ALM iStack – Application Lifecycle Management
using Linked Data
Application Lifecycle Management
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ALM iStack - Application Lifecycle Management using Linked Data

This is the poster that I presented at the 10th Summer School on Ontology Engineering and the Semantic Web which has held on July, 2013. at Cercedilla, Madrid, Spain.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - ALM iStack - Application Lifecycle Management using Linked Data

  • 1. ALM iStack – Application Lifecycle Management using Linked Data Application Lifecycle Management Background and Motivation Open Service Lifecycle Collaboration ALM iStack ALM iStack Bugzilla Adapter o Proof-Of-Concept for real work ALM integration use case o Improvements to OSLC ontology (OSLC+) o Linked Data Platform Middleware oLDP server oLDP client oIdentity Management Service o Linked Data Platform Adapter for Bugziila Nandana Mihindulukasooriya Ontology Engineering Group, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain Future Work To investigate and find solutions for challenging requirements of application integration using Linked Data. Most of these requirements need improvements to Liked Data Platform protocol speciation or some profile specifications built on top of that and the project is planning to contribute to advance the protocol. ALM iStack project is funded by the Center for Open Middleware (COM) at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). Client UI ALM API LDP client BL API Middleware LDP server Identity management Storage BugZilla Adapter Model transformer Tool gateway Adapter API TestLink Adapter Model transformer Tool gateway Adapter API  RDF  HTTP Headers  URL Query  XML/JSON  HTTP Headers  URL Query? CM QM AM Document Management Subversion, MediaWiki Quality Control Crucible, Checkstyle, PMD, Findbugs, Clover, Sonar Reporting & Communication MediaWiki, Maven2 site, Atlassian suite comments support Project & Tasks Management Redmine Bug Tracking & Change Management Bugzilla Software Configuration Management Subversion, FishEye Development Environment Eclipse Galileo, SOAPUI, XML editors... Continuous Integration & Delivery Maven2, Bamboo Shared Software Repository Artifactory Testing Testlink, SOAPUI, JMeter, JUnit Software development process involves a set of activities including project planning, requirement gathering, design and architecture, software development, testing and quality assurance, deployment, support. All theses activities have to be integrated for managing, coordinating and governing of the operations in a more effective manner. A specification that defines a REST API to read and write Linked Data for the purposes of enterprise application integration. The Linked Data Platform describes the use of a REST API for accessing, updating, creating and deleting resources from servers. Linked Data Platform GOAL To develop an open source Application Lifecycle Management platform that automates and supports the whole software development lifecycle by integrating the best existing open source tools using Linked Data. Challenges Product oslc_asset:Asset Version foaf:Person DefectStatus Defect hasVersion isVersionOf min 1 oslc_cm:status min 1 dc:contributor min 1 dc:creator min 1 Revision dc:title min 1 dc:description dc:title min 1 oslc_asset:version min 1 hasRevisionNumber hasFixNumber xsd:string xsd:string New WorksForMe InProgress Closed ClientDefect relatedIncident min 1 oslc_cm:ChangeRequest Incident DefectPriority hasPriority min 1 Blocker Critical Major Normal Minor Trivial oslc:discussedBy oslc:Comment oslc:Discussion oslc:discussionAbout oslc:comment oslc:partOfDiscussion min 1 oslc:inReplyTo dc:creator min 1 dc:description min1 xsd:string dc:created min1 xsd:dateTime oslc_asset:relatedChangeRequest oslc_asset:relatedAsset min 1 oslc_cm:relatedChangeRequest DefectImpact hasImpact High Medium Low Attachment hasAttachment attachedTo min 1 dc:creator dc:title min1 xsd:base64Binary hasContentmin1 Defect ClientDefect Incident o Security o Transactions o Reliable Messaging o Discovery and affordance o RDF Data validation o Data quality and consistency o Performance Integrating software development tools using Linked Data is a promising approach. There are few challenging requirements to be fulfilled before approach can be adopted by the industry. ALM iStack Ontology ALM iStack outcomes A set of specifications that enable integration of software development and more broadly Application Lifecycle Management by defining a set of common vocabularies for different software engineering domains.

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