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  • 1. Shooting Assistant Producer NATALIE COLES +44 (0) 7969956249 I am a confident and highly driven shooting Assistant Producer with a background in Zoology, experience in Natural History/Adventure/Science, Observational Documentaries, Current Affairs and Covert Filming produc- tions. • PRODUCER: Directing single camera and second unit shoots in the UK and abroad, securing diff cult access and sourcing the best contributors and experts for interview. • RESEARCH: Initiating new content ideas, accurate specialist research, talent PTC fact sheets, anno- tating scripts for Discovery • CASTING: Contributors including experts, children, celebrities, and animals. • LOCATIONS: Securing access, setting up and assisting on shoots UK and abroad including extreme environments. • SHOOTING: Shooting on XF305 and covert cameras. • TALENT: Experienced working with new and high profile talent. • SKILLS: Full clean driving license, confident driving vans, proficient in FCP/iMovie, Data wrangling, DIT, covert filming with kit, competent climber and a comprehensive knowledge of animal welfare/ conservation laws. BROADCAST ASSISTANT PRODUCER (SHOOTING) / FISHING IMPOSSIBLE / BBC EARTH & ITV / ALASKA TV/ AUG 2015 - Feb 2016 [Series Producer - Nick Head] [Exec Producers: Chris Fouracre and Tammy Hoyle] [Location Director: Ed Venner] Planning and setting up international shoots. Assisting the Director on location in extreme environments. Shooting and Directing the second unit. ASSISTANT PRODUCER / THE VET ON THE HILL / CHANNEL 4 / WTFN ENT / JUNE - AUGUST 2015 [Executive Producer - Anne-Maree Sparkman] Observational documentary following Australian Vet Scott Miller, based in his Richmond Veterinary practice Initial contributor research, sourcing stories, securing high profile locations and access and liaising with the team back in Australia. Directing single camera shoot on location: including a dog show and dog operation at a specialist veterinary practice. ASSISTANT PRODUCER / GADGET MAN SERIES 4 / CHANNEL 4 / NORTH ONE TV/ NOV – DEC 2014 [Series Producer - Chris Richards, Producer - Chris Payne] Locations: Securing access and assisting on shoots in various locations across the South East of England. SENIOR RESEARCHER / WORLDS ODDEST ANIMAL COUPLES / ANIMAL PLANET / OSF/ JAN - MAY 2015 [Series Director - Tom Peppiat, Executive Producer - Alice Keens Soper and Jane Aldous] Sourcing the best human and animal relationships across South Africa and the States, paying particular attention to the authenticity and animal welfare of each relationship to ensure the best possible programme. SENIOR RESEARCHER/AP / FLINTOFF: LORD OF THE FRIES / SKY1/ PLUM PICTURES / JUNE - SEPT 2014 [Series Producer –Catherine Mann, Executive Producer - Stuart Cabb] Research and Casting: Story sourcing and finding the best character contributors from across the UK. Location: Assisting on location, contributor management and working closely with the talent. SENIOR RESEARCHER / SINGING IN THE RAINFOREST / WATCH TV / GOGGLE BOX ENT/ APRIL – May 2014 Researching the cultural lives and ethnology of remote tribes including the Waorani tribe of Ecuador. [Series Producer – Helen Nightingale] SENIOR RESEARCHER/ ROBSON GREEN EXTREME FISHERMAN / DISCOVERY / IWC MEDIA/ AUG 2013 – FEB 2014 Scientific research: Story developing, producing fish species fact sheets for presenter, fact checking and annotating scripts for Discovery, sourcing fish specialists and biologists from around the world and archive research. Location: Securing locations across the world including Solomon Islands, Borneo, Mongolia, Ecuador and Venezuela. [Series Producer – Leo McCrea, Executive Producer: Ross Harper]
