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Narendra rawat director 'rawat public school jaipur'

The school started with the strength of 400 students which has now become the milestone in the field of education and has made its place in top most CBSE Schools. Now the strength is 2000 with 85 efficient and well qualified teaching staff. The school has become symbol of creativity and innovation under his dynamic direction.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. .4.-aw. «~urr »~.4,_ A . -./ ‘ .0. _t n my opinion teaching is best profession because a teacher is that person who teachesto all professions. No one can be a Doctor, Engineer, Ar- chitect, Prime Minister, without a teacher. It is not only a formal education they enlighten the path of every phase of life. Person dur- Teachinq isithef bi v ing the growth year a child spends * his maximum time in front of the teacher, so they are the only per- son who sees the positive and neg- ative points of a child. And they provide right direction to them for grooming the life. Everyone can see the difference of lives ‘W -—---. n. . ... .., _. _ __ "‘“'-ru . -mu. . . I « ai5=}~. t. among the people‘s one who got a teacher and one who do not have . .,. ... »., . » , qfgestweapon a teacher. In future every student becomes the reflection of the teachers so in this way the teacher becomes more responsible for the creation of country life. When a teacher is teaching somewhere they must be honest and they must be work as a good future cre- ator. So at last I would like to say try to become a Spiritual teacher not a material one. Spiritual teacher who causes to remove all the illusions from the mind of his disciple and makes him till the presence of God. Narendra Slnqh Rawat, 1 . ~ A-m§ - -. ~.«, . . , .._~. .., . if / a:‘. _.__ , .5.