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Nanette Fuller
1683 Chillicothe St. – Columbus, OH 43207 / (614) 735 8693 / nanfuller30@outlook.com
Resume: Nanette Fuller 2|P a g e
T R A N S P O RT A T I ON C O O R D I N AT O R atBare Escentuals / Shidedo Group USA
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nan resume

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. (continued)  Nanette Fuller 1683 Chillicothe St. – Columbus, OH 43207 / (614) 735 8693 / nanfuller30@outlook.com PERSONALSUMMARY WarehouseManager/ TransportationLogistics experiencedwithsuccessfullycoordinatingtheactivitiesof variousdepartmentsconcernedwiththereceipt, inventory,production anddistributionofproducts. Comfortableworkingwithpeopleofall levelsandhavinganexcellentcommercial approachto solving problemsanddevelopingbusinessprocesses.Havingprovenpeoplemanagementskills,withthe abilityto manageperformanceandmotivatestaff onan individual andteam level.Nowlookingforanewand challengingmanagerial ortransportationlogistics position,onewhichwill makebestuseof my existing skillsandexperienceandalso furthermypersonal andprofessionaldevelopment. K E Y S K I L L S Warehouse Management B.S.Supply Chain and Operations Management Transportation / Logistics– international & domestic ProjectManagement Lean Six Sigma PoweredEquipment Inventory/ Quality MicrosoftOffice- Medium K E Y S T RE N GT H Fast-PaceAtmosphere Multi-Tasking QuickLearner Continuingeducationfor Masters in InformationScience / Project Management A W A R D S Multiple DVP Awards Employee ofthe month C ARE E R H IG H LI G HT S W A R E H O U S E S U P E R V I S OR atSears Logistics: RRC - Columbus, Ohio – 2004to 2015 OrganizationalLeadershipacrossmulti-departmentscoachingand promoting operational excellence. Inboundreceipts,replenishment, cross-dock, outbound,inventorycontrol,quality assuranceand transportation as both hourly andmanagement positions provideswhole operation insight. Warehouse Management SystemsincludingOracle,RedPrairie, YMSand TMS systems. Transportation logistics dispatching, inboundroutingandyard storage trailer management. Inventory/Quality inspections andcycle counts usingRF and Auditdocuments. Process Improvement usingknowledgeofall departments wasable to improve pick-to-light productivitywhile reducingcosts. Applyingsix sigma / lean conceptshelped establish wholewarehouse optimization fordaily communicationand safety. M A J O R A C H I E V E M E NT S + Designed new pick-to—light profiling proceduresresultingin higher reach per tote optimization by12%. + Wrote ProfilingStandardized Operating procedurefor pick-to-lightand inboundreceipts. + Internal promotionfrom hourlyto management – with completion of internal Leadership InTraining class and earning B.S in SupplyChain management. + Crosstraining in all supervisory roles in less thana year – recognizedfor Divisional Vice President Awardthree times in 1.5years for outstanding contribution. + Saw large warehousethroughmerger / acquisitionand culturechanges + Closed downRRCunitduring 4th quarter sales withhigh amount oftemp associates – transferring large inventory with high stress.
  • 2. Resume: Nanette Fuller 2|P a g e T R A N S P O RT A T I ON C O O R D I N AT O R atBare Escentuals / Shidedo Group USA Groveport, Ohio▪ April 2015 to present Collaboratively schedule and route both domestic and international shipments for Bare Escentuals and Shidedo product lines. Insuring on-time delivery of the perfect order to multiple customers using matrix and routing tools. + Communicatebetween order-filling and shippingto correctlypick, plan and ship parcel,LTL and FTLloads. + Create S.O.P for domestic scheduling/ routingwithin 1 month onthe job. + Crosstrained forinternational within 3months onthe job. P A R K G R O U N D S M A N AG E R atWestgate Motor and Trailer Court Ocean Park,Washington ▪ 2001-2003 Onsite grounds keeping of RV campground, cabins, recreation center and beach front. Scheduling reservations, park finances and advertisement. + Turneda strugglingtourist campgroundinto a successfulyear aroundmulti-functionalrecreational park. + Increasedprofits 127%within oneyear ofacceptingjob. + Book-keeping usingExcel and Access E DU CAT IO N GRADUATE PROGRAM IN INFORMATION SCIENCE (M.I.S.) from Keller Schoolof Management, Columbus,Ohio (2015-present).Specialization:certificatein ProjectManagement BACHELOR OF OPERATIONS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT (B.S.) fromFranklin University, Columbus,Ohio (2001-2003).Specialization:ProjectManagement HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA fromSanta Cruz Valley Union H.S. (1997)

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