1957 E Hubbard Avenue
Salt Lake City, Utah 84040
Cell: (972) 639-6086
Email: natalie.pesque@gmail.com
August 2014-
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Natalie Pesque Resume

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. 1957 E Hubbard Avenue Salt Lake City, Utah 84040 Cell: (972) 639-6086 Email: natalie.pesque@gmail.com August 2014- Current Salt Lake City, Utah August 2011- Current Salt Lake City, Utah March 2013 - Current Salt Lake City, Utah February 2013 - September 2013 Sandy, Utah October 2012 - February 2013 Salt Lake City, Utah NATALIE PESQUÉ University of Utah, David Eccles School of Business • Bachelor of Science, Marketing (May 2015) • Current GPA: 4.0, Dean’s List • Academic Excellence: highest score on Finance (FINAN 3050) final exam, highest score on all Operation Management (OIS 3660) exams, highest score on case analysis that was printed and distributed to all students in course as an exemplary example University of Utah Teaching Assistant - Business Law • Mentor students and aid understanding of business law concepts: torts, contracts, agency, negligence, corporations, and the constitution; by adapting material explanations to individual student learning needs • Lead formal study sessions, to approximately 35 students four times a semester, to explain exam material and answer questions • Review, prepare, edit, and grade exams Entrepreneur - Exam Preparation and Tutoring • Act on student demand for supplemental study material to explain complicated course content: generate, advertise and sell study notes (over 250 student purchasers) • Maintain strategic business model with no direct costs, minimal time investment, and enough profit to maintain my lifestyle • Obtain permission from University Professors to advertise notes to their students • Lead group tutoring sessions for students that purchase notes to further explain material McCarty Talent Agency Model • Pose and model for commercial photo shoots (Overstock, DownEast, Hydraulic Jeans, KNF International) to increase sales of online retailing products • Understand the image client wants to display without them fully describing it • Confidently walk in runway shows for profit and nonprofit organizations • Present well at casting to be selected as model role in movie Cellulite Au Revoir! - Medical Spa Marketing Manager • Developed and implemented strategic marketing plan and materials: brochures, t-shirts, promotional posters, website visibility and business forms to spread brand awareness and reach target market • Planned and executed business-to-business sales efforts with affiliates that led to sales of marketing and membership packages (8 memberships sold nationally) • Created strong relationships to promote loyalty with affiliate members and consumers allowing the company to take advantage of repeat customers • Trained two employees on marketing strategies and company goals, increasing productivity and efficiency in the office Diamond Mold - Aerospace and Medical Machining Marketing Assistant • Persuaded management to maintain ISO 9001 audit date despite unexpected complications; instrumental in having audit passed on first attempt allowing company to advertise their quality control qualifications at imminent trade shows • Created and successfully launched first customer satisfaction survey; analyzed results and recommended changes to management to increase customer satisfaction • Published job descriptions and produced competency records for ISO 9001 compliance • Managed logistics for trade shows and coordinated company activities, events, and fundraisers • Networked with customers and suppliers to increase loyalty and customer satisfaction • Offered Director of Marketing position post graduation • Passionate about nutrition and the life sciences, previous academic background including: biology, chemistry, nutrition, anatomy, and physiology • Being active: running, walking, and hiking • Learning and experiencing new cultures through travel and international relationships Education Experience Skills and Interests

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