Narender Kumar
BB-37, Street -6, Sheetla Enclave,
Gurgaon –122001, Haryana.
 +91 9971666008
 nkumar85@gmail.comnkumar85...
- OS & Versions : Redhat Linux (RHEL 4, 5, 6, 7), Suse Linux(SLE 11) & Solaris(8-10)
- File Systems : ext...
- Configure alert notification on iDrac, ILO.
• DELL International Services Pvt. Ltd.(Current)
Job Ro...
• INDIABULLS Financial Services Ltd
Job Roles
- Responsible to manage the head office Datacenter along with two other data...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Narender_Kumar_Linux_Visualization_Admin

  • 1. Narender Kumar BB-37, Street -6, Sheetla Enclave, Gurgaon –122001, Haryana.  +91 9971666008  SUMMARY . CAREER MATRIX • Dec-12 to till now Dell International Services, Gurgaon System Admin Advisor • Jun-11 to Dec-12 HCL Technology Ltd., Noida Sr. Specialist • Oct-08 to Jun-11 Indiabulls Financial Services Ltd., Gurgaon System Administrator • Feb-08 to Sep-08 Microchip InfoTech Systems Pvt. Ltd., Delhi Customer Support Engg. • Feb-06 to Feb-08 Microtek International Pvt. Ltd., Delhi Network Support Engineer • Nov-04 to Feb-06 Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd., Gurgaon IT Executive PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS/TRAININGS • Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) on RHEL5. • Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator on RHEV 3.1 (KVM). • Red Hat Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack 6.0 • Trained on networking concepts like TCP/IP, Network classes, Switches, Routers, Sub-netting. • Trained on VMware ESXi 4 conducted by Indiabulls in Jun 2010. • Internal training in Dell on VMware ESXi 5. PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION • B.Sc (IT) from Punjab Technical University (PTU). • 3 ½ years Diploma in Computer Engineering from Haryana State Board of Technical Education. 1 of 4  Offering total 10.8+ years of professional experience in IT Support (Linux, Solaris, KVM, VMware, OpenStack and Networking) and Datacenter management.  8+ years of experience on core Linux & Virtualization Administration with expertise in implementation & operations support. ability to work on Openstack projects.  Comprehensive experience in Data Center Management. Proficient in writing shell scripts to automate the UNIX operations.  Always trying to share new ideas to make infrastructure better and believes in finding the root cause and fixing the issues permanently.
  • 2. SKILL SET • UNIX - OS & Versions : Redhat Linux (RHEL 4, 5, 6, 7), Suse Linux(SLE 11) & Solaris(8-10) - File Systems : ext2, ext3, ext4, xfs, ocfs2, UFS, ZFS - Network Services : NFS, Samba, FTP, DNS, DHCP, NTP, SSH, Sendmail, HTTP, Squid Proxy - Securities : SELinux, PAM, ACL, , Boot/Login Setting, Encrypt Files, IPTables, TCP Wrapper - Disk Management : RAID(0,1,5,1+0,0+1) , Linux Volume Manager (LVM), VxVM - Clusters : Red Hat Cluster, Oracle RAC, VCS - Installation Types : Yum, Kickstart, Jumpstart - Performance Utility : iostat, vmstat, netstat, sar, ksar, strace, tcpdump, etc. - Monitoring tools : Nagios, BMC Patrol • OPENSTACK - Implement, Manage and and troubleshoot the OpenStack. - Configuring and manage the users and services with the Keystone Identity service. - Configure and manage the Swift Object Storage Service and Glance Image service. - Creating and managing Cinder volumes. - Configure and manage Ceph and Gluster as a Back End for Cinder. - Manage and troubleshoot the Neutron Networking service. - Creating bridge networks for internal and external access. - Manage and troubleshoot the Nova Compute and Controller Services. - Manage and troubleshoot Ceilometer Telemetry service. - Configuration of virtual Network and Storage. - Manage and troubleshot the Heat Orchestration Service. - Create and manage the instances. • VMWARE/RHEV(KVM) - Installation, Configuration, Administration and troubleshooting of VMware vSphere4/5 and RHEVM 3. - Installation and configuration of vCenter and RHEV-Manager. - Proficient on vMotion, Storage vMotion, HA, DRS, sDRS. - Setting up Users and Groups roles to access the Virtual Center. - Configuration of virtual Network and Storage. - Creating and managing Virtual Machines and Templates. - Configure Alarms to monitor resource usage and high severity events. - Converting Servers using P2V/V2V. - Generating resources & performance reports. • STORAGE/SERVERS HARDWARES - Configure and troubleshot the SAN/NAS on UNIX servers using PowerPath and DM-Multipath. - Manage and troubleshot the servers h/w i.e. Dell Power Edge and HP ProLiant servers and Chassis (M1000e). - Faulty parts replacement on servers i.e. Disks, Power supplies, CPUs, RAMs, Cables. 2 of 4
