Natalie Murphy
9353 Central Valley Road NW
Bremerton, WA 98331
Mobile: 650-520-1327
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Natalie Murphy Catalyst Sheet 20151230

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Natalie Murphy Catalyst Sheet 20151230

  • 1. Natalie Murphy 9353 Central Valley Road NW Bremerton, WA 98331 Mobile: 650-520-1327 I’m known as a problem solver with 20 years of accomplishment in military, high-tech and educational industries. As a Senior Program/Project Manager with “mad technical skills”, I have been successful in taking ideas from concept to reality. My most valuable talent is taking a seemingly overwhelming situation, breaking it down into doable chunks, communicating with cross-functional team members, and getting the team to complete one chunk fast. I believe early success (or even early failure) for the team is key for building momentum to solve the larger challenge.  As Technical Evaluator for a networking solutions company, recommended a next-generation software package which saved nearly $2.5M in annual service costs when implemented.  Led a team through a successful ISO 9001 Registration Process, completed in 2 years, for a manufacturing execution systems software company.  At a private secondary school, provided leadership and technical expertise which allowed the school to gain highest level of accreditation by WASC/WCEA.  At an on-line music startup, took the founder’s vision and established a high-performance computing environment which revolutionized music purchases online.  Associate Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, United States Military Academy As a Senior Program Manager, upgraded service offerings for a networking solutions company, increasing revenues 300%. I am looking for an organization where I’m “psyched” about the mission, can leverage current skills and develop new ones, and work with a collegial team. I would be valuable to a mid-size, growing organization in Kitsap County that wants to modernize its technology to compete at a higher level, needs to improve its marketing effectiveness, or wishes it could find ways to increase revenues and reduce costs. In any company, my experience could be really helpful in obtaining results quickly. Who Do You Know Who…  Has a great idea but isn’t sure of the best way to launch it?  Wants to boost their business by using technology but doesn’t know where to start?  Is stressed about needing to pass their next financial or regulatory audit?  Complains that the business doesn’t generate enough revenue? Or that costs are too high? Or they need to become more efficient? Thanks for giving this some thought. Let me know where I can be helpful to you.

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