Press Coverage and important links
Report by DAWN News on Djuice Cleanup Islamabad, during SAYC 2012
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o South Asian conference: Youth to converge for peace and development | The Express
TRIBUNE, October 23, 2012 (Press relea...
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 Celebration of “International Volunteer Day” with National Commi...
My Media Appearance alongside CEO CDRS/ Shine Humanity
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Press Coverage and important links

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press Coverage and important links

  • 1. Press Coverage and important links Report by DAWN News on Djuice Cleanup Islamabad, during SAYC 2012  o PTV NEWS covering South Asian Youth Conference 2012  o HILA, Live at Grow Pakistan on PTV NEWS  o Live with Talat on Express News (What South Asian Youth Think?)- 11th December 2012  asian-youth-think-11th-december-2012/  youth-part-2-12th-december-2012/ o South Asian Youth Conference 2012: Kaira asks youth to lead peace initiative | The Express TRIBUNE, November 6, 2012  asks-youth-to-lead-peace-initiative/ o South Asian Youth Conference 2012: Interactive sessions, rock concert mark third day | The Express TRIBUNE, November 8, 2012  interactive-sessions-rock-concert-mark-third-day/ o Islamabad to host SAYC | THE TIMES OF INDIA, Sep 25, 2012  SAYC/articleshow/16540176.cms?intenttarget=no o Asian youth conference 2012 | PAKISTAN OBSERVER, November 13, 2012  o SAYC 2012: Youth to script a new Indo-Pak Chapter | Hill Post, India, November 18, 2012  together/54518/main-feature/tarun04104
  • 2. o South Asian conference: Youth to converge for peace and development | The Express TRIBUNE, October 23, 2012 (Press release)  2F455200%2Fsouth-asian-conference-youth-to-converge-for-peace-and- development%2F&h=QAQHKSJdP o Hoping to inspire by example, delegates launch clean-up drive | The Express TRIBUNE, October 23, 2012  &EN_ID=11201211100462&EMID=11201211100057 – (Picture)  &EN_ID=11201211100462&EMID=11201211100057 – (Report)  Collaborationwith “Mashal Model School”,Bari Imam, Islamabad HILA has beensupportingMashal since some time andtofurthercontinuingbeingof assistance to the children.Mashal Model School Islamabadisa non-profitcharityschool whichprovides educationtothe streetchildrenof Bari Imam, Islamabad,Pakistan.Mashal,aregisteredcharity followsthe NationalScheme of studiesandOxforduniversitypresscurriculumforchildrenwho are underprivileged.Ourmissionis toworktowardchangingthe livesof childrenwhootherwise wouldnothave the opportunity.We aspire todrive andinspire streetchildren,educate them, give hope andrespect,andpromote meaningfullife choices. o Celebrated"Let'sSpreadLove and Joy!"on14th FebruarywithChildrenof Mashal Model School  96970151464999#!/media/set/?set=a.499126163466623.109473.41736223497 6350&type=3 o "AaoRang Bharein!"We deliveredstationaryandotherusable forthe capacity buildingof Mashal Model School alongwithcloths&giftsfor the children(RadioOne FM91 – alsoparticipatedinthe activity)  96970151464999#!/media/set/?set=a.495012147211358.109010.41736223497 6350&type=3  "CleanupMarch!" (HelpingCDAcleanupthe JinnahAvenue/Blue Area afterTUQ’sLong March) o
  • 3. o 529.97969.417362234976350&type=1&theater o 529.97969.417362234976350&type=1&relevant_count=1 o  "Drops ofLife!" BloodDonationCampaigninCollaborationwith Thalassemiaand HemophiliaCentre of The ChildrenHospital Islamabad – PIMS o Donating bloodis a positive actof unselfishnesstootherswhomaybenefitfromor have theirlivessavedbyreceivingyourbloodproducts.Everydayemergencyrooms across the UnitedStatesneedhumanbloodtogive tovictimsof auto accidents, stabbingvictimsandhemophiliacsandotheremergencysituationswhere lossof blood islife-threatening.Numerousmedical conditionsrequire regularhumanbloodproducts to stay alive.  96970151464999#!/photo.php?fbid=496042743774965&set=a.4196322580826 81.92619.417362234976350&type=3&theater o Nexttime there'sablooddrive come joinhandswithHILA andhelpthose inneedof Blood.You'll helpsave lives.  776296529.97969.417362234976350&type=1&theater   Kuch Khaas: "Importance of Volunteerism" Volunteeringisgenerallyconsideredan altruisticactivity,andisintendedtopromote goodor improve humanqualityof life,whichinreturnproducesafeelingof self-worthandrespect,but financial gain.Volunteeringisalsofamousforskill development,socializationandfun.Itisalso intendedtomake contactsforpossible employmentorfora varietyof otherreasons. Many volunteersare specificallytrainedinthe areastheywork,suchas medicine,education, or emergencyrescue.Othersserveonanas-neededbasis,suchasinresponse toa natural disaster.  96970151464999#!/media/set/?set=a.466373213408585.105017.41736223497 6350&type=3 HILA beingayouth ledNotforProfitOrganization –initiatingaplatformforthe youngstersof Pakistantobecome theirofficial volunteersandhave the advantage of workingtowardsthe bettermentforthe society.
  • 4.   Celebration of “International Volunteer Day” with National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) and Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal (PBM), Government of Pakistan.  234976350&type=3  Celebrated "International LiteracyDay"  2234976350&type=1  Inorder to focuson peace amongSouthAsian region,celebrated Independence Dayof India and Afghanistan   The Asians UK Covering Our Flood Relief Efforts and Activities The Express Tribune The News International Pakistan Observer A Story Done on the Founder Of Juvenile Dignitaries by Pakistan Observer
  • 5. My Media Appearance alongside CEO CDRS/ Shine Humanity 2 3 4

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