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Nandish Dave Resume

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nandish Dave Resume

  • 1. NANDISH DAVE 1775 Milmont Dr., Milpitas, CA – 95035 • • +1 (669) 292-8869 LinkedIn: EDUCATION Northwestern polytechnic University Fremont, CA Master of Science (M.S.) in Computer Science (3.87/4.00) Sept15 - Present Charotar University of Science & Technology Changa, India Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) in Computer Engineering (6.05/10) Jul11 – May15 WORK EXPERIENCE E-infochips Training and Research Academy (eITRA) Ahmedabad, India Research Intern Jan15 – May15 Developed a Network Analysis tool which analyses packets from source to destination on http layer. Project name “Network Animator”, animates the packets from source to destination through tracing OSI layers and extracting the packet information at each and every layer. Worked on Wireshark, TCP/IP, and OSI Layers for packet tracking and Drafted & finalized progress reports, final report. ACADEMIC PROJECTS Automatic Moving Dish Control Changa, India (Jul14 – Dec14) This project is to rotate the dish antenna wirelessly and catching the frequency of dish TV channels with servo motors, by catching the frequency of the TV channels the hardware demodulates the frequency and forward it to the TV set. Player’s Club Changa, India (Dec14 – May14) Web application provides online match registration system, where teamowner can register his/her match in tournament and Users can watch the live scores and live commentary of the match. SuperAdmin manages score and commentary updating. Admin manages, create players, create team, create match, create game, create tournament. TeamOwner pays specific amount of money and selects players for the team to play a match in the tournament. Snakes & Ladders Game Changa, India (Jul13 – Dec13) This a classic game of Snakes and Ladders which can be played on a computer and this game can be played in single as well as two player mode. TECHNICAL SKILLS • Languages: C, C++, Java, python, HTML, CSS • Operating System: Windows, Linux, Macintosh • Database: MySQL • Miscellaneous: MS Visual Studio, MS Visio, MS Project, and Adobe – Dreamweaver, Adobe – Photoshop CERTIFICATIONS • Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) • IIT Bombay Certified for learning python and completing python workshop • Certificate for National Creative Aptitude Test (NCAT) EXTRA – CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES • Technical Team Manager of Codechef Charusat campus chapter and also active participant in programming contests ACM-ICPC 2013 (IIT kharagpur and Amrita University) regional contest, IOPC (international online programming contest), TCS CodeVita • Actively participating and Member of IEEE team at Northwestern Polytechnic University

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