  • 3. - Configure alert notification on iDrac, ILO. JOB ROLES & PROJECTS • DELL International Services Pvt. Ltd.(Current) Job Roles - Manage Red Hat/Centos/Solaris administration on ~1000 systems for an external client. - Manage and troubleshoot the KVM/VMware infrastructure. - New build physical & Virtual servers and Configure as per application/database requirement. - Develop procedure documents of implementation for common recurring activities i.e. patching, bounces. - Discover and remediate the vulnerabilities on Linux systems. - Run Security scans and implement the PCI security standards to make Linux systems compliance. - Coordinate among different teams to get the projects done i.e. Storage, Network, and LDAP etc. - RAID configuration on physical servers and Switch Port configuration on CMCs. - SAN/NAS Storage devices configuration on Linux servers to use in ASM and RAC. - Writing Shell Scripts to automate the recurring activities. - Update firmware (bios, PERC, iDrac, LCC) to make the h/w updated and OS patching. - Manage the Redhat subscriptions and configure the Linux servers on RHN for latest OS updates and bug fixes. - Provides fixes of the recurring issues on varies Linux Servers. Projects - Successful Migration of Hilton Datacenter from Memphis to FLORENCE TECHNOLOGY CENTER. - Deployed the tripwire on 550+ UNIX servers to monitor and alert on specific file changes. - Configured the centralized repository server using “mrepo” and kickstart for network installation. - Deployed the bash script to collect the Critical updates available from all servers on center server. - Deployed cfg2html on all servers to collect the system configurations in html format. - Successful DR exercise of 120+ Linux servers. - Developed SOP documents for different exercises i.e. OS Patching, Firmware upgrade & OS bounces. - Provided internal training on RHEV (KVM) and OpenStack. • HCL Technologies Ltd. Job Roles - Worked with global customers i.e. First Gulf Bank and Deutsche Bank. - Managed and troubleshot the Redhat/SUSE Linux, VMware & KVM infrastructures. - The Job responsibilities were more over similar as current in Dell. Projects - Deployed KVM to configure multiple Jump servers to access the customer’s infrastructure. - Created procedure and schedule plan for Linux patching and firmware upgrade. - Migrated Virtual Machines from OVM, Xen to VMware and decommissioned the OVM and Xen. - Developed many SOP documents for L1 team. - Configured multiple Red Hat GFS Clusters to mount GFS File system. 3 of 4
  • 4. • INDIABULLS Financial Services Ltd Job Roles - Responsible to manage the head office Datacenter along with two other datacenters in Delhi-NCR. - Planning and execution of the project work for any Linux, Datacenter, and VMware infrastructure. - Manage and troubleshot the Servers issue in Datacenter, i.e. new built, connectivity, configuration etc. - Manage the Datacenter inventories up2date and revised time to time. - Worked on incidents, requests, change requests and other procurement requests. - Login cases for different vendors to get the supports on h/w and software, i.e. Oracle, Dell, EMC, IBM, etc. Projects - Migrated Datacenter which was hosted in third party facility to Head office datacenter. - Deployed 4 node VMware setup with ESXi-4 in Head office datacenter. - Created and migrated multiple small size virtual machines on VMware for development teams. - Upgraded the Head office datacenter on Dell PowerEdge servers and VMware. - Migrated 50+ physical server board desktops on VMware which were being used by Development teams. - Created shell script to auto sync the Oracle database archives with DR sites. - Created shell script to send notification to Storage/Unix admin if storage path goes dead/inactive - Configured Nagios monitoring for UNIX servers. - Upgraded the OS from RHEL4 to RHEL5 on all servers associated with “Indiabulls Housing Loan unit”. • Microchip InfoTech Systems Pvt. Ltd. Job Roles - Responsible for providing onsite support to the domestic customer on Linux servers. - Managed and troubleshot 20+ Linux servers which were hosting robotic programs in manufacturing unit. • At Microtek International Pvt. Ltd. Job Roles - Responsible for providing Internal IT support for Windows, Linux, Networking and Network Printers etc. - Managed and maintained the IT asset inventory. - Responsible for interacting with vendors, i.e. HP, Net4India, ISPs etc. Projects - Deployed first Linux server with RHEL4 and configured sendmail to download the mails from Net4India domain, which were costing per email ID based. • Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd. Job Roles - Responsible for providing internal IT support for Desktop, Network printer, OS installation etc. - Managing IT asset inventories and revised it time to time. - Login cases with vendor for h/w or software supports. 4 of 4

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