITORY SALES REPRESENTATIVE/LABORATORY SALES  Analyzed and reorganized the northwest and south territory of twenty-seven towns which included 35% of Puerto Rico’s market potential of existing prospective customers in private clinical laboratories, hospitals, forensic institutions, and federal clinics. Determined what the sales potential could be for the company.  Promoted, negotiated and sold the following laboratory instrumentation: ARCHITECT c4000, c8000, and c16000 clinical laboratory chemistry analyzer; CELL-DYN Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald hematology systems; IRIS analyzer urinalysis tests and GENEXPERT automated molecular biology diagnostic system.  Trained and mentored medical technologist customers on the use of the new laboratory instruments.  Received training in CELL-DYN and ARCHITECT laboratory instrumentation in Irving, Texas. Achievements:  Designated by the sales manager to be the only territory sales representative to attend the training for the GeneXpert in San Jose, California.  Gained high achievement in selling a CELL-DYN Ruby and an Irish Analyzer for $123,000.00 to a laboratory in a federal clinic the same day, surpassing the sum of a two-month sales quota of $103,000.00 attaining a profit of 116.50%.
  • 2. Nancy Maisonave Resume,Page 2 PFIZER CARIBBEAN, SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO SEPTEMBER, 2002 – January, 2009 PROFESSIONAL HEALTHCARE REPRESENTATIVE  Promoted and launched patient’s well-being products including: Norvasc, Lipitor, Viagra, Zithromax, Accupril, Glucotrol, Zyrtec, Zmax, Caduet and Exubera to general, family practice, internal medicine, nephrologists, cardiologist and neurologist physicians in the northwest territory.  Successfully performed product sampling to physicians while accomplishing accurate samples inventory of 100% consistently each year.  Supervised the 12 professional healthcare representatives in my territory as they visited high volume prescriber’s physicians in order to achieve the territory sales quota.  Achieved 45 to 50 weekly visits to physicians while increasing market share in the territory. Achievements:  Granted the VicePresident Award, Sales Representative of the Year, and achieved First in Class Award out of a sales force of 48 regional with a sales goal of 119.57% in 2004.  Achieved 105.65% Viagra sales, the only sales representative to exceed the quota out of a sales force of 50 in 2004.  Awarded Division of the Year, Regional in 2005, 2007 and 2008.  Achieved Vice President Award, Sales Representative of the Year, and First in Class Award out of a sales force of 48 regional with a sales goal of 135.49% in 2006.  Achieved First in Class Award, Regional, sales goals in 2007. ABBOTT LABORATORIES, BARCELONETA, PUERTO RICO SEPTEMBER, 2001 – September, 2002 TECHNICAL SUPPORT SPECIALIST  Accomplished complete validation and organized the newly acquired laboratory equipment documentation for the Food and Drug Administration and Healthcare Department inspections.  Trained and mentored the medical technologists inquality control, and maintenance and sample processing inTDx, IMx, and Axsym laboratory instruments for special chemistry tests.  Improved the handling of customers needing support with laboratory equipment and reduced client service calls, technician visits thus reducing the cost for the sales department. Achievements:  Reduced technical support calls by 15% regionally.  Trained in Axsym, IMx and TDx laboratory instruments. MEDICAL CENTER, CLINICAL LABORATORY, MAYAGUEZ, PUERTO RICO OCTOBER, 1993 – October, 2000 MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST  Performed accurate patient clinical tests in the areas of hematology, urinalysis, chemistry, blood bank, endocrinology, serology, and cancer.  Trained and mentored medical technologist students in clinical laboratory procedures. Achievements:  Achieved 100% in quality control with the laboratory equipment and assays to comply with the Healthcare Department and Food and Drug Administration standards. Education & Training Bachelor Degree, Medical Technology, University of Puerto Rico, Medical Science Campus, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Graduated Cum Laude Associate Degree, Natural Science, University of Puerto Rico, Aguadilla Campus, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Graduated Magna Cum Laude Memberships & Affiliations Medical Technologist College of Puerto Rico Joint Examiners of Healthcare Professionals of Puerto Rico Board of Registry, American Society of Clinical Pathology

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