  • 2. DEVELOPMENT RESEARCHER / ANIMALS UNEXPECTED / BBC / NATURAL HISTORY UNIT/ MARCH 2014 – APRIL 2014 Scientific research: Story development and sourcing contributors from across the world. [Series Producer – Holly Spearing] SPECIALIST RESEARCHER / BEAR GRYLLS ESCAPE FROM HELL / DISCOVERY / BETTY PRODUCTIONS/ MAY - JUNE 2013 Scientific research: Annotating scripts for Discovery, Sourcing Biologists for fact checking, foreign filming research and sourcing locations in Italy. [Series Producer – Rebecca North, Executive Producer - Neil Smith] SPECIALIST RESEARCHER / THE BRITISH ANIMAL HONOURS 2013 / ITV1 / LIVE AWARD SHOW/ WHIZZ KID PRODUCTIONS / JAN - APRIL 2013 Research: Initiating new content ideas, names of awards, drumming up interest in a brand new show. Casting: Sourcing contributors: humans and animals, nominee background checks, dealing with sensitive subject matter. Talent/Celebrities: Selecting and booking animal specialists, talent and celebrities for the jury panel. (consisting of wildlife experts, animal charity representatives, celebrities, journalists and vets). Location and shooting: Overseeing three VT’s on location. Studio: Assisting with the live studio awards show dealing with winners and celebrity citation readers. [Series Producer – Darren Sole, Executive Producers Katherine Allen & Pearse Lehane] RESEARCHER / EXPOSURE UPDATE: THE JIMMY SAVILE INVESTIGATION / ITV / 2012 Analysing confidential personal possessions, including home videos of Savile, to find any inappropriate suggestive behaviour. [Exec. Producer – Alex Gardiner] RESEARCHER / WILD BRITAIN WITH RAY MEARS / ITV1 / SHIVER / APRIL– JULY 2012 Solely responsible for setting up two episodes: River Wye and Yorkshire Dales, scientific research and fact checking. Developing wildlife feature ideas and appropriate animal species. Locations Assistant: Assisting cameraman and talent on three shoots, River Wye, Isle of Mull and the coast of Argyll. Filmed wildlife including: Osprey, Beavers, Sika Deer, Sea Eagles, Otters, Yellow wagtails and Pine Martins. [Director Phil Coles, Series Producer Hayley Smith, Executive Producer Petra Regent] EDIT RESEARCHER / WILD ARABIA / BBC2 / NATURAL HISTORY UNIT / AUGUST 2012 [Series Producers – Dan Rees and Chadden Hunter] OTHER VARIOUS RESEARCHER ROLES / FOR THE LOVE OF DOGS AT CHRISTMAS / GAZZA / THIS MORN- ING / ITV and SHIVER RESEARCHER AND REPORTER / COTSWOLD TV / INTERNET / (FREELANCE) Reporting on local wildlife and wildlife organisations and events in the Cotswolds. VOLUNTEERING   In 2009 I completed a self funded world trip for 6months travelling independently across Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zea- land and Fiji, finishing in LA. As well as carrying out paid employment in Australia, I volunteered at: Wildlife Friends of Thailand Animal Rescue Centre (Volunteer) 2009 Undercover work posing as a tourist at an animal attraction under investigation for animal cruelty. Sanctuary tasks included feeding, cleaning enclosures as well as devising and implementing enrichments for the different animal species. Animals at the centre included gibbons, macaques, lorises, civets, sun bears, tigers and Asian elephants Tolga Bat Hospital Australia (Volunteer) 2009 Duties included feeding and cleaning enclosures of the fruit bats and micro bats. Enclosure maintenance and gardening. EDUCATION University of Leeds 2008 – BSc Zoology 2:1 Honours - Field Trip to South Africa – Studied the distribution of mammals in the thicket and open grasslands. Skills – Tracking using animal faeces. Field Trip to Malham North Yorkshire looking at the foraging behaviour of Pipistrellus pipistrellus bat and small mammals. HOBBIES / INTERESTS I am a keen climber and have experience in top rope, lead and recreational tree climbing. I enjoy Kayaking and Paddle boarding. Currently completing my PADI. I enjoy travelling, adventure and being outdoors whenever possible. I am very passionate about Animal Welfare and Conservation and am an active supporter of Animals Asia London Team. References: Nick Head: Ed Venner: Leo McCrea: 07814487264